Are You a Lightworker?

As a Lightworker you have strong desires to bring positive change to the world. But you're also vulnerable and may not yet understand your true purpose.

Have you been one the many spiritually inclined people who have felt a little off of late? Have you started to feel distant and disconnected to the rest of the world and drawn further into the spiritual way of life?

Well you’re not alone.

As the spiritual paradigm shift is ever increasing, more people across the globe are becoming increasingly accepting of spiritual practices and embracing their spiritual purpose on this planet.

But we are also at the forefront of another significant shift in conscious thought. The emergence and recognition of Lightworkers.

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is an old soul that lives amongst us and carries a strong and innate desire to see positive change within the world. They are the bringers of Light, and they want nothing more than to help bestow their ancient knowledge of self-love, freedom and unity amongst others.

Their mission on Earth was ordered before they even stood upon this planet, and are humble volunteers on this selfless journey.

A Lightworker has had many lives before this one, both on this planet and on others. The main thing that binds them is their longing to further their spiritual ascension, hence why they originally came to our planet. They came here to enlighten us.

However, as often is the case on Earth, many have forgotten their original purpose. Instead of working to bring peace and enlightenment to mankind, they have been consumed by the material greed that surrounds them. They have –for the most part- forgotten their true potential.

When a Lightworker forgets their divine purpose it can often lead them to feel vulnerable and afraid. They understand on an instinctual level that they are different somehow, but cannot access the knowledge or understanding as to why they are.

They are trapped in the web of uncertainty that faces anyone in a situation who has lost a sense of purpose.

Could I Be a Lightworker?

While the term Lightworker may be unfamiliar to you, chances are that you could very well be one yourself. Although the word “lightworker” may give off the impression that it is a particular sect or group in society, this goes against the very concept of Light working itself.

We all, at some point or another, have a choice and chance to become a Lightworker. Depending on what path you have walked previously you may be more inclined to become one, but being a Lightworker isn’t permitted to just a few ‘lucky’ individuals. It is a state of mind, not another category to tick yourself against.

If you do believe that you might be a Lightworker, then here are a few of the most common telltale signs:

#1 You actively follow, discuss and get involved with social and environmental issues

You have always been driven and have been the voice to empower and help others around you.

That’s why you’ve always been heavily involved or drawn to charity work, voicing your opinion on social inequality and ensuring you’re doing your bit to save Mother Earth.

#2 You are compelled to heal others

Although you may not be a trained practitioner in any field of healing and medicine (just yet) you still feel drawn to helping others in their time of need.

You are the shoulder to cry on, the friend that is always there to help. You are a healer in many senses of the word.

#3 You’ve had a difficult, lonely or troubled childhood – you don’t feel as if you fit in

A common theme amongst those in the midst of a spiritual awakening, Lightworkers often find themselves born of difficult circumstances.

These situations give them a heightened sense of suffering, and urge themselves to make sure it never happens to others around them.

#4 You are an Empath

As an Empath, you are naturally drawn to people’s emotions and understand them more than others. You connect to people in a way that matters – no talking necessary.

# 5 At times you have felt lonely, but still refuse to seek solace in others who don’t ‘get’ you

You don’t see the point of associating with people who will bring down your vibe. You are spiritually inclined and don’t feel the need to keep up appearances.

While sometimes you feel isolated and alone, in your heart you realise that this is not the case.

It’s not that you’re alone or lonely, it’s that you haven’t found the people you need to be around with yet, and that’s okay.

#6 You feel drawn to fulfil the mission you were set out on achieving, even if you aren’t quite sure what that is just yet.

It’s a calling that just keeps pulling you in... You may only have a faint glimmer of what it is at the moment, but something keeps driving you forward in order to find out what that mission is.


If the above resonates with you, then you may be one of the many Lightworkers who are awakening at this very moment to the faint and distant memory about your place and destiny on Earth.

You may be receiving an inner calling, a desire so strong that you can no longer ignore it. But what is this calling? What does it mean and what can you do to answer it?

What is my mission?

As a Lightworker, you have already been blessed with your incredible power or gift. You may have already dabbled in the art of psychic communication or spiritual healing practices like Reiki. These are the gifts that you must nurture on your quest to heal the Earth!

But being an emerging Lightworker doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to do anything to promote our skill set. We were born with our abilities after all.

Instead of trying to develop your senses and spiritual awareness, the most important thing you can do at this moment in time is to work on yourself - your Ego and personal identity.

You are the only thing holding yourself back from your true purpose and destiny. We need to work on releasing our inner fears and negative desires that keep us from feeling confident and encouraged by our destiny as a Lightworker.

We need to learn and hone in our courage and intent to heal ourselves before we can learn to heal others. Remind yourself that this is your purpose and path in life.

This is the reason you’re here – it is up to you whether you pursue it or not. (But I suggest you do!)



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