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Find out what this week's lunar eclipse means for you.

The Moon effects life on Earth - from its gravitational pull on tides to its effect the length of the seasons. Astrologers say the Moon also impacts your life. A total lunar eclipse is set to occur on Friday when the Moon's light will be fully obscured by the Earth's shadow. Although this eclipse will not be visible from the UK, astrologers say the effects of this celestial movement will certainly be felt in your daily life.



Full Moon

At the time of the lunar eclipse, the Moon will be Full, meaning it is at the largest, fullest phase of its cycle. A Full Moon symbolises the completion or culmination of a phase. In relation to your life, this can apply to relationships of all descriptions from romantic affairs to family relationships to business to phases of emotional, physical of spiritual growth.

Just as the light of the Moon shines its brightest on the Earth during this phase, so this is reflected in your life with emotional insights appearing for you and strong feelings brought to the surface. This is beneficial as it brings hidden things into the open where they can be dealt with. But it can also be a fraught time as feelings and anxieties burst forth. At this time, it is more important than ever to think before you act. Take time to digest emotions before you make your decisions.

Although it can apply to all areas, the Moon is said to have a particularly potent effect upon relationships. It can bring affairs of the heart to a make-or-break moment, throwing light on complex issues. In some cases, it helps you to recognise that a relationship is no longer beneficial for you both. In other cases it can help you to see how much you need and value a certain person in your life.

This moment of lunar illumination can equally apply to your health or your working life. The eclipse may help you to see that a health matter you've been ignoring should be deal with, or that a job-related decision must be made.

The effects of the lunar eclipse are subtle and emotional. You will feel the effects if you take time to be still and reflect on areas of your life you are puzzling over. When the eclipse happens you cannot expect to be illuminated without a little effort on your part.


Sun in Aries

The Sun is in Aries during the lunar eclipse, and remains there until April 20. The energy this brings to the Earth is vibrant, strong and spontaneous. So the influence of Aries makes it a good time to begin new ventures - this could relate to a business idea or to planning a trip to a place you've never visited. It is a favourable time for new beginnings - so don't be afraid to voice your ideas no matter how farfetched they might seem. However, do be sure to check all parts of your plans before you commit as Aries' forceful influence can spell rash planning.


Moon in Libra

While the Sun is in Aries, the Moon of the lunar eclipse is in the diplomatic sign of Libra. The energy of this astrological sign couldn't be more different to Aries. Libra brings the influence of balance, justice and calm. The influences of both signs highlight differences between opposing qualities. Whether they work together or whether there is conflict is up to you. The eclipse is about changing circumstances. It is an opportunity to shake up aspects of your life. The eclipse is a good time to examine areas that we have been pushing aside or emotionally repressing. Open up about these issues to yourself or to others at the lunar eclipse and you will have the opportunity to change your life for the better.


Aries-Libra Connection

The Aries-Libra connection during this lunar eclipse shows you that you should find a balance between asserting yourself and compromising with others. To be happy you need to be personally fulfilled (Aries Sun) but to have a happy relationship in any area you have to compromise to allow the needs of the other to be fulfilled (Libra Moon). Strike a balance between your needs and the needs of those close to you and you will benefit from the lessons of the lunar eclipse.


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