Heal Yourself With Crystal Power

Some interesting information about the healing powers of different crystals and how to use them!

Heal yourself with crystal power
Sparkling, colourful crystals are much more than pretty trinkets to adorn rings and necklaces. Natural gemstones are formed deep inside the earth over millions of years, and crystal healers believe this process infuses these treasures with Mother Nature's magic. It's said that each crystal emits its own energy vibration which has the potential to heal. Crystal healers say that the structure and colour frequency of each crystal type radiates healing energy that can bring your body back into balance and clear negative emotions.
How to use crystals

Choose a crystal that will help you achieve your goals - whether that's to ease your back pain, to increase your confidence or to decipher your dreams. Consult the guide below for some of the properties of the most popular healing stones, or borrow a book on the subject from the library. Of course, a crystal isn't going to solve all your problems - that's up to you - but the stone can help you along the way, giving you a boost and amplifying your intentions.
If you're unsure which crystal to begin with, choose clear quartz, which is a pure, cleansing stone. Rose quartz is also a good crystal for beginners because it has a very gentle energy. Always rinse a new crystal in tap water before you use it, to dispel any residual energy. Hold the crystal tightly in your hand and concentrate on it. What do you feel? I usually feel crystal energy as an intense coldness that doesn't dissipate even after holding it for a long time. But you could feel its energy as warmth, a pulsing sensation, or a vibration. Don't worry if you can't feel anything, you can still use the crystals; it usually takes practice to master a new spiritual technique.
Now you can simply sit with the crystal in your hand and visualise its healing energy running through your body. Or you can place the crystal directly on a painful area to be soothed. Never put a crystal on an open wound, and if pain persists seek medical attention from your GP.
Crystal healers will often place the stones on acupuncture points or on your energy centres, called chakras. This is intended to release energy blockages, which healers believe can be the cause of physical and emotional disease. Look up chakras online to see how they work.
Crystal Cures

A quick guide to choosing the right crystal for you
Clear quartz - if you are just starting your crystal collection this is the one to choose. Known as the 'master healer', clear quartz is a powerful cleansing stone that enhances the strength of other crystals. Clear quartz absorbs negative energy, so place it around your home for a purifying effect. Sharpen your psychic ability by holding it when you are meditating or during other spiritual practice for a deeper experience. This crystal is said to balance the immune system and promote general good health.
Amethyst - is a powerfully protective crystal. It will lift your spirits and can make you feel more positive. The stone may help you to break negative cycles, such as addiction to alcohol, drugs or emotional obsessions. It is said to help you sleep at night and to boost your memory.
Amethyst is reputed to be a natural pain reliever so place it on the part of your body that is aching for some cooling relief. It's also supposed to be good for easing breathing disorders such as asthma.
Citrine - is a bright and breezy crystal that will give you a renewed zest for life. Citrine is believed to attract money and success. Pop a piece in your purse to attract abundance into your life. If you need creative inspiration wear a piece of citrine around your neck to get new ideas flowing. Citrine radiates positivity and is said to help you leave behind your fears and phobias.
Believed to help heal infections, citrine is also said to balance an under-active thyroid gland.
Hematite - get your feet back on the ground with this crystal that will help you feel safely anchored to the earth. In times of stress and strain, hematite will give you strength to weather the storm and will balance your emotions. This stone will increase your confidence and raise your self esteem.
Hematite is said to help with blood conditions, such as anaemia and also to ease muscle spasms, especially ones in the legs.
Jade - choose this stone if you want to bring calmness and serenity into your life. The soft green tones of this stone will soothe and quieten your mind. Known as a good luck charm, jade has the potential to bring new friendships into your life. If you've been feeling tetchy, jade can help release negative emotions and set you back in balance.
It's said jade will promote the elimination of toxins from your body. If you pop a piece under your pillow at night, it may help you remember your dreams and understand their meaning.
Labradorite - a beautifully shimmering stone that will help you find the strength to make positive changes in your life. If you are seeking the truth about a situation carry around a chunk in your pocket to get clarity. This stone will build your confidence and help you concentrate on the task in hand.
It acts as a great stress-buster, so put labradorite on your desk at work, or scatter it around your home to diffuse tension and banish worries. It is also said to aid digestion and lower blood pressure.
Rose Quartz - this delicate pink crystal is known as the stone of love. Use it to help soothe a broken heart, or to heal rifts in your relationship. Put rose quartz on the table during a romantic meal with your partner to create loving, happy vibes. This stone will bring you a sense of peace and comfort during difficult times.
The crystal is said to speed recovery, so have a chunk of rose quartz by your bedside if you are recovering from an illness. Rose quartz is a good talisman to carry in your purse as it attracts positivity to you.


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