5 Simple Techniques to Raise Your Vibration

Help raise your vibration immediately with these simple hints and tips!

Every thought or feeling that we have can be measured in terms of vibration. Everything in this Universe is energy, and all energy exists on different levels of these vibrational frequencies. Thus every single thing on this planet as well as its inhabitants - be it a thought, feeling, person or object - produces its own special, unique frequency.

Spiritually speaking, our vibration refers to our current energetic presence and state. This could mean anything from our current physical health, our emotions, to our dominant and subconscious thoughts. All of these areas contribute to our overall vibrational presence. And we are all somewhat aware of this.

Just think about phrases like good vibrations and bad vibes.

We are all - whether consciously or not - influenced. We can all tap into another person or things vibrational frequency. We are literally tapping into their auric energy field that they are giving off!

So what does raising our vibration actually mean?

The idea of raising your vibration is simple. Negative thoughts, events or things are considered negative energy which has a lower vibration. Have you ever felt ‘low’? This is because your vibrational frequency is low! So what do people usually do when they feel this low ebb? They do things to make them feel better – they raise their mood and their vibration by making positive changes! Remember, positive thoughts, events and things are positive energy.

Raising our vibration doesn’t only mean becoming a happier person however. A higher level of vibrational frequency enables you to receive more direct guidance from the Universe, your higher self and collective consciousness since these all vibrate at a higher level. Being on the same level as these lets us more easily accept information from our surroundings and allows us integrate with the Universe on an even deeper level than before. Simply put, raising your vibration is raising your level of consciousness.

How can we raise our vibrations?

Fortunately, raising our vibrational frequency isn’t an as daunting prospect as it sounds. In fact there is a long list of different methods we can use and incorporate into our lifestyle that will raise our frequency. Some of these take place over a longer period of time. Getting more sunlight, self acceptance and self-love, eating a healthy diet and getting out in nature are just a few of the most obvious ones. But there are also some more immediate steps that we can take, right here and now, in order to better ourselves and our natural vibration.

Regardless of where you are and no matter the time, there are some simple changes and adages that you can do during your day in order to raise your vibrational state and help cultivate a more peaceful mind, gain clarity and improve our mental wellbeing. So, here are 5 simple techniques to raise your vibration.

Awareness of Surroundings

We are the product of two things in life - nature and nurture. From the moment we are born our surroundings affect of natural selves at a critical level. They influence us and make us who we currently are. But if our vibrations are running low, then surely this means that in our environment is negatively affecting us.

Do you stay indoors too much? Maybe the Feng Sui is off in your house and you need some of that natural vibrational raiser known as sunshine.

On a deeper level, think of the music you listen to. What do the lyrics tell you? Are they aggressive, sad? These are the messages that you are absorbing from your direct environment. How about your friendship group? Do they really encourage you in life or are they Psychic Vampires? Learn to cut the cords that bind you to these negative influences in your life.

Once you have done this, try to incorporate yourself into a positive environment. Do a little home improvement, maybe try out a few new classes or social groups, even try and change the colour of the clothes you wear!

Simple environmental changes can have some of the greatest effects on our mental wellbeing.

Conscious Breathing

It’s the one thing we all practice on a continuous basis but one that we don’t often go out of our way to think about. Take a few moments out of your day - or even right now – to simply tune into your breathing. Take a deep inhale, pause and hold your breath for a few moments, and breathe out. Breathe in the entirety of your being. Connect to the current moment.

Breathing is a great way to help ground and centre your being, and is especially good when used during mindfulness practices. Being mindful of the moment, letting go of compulsive thought processes and simply living in the moment can be a glorious thing. Cultivate peacefulness, happiness and clarity right away – by simply stopping and taking a breath.


Meditation is forever cropping up as a suggestion towards bettering ourselves – mind, body and soul. And there’s good reason for this too. There is countless evidence illustrating the benefits meditation can have for our wellbeing. Yet although most of us know about these benefits, so few of us actually make the effort to meditate and incorporate it into our daily lives.

Perhaps the problem rests with the quintessential image of mediation – a largely peaceful spot, indoors or outdoors, in the Half-Lotus position. But this isn’t the true essence of meditation.

The very concept of meditation itself is to simply let go. To stop thinking of those thought processes for one moment and regain some inner peace. Meditation should not be a chore. It should be something you can slip into at a moment’s notice, not after 10 minutes of getting into the correct position. Of course, making sure you’re in the right frame of mind and environment is still extremely important for meditation, but try not to go out of your way find that ‘Goldilocks’ environment.

Simply allow your mind to relax. Let your body and inner thoughts follow you. This is a moment entirely for you to let go. Reconnect with the inner you and cherish yourself on a deeper level. Think of meditation as a mini you-retreat!

Practice Gratitude

Chances are that if you’re reading this article then you may also have access to clean water, shelter and countless other things you should never just take for granted. Our entire Universe, our planet, our lives, everything is just a massive chance. There is no reason for any of us to exist, but here we are. That is the miracle of life, and we are especially blessed because we have actually been given the chance to live it.

Gratitude is a big thing. By taking a small moment out of our day to simply appreciate what we actually have can be a hugely humbling and enlightening experience. By practicing gratitude you open your heart to love, kindness and acceptance. You may even feel a greater connection to life in general and understand just how lucky you are. So take a moment every day just to dwell on the impossibility of life. Because it is amazing!

Practice Kindness


Have you ever been the beneficiary of a random act of kindness? If you have, I’m sure that your vibrational frequency went through the roof that day. It’s all well and good being on the receiving end of kindness, especially if you show some gratitude for what’s just taken place. But practicing kindness can also be an incredibly rewarding thing.

Treat others how you wish for yourself to be treated. If everyone around us was kind, gracious, conscious of their surroundings then we’d all be on the same wavelength and frequency. Happiness is contagious, so why not try and put a smile on someone else’s face and see your own smile beam as well!

Give to charity, help a friend or family member, or do something for your community. It can be an act either great or small, but as long as you practice the art of kindness every day, your heart and happiness levels will soar. And so will the level of those around you, too. Double whammy!




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