11 Signs Of A True Friend

They say a true friend is hard to find. Someone who genuinely wants the best for you, supports you through difficult times and cheers at your every success is a friend indeed.

Signs of a true friendship

Count your blessings if you have a friend like this!

Friendships can be the most important relationships in your life. Not everyone has or wants a romance, and sometimes family relationships can be strained. But a good friend can offer support through the emotional rollercoaster that is life, helping you weather the storms of failed romances, work dilemmas and financial woes. Importantly, you choose your friends. That means you can choose to have a friendship with someone who is good for you.
So what makes a good friendship a great one? Read on to discover the essential qualities you'll find in a true friend. If you recognise them in one of your friends, count yourself extremely blessed. Just remember, friendship is a two-way street, so you should offer your friends all the qualities written below, too!

A true friend...

1. Is your biggest cheerleader

If you ever need a psychological boost, your friend will be there with words of encouragement. They celebrate your successes and cheer you on to greater accomplishments. You can count on a true friend to take interest in what matters to you and give you the emotional support to achieve your dreams.

2. Tells you when you're wrong

Sign of a true friendship is the ability to be honest. So your friend feels comfortable telling you when you're doing something harmful or wrong. True friends will gently guide you away from the bad towards the good. But there's a big difference between honesty and being judgemental. Toxic friends make you feel judged. True friends won't.

3. Is there for you

When a crisis hits, you need a friend. A true friend will come running when you need them. They'll be there to mop up your tears, make a hot chocolate and talk through your issues. They will be there for you.

4. Listens to you

In a similar way, a true friend gives you their undivided attention when you are together. A true friend listens! That means putting away the mobile phone and social media sites while you're talking.

6. Encourages you to accept yourself

Loving you for who you are is the key sign of a true friendship. Your friend should not want you to change to fit in with them. Instead they should accept you and encourage you to silence any unproductive self criticism you might be holding onto. Simply said, a true friend makes you feel better about yourself.

6. Sticks around through bad times

Fair-weather friends are around while the going is good. They can seem exciting people to be around but they melt away once tough times arrive. True friends will support you even when you're down in life. A true friend may not seem as glamorous as a fair-weather friend, but a true friend will always be there for you.

7. Keeps your feet on the ground

While good friends support you when you succeed, they also stop you from becoming carried away with your passions. They remind you of who you really are and help you stay grounded.

8. Defends you when you're in the right

If someone has your back in a tight spot - that'll be a true friend. Sticking up for you in difficult situations, your friend diplomatically and sensitively fights your corner. But when you're the one in the wrong, your true friend will let you know.

9. Makes you a priority

Everyone has responsibilities: work, children, family and partner. But a true friend will always make time for you in their life. No matter how busy they are, they'll be ready with a date when you can meet for a coffee and a chat in the near future. You are not an after-thought.

10. Forgives you

Gossip and misunderstandings aren't allowed to fester within a true friendship. Real friends address any issues that crop up between them head-on. Then they forgive and forget. Resentment and grudges have no place within a real friendship.

11. Helps you become a better person

A friendship can be a very spiritual connection. Because true friends help you to become a better person. An improved version of yourself. They will push you to succeed, to be kinder, to consider new ways of thinking and new ideas. You learn from a true friend and they learn from you. You improve each other's lives over the years of your friendship.



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