Hitting the sensitive season!

Planets in Pisces - A period of compassion, love and creativity

We will be entering a sensitive season from late February to March 11th where the season hits a full peak with the New Moon in Pisces. Overall there will be six planets in Pisces, the sign of compassion, creativity and sacrifice. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune and the planet of healing – Chiron. This is referred to as a “Stellium”.

This is when four or more planets conjunct each other creating a “hot spot” and a concentration of energy – all in the same place. This then accounts for a very strong focus upon the affairs ruled by the relevant houses in astrology, for example on 28th February at 2am London six planets will be in Pisces situated in the third house of siblings/education. So in this case we know that the energy may bring about a strong need for learning about psychic/occult matters or that there is a strong link to creative learning and certainly anyone born on this particular day would feel this energy.
This should be a very special time not to mention a sensitive and spiritual one!  As Pisces is connected with spirit and is also considered one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac, but because it is a mutable sign it can be very hard to pin down so we may find ourselves gallivanting off into all sorts of different directions during this exciting season that we are about to hit. The energy that Pisces brings to us  is concerned with wholeness and universality. It is also a sign of creativity and kindness and recognises no boundaries between people. Some people suggest that Pisces is perhaps the most “unworldly” zodiac sign due its ability to simply dream the dream and reach out into the depths of the unknown.
In the realm of Pisces we are able to let go and step that little bit further into our own spirituality we can breed the love and the essence of peace that Pisces welcomes. Pisces can be great actors/actresses as they are so good at stepping in other peoples’ shoes and it’s ruler, Neptune is the planet of arts and sensitivity so we could be entering into a time where we are able to live out our dreams and aspirations and become a little more dramatic than usual.

On February 25th Venus the planet of love enters Pisces (both planets are connected to the arts and both are considered romantic) so this will double the impact of our dreams and heart’s desire. Then on 28th February Venus makes a connection with Neptune. This could be very romantic or on the other hand could make us feel foggy, or downright weepy.  We may feel compelled to act on our emotions or feel that we just want to reach out to others who are in need. The strong Pisces combination can also give us the urge to escape and simply be.  All things connected with the occult should feel natural along with meditation, calmness, peace, tranquillity and divinity.

However it is important to remember that whilst all this is going on Mercury will be retrograde – our planet of communication and travel and because the energy is so strongly linked to Pisces, nothing is what it seems! And you could well find yourself in cahoots with loved ones through the strong misunderstandings of emotional communication- this will be an ongoing theme for many people who are connecting with each other on a deep, emotional level, or through the arts. Interestingly, mercury retrograde is a fantastic time to get a psychic reading or work on your own psychic abilities, as one of the reasons the planet goes backwards is so that it can recharge itself, but this relates to electronics and travel and not spiritual communication if anything, spiritual communication becomes far greater.  (Direct channelling in this case will be perfect).
Much of the focus will be about “re-thinking” and “re-pairing” through the dreamy waters of Pisces.
Just in case you thought the sensitivity couldn’t become any more intense we then have a Full Moon in Virgo on 25th to deal with which could create an obsessive, compulsive need to try and fix things , Virgo being the sign of perfection and also a mutable sign, just like Pisces – there will be a lot going on. There will also be an aspect to Venus/Neptune followed by a Sun/Moon trine which will bring a little harmony . However Mercury then makes a connection with Mars which could create some hot tempers!
The calmest day of this period is predicted Saturday 2nd March this is when Saturn steps into ground us all. He will form a water trine to both the Sun and the Moon, so feelings should become more secure and we ourselves should feel more stable emotionally. You may feel inclined to take a weekend away, or retreat somewhere romantically for a bit. Whatever you do , enjoy the harmonious energy of this water connection!
Things to do during the Pisces season:
  • Tell someone you are sorry
  • Paint a picture – even if you are not creative! Just have a go!
  • Join a spiritual group
  • Invite friends over
  • Fight for love and peace
  • Read about spiritual matters
  • Spend time near water
  • Think about fish , how peaceful and tranquil they are – the Pisces season!
  • Go swimming!
  • Plan holidays
  • Take a rest
  • Meditate
  • Dream the perfect dream!


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