How to develop Automatic Writing

Information on how to develop automatic writing

Automatic writing first became popular during the age of Spiritualism which was late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The method of automatic writing opened the door for women in the Victorian era to achieve some notoriety, when they started to write they were not breaking any social morals of that time as the women blamed it on the spirits if their husband or fathers caused a fuss!
Automatic writing is a non scary way of channelling your spirit guide or higher self; it is a subconscious thing that allows you to put on a piece of paper your spirits perspective.
You will find that once you start to write, in many cases it just flows and flows without you even giving it a thought, very much the same as an author does when writing a book. There are two ways to do automatic writing, one way is to allow the spirit to control your hand whilst you write the messages, this however is not the best and safest way to do this as you are effectively allowing spirits to take control of you and there is always the possibility that this could lead to negative consequences, for example if you are in a low state and have emotional problems there are chances that you may attract and impure entity, and you may receive message from this entity that contain bad news to you, and if ever this should be the case then stop writing immediately but the very safest way of doing automatic writing is to be trained and if you have good psychic abilities you can allow spirit to write thorough you with higher vibration.
The second way to allow automatic writing is to use it as a form of dictation, and this is done by being quiet and listening intently to what you are hearing, and then you write down what is being said. This is by far the safest way as you are not allowing spirit to take control of you. In order to start this off you would need to meditate first.
When you first start to do this it is not always easy to establish if you are hearing yourself or actually speaking to spirit, it is all about trusting your instinct and opening up (this is where the training is of great help) it is best to just go with the flow and keep writing until you feel the need to stop. Write down everything that is said to you and do not question if you stop to question then you run the risk of being blocked and the writing will just stop. Experts say that anyone is capable of automatic writing
There are some very controversial points of view on automatic writing as some Psychologists argue that automatic writing has no relation with spirits, and in their view, it is the subconscious mind that brings about the writing process. They claim that the mind has a huge memory bank and it can register things in a subconscious state that the mind is not even aware of. Therefore, their conclusion is that it is just a way of understanding one’s mind. Although Psychologists believe in their theory there has been no scientific evidence that their theory is correct.
If you wish to do automatic writing safely make sure you are trained, initially you may not get the desired results in the first few attempts but keep trying until you receive success.
Always ensure that you are grounded and have a clear understanding of what you are looking for before you attempt automatic writing. If at any time you become uncomfortable with the process, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes, and come back to the surface of your conscious mind.
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