How To Manifest Your Dreams

The ability to harness positive energy is the key to a happy, successful you. Learn how to manifest your dreams into reality with Psychic Sofa

The greatest gift we have all been blessed with in life is our own imagination. From the power of imagination empires have sprung, innovations have been made and lives have been fulfilled. Everything in this existence was once imagined. But our ability to imagine has come at a cost.

Like everything else on this planet, our thoughts and desires are made up of energy; and in turn these vibrational frequencies manifest themselves within and around our physical being and tend to attract other energies of a similar nature. This is an important law of energy that is important for us to remember. And for the most part we are very perceptive to this, even if many of us don’t quite understand it.

Take this as example; the other day I woke up in a horrible mood and in the heat of the moment thought to myself, “I’m awful.” Et voilà! I felt awful for the rest of the day. But why did I feel awful? Because the energy created from that awful thought was, well, awful. In that negative headspace created from that one thought, all my energy focused on other awfully negative thoughts. I attracted negativity.

On the other hand, when I praise myself with thoughts like, “I’m awesome!” I feel absolutely fantastic! This is because with this thought alone I have banished all the negative energy around me and booted it out of the door. In this headspace I exude positive and confident energy and in turn attract other similar forces. What I think is what I become.

Remember, your thoughts dictate your energy. And your energy manifests into your reality.

So why not utilise this energy to manifest a positive, happy life?


So How’s It Done?

Of course this is often easier said than done. And while the basic concept of manifestation –the name given to the process of creating physical change through the focusing of one’s energy- is starting to gain popularity in popular culture, there’s still a general misconception about what it truly means and how to utilise it. So let me try to make it a little clearer by first telling you what manifestation isn’t.

  • Manifestation is not wishful thinking.
  • Manifestation is not endless hours of meditation.

Manifestation is hard work. It isn’t a simple idea to just mull over a cup of tea when you feel like it. If you truly want to see your energies, dreams and ambitions manifest into greatness, you must work hard at it and continuously work manifestation into your everyday life. But in order for this continual learning curve to even take place, first you must learn to clear your mind and mental processes of anything that’s stopping you from believing in your own potential.

If our intentions really do create our reality, then this must mean that we ourselves have willed everything that has happened into our life. And by acknowledging this simple fact, we can start our journey through acceptance. You may have to face some harsh truths, but it will be worth it.

Instead of giving yourself a hard time about negative events that are now in the past, try to understand the root cause of them; negative thinking. From here, you must declutter your mind of negative baggage and be clear upon what you actually want to achieve. Then you must practice, practice, practice! But remember, you cannot force events to happen, just be happy in the knowledge that it will; it’s just a matter of when.


The Keys To Manifest Your Dream

Below you will find the keys to incorporate manifestation into your life, making you a happier and more fulfilled you. But bare in mind, as with any forms of self improvement they key to success is to first and foremost LOVE YOURSELF. Get this part right and then the rest will follow.

One: Quit That Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts are at the root cause of the negative energies around you. Our first manifesting process is to nip these negative thoughts and the energies they release in the bud. They are blocking you from progressing. Once you have addressed where these negative thoughts have come from, then you may proceed to clear the way for positive thoughts and manifestations.

Two: Focus On Your Needs – They Matter

With Negative Nancy a thing of the past, now is the time to get real with your life goals and focus on what you actually want to achieve. No ‘if’ and ‘but’s allowed. Be clear with what you want to see in your life, make a list and clarify your intentions and desires. By doing this you will notice a step-up in your emotional awareness. Your feelings will come more naturally to you and by doing so you can unlock the key to positive thinking.

Three: Practice Makes Perfect

Now you have the basic tools, it’s time to put them into practice! Everything is a learning curve, and making your dreams come true is definitely no exception. Practice steps one and two together. Make clear what your intention is, feel what it is you desire and allow that feeling to manifest into your energy. Feeling is believing. If you believe that it will happen and embrace that concept, you’re on the right track.

Four: Don’t Force It

While you may be on your way to spiritual fulfilment, remember that you still have no control over the Universe. You cannot control time. This could possibly be the most crucial aspect in understanding the power of manifestation. While you have now come to terms with your wanted desire and believe that it will come to fruition, be happy in the knowledge that it will happen; it’s just a matter of when. Stop burdening your mind with anxious thoughts of the if’s and but’s we discussed earlier, or else you’ll fall into an eternal loop you can’t escape. Have faith and you shall be rewarded.  

And Most Importantly:

Embrace happiness and stay committed to it. Our life is a journey and our desires and feelings shape it. Manifest trust in your happiness and your journey shall take note. Embrace life.  


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