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Now the Sun has moved into Scorpio you may be feeling the winds of change as the season stirs our minds and gets us thinking about what we need to adjust within ourselves. It's not all doom and gloom! Read below for more information, it may help to bring a little clarity. 

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – Exaggeration

Mercury is now retrograde in Sagittarius. When our planet of communication goes backwards in can often be a time of re-doing things and may cause us to go back over details that we had forgotten about. This can also be a time for ex partners to reappear. But remember, that Mercury can be a trickster! And at the moment he is in Sagittarius, the planet of optimism and exaggeration, so if things seem a little too good to be true then they probably are! With Sagittarius being such a spiritual and philosophical sign there may also be a sudden urge to go back over our spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Have we been hearing everything right? Is there anything else we need to build on?

Perhaps we are looking to learn something new. This would be the perfect time to join a new class or revaluate our own spiritual potential. We may even feel inclined to revisit old sites that we once visited or get back in contact with old spiritual friends or acquaintances or vice versa. Sagittarius can also be associated with broadcasting and global expansion, so again don’t be surprised if you hear some  interesting details when this planet is retrograde. 

We might want to clear out our closets even, and we could spend a long time fussing over details that wouldn’t usually concern us, but the sorting process will be worth it! Stagnation can be a minor irritation when Mercury is retrograde so taking time out to finish things off properly is ideal and after going over things with a fine tooth comb we can expect good results. What is also interesting is that Mercury retrogrades back out of Sagittarius and then into Scorpio  - the sign of change which could indicate that you will have to go back over things again in double! So this retrograde will certainly make us think hard and dig hard but after the process we should be wiser and have a well rounded sense of reality, even if it does mean that things have been revealed  that we weren’t expecting the energy should be liberating allowing us to make positive steps into the beginning of December.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio!

If your birthday falls around 11-17th then this should indeed be an interesting time for you, as it exerts change, change, change!

So the New Moon will pass in front of our Earth and cast a shadow that will block the Sun. Many people fear eclipses as they never know what they will bring and it is also a time where day turns to night, so it is no wonder we feel a little edgy, even if we do not physically see the eclipse, we are bound to detect the energy and vibrations of it all.

There is a lot going on this week for sure. The Eclipse will start on Tuesday with the Scorpio New Moon, but bear in mind that New Moons are all about new beginnings and Scorpio is all about transforming the things that you no longer need in order to make way for the good, this will be a time to really embrace the things that we are striving towards. Use this energy wisely as it is certainly one that is powerful. It may be a good idea to consult your astrologer if you want to find out how it personally affects you. The eclipse can be seen in northern Australia.

If you are wishing to make changes in your life then role with the tides and think positive! Things can only get better!

Mars moves into Capricorn

On Friday 16th Mars will be moving into Capricorn. Mars is considered the planet of war, determination and drive. Our Mars in our natal charts speaks about what we are prepared to risk in life; it highlights our passions and our desires and is more often that not a great motivator.

Mars works differently in every sign of course, so if you already have Mars in Capricorn you may well feel the change. Capricorn is the sign of hard work; it is grounded and earthy and likes everything in its place. It is also a practical sign and a reliable one to say the least. With Mars being placed in Capricorn perhaps we can begin to think a little about our working lives and what it is that we wish to ascertain.  It could also be an ideal time to take on more responsibility!

Lastly, Neptune will end the retrograde part of its cycle and will finally begin to move forwards. Neptune is the big dream planet and can often make us feel a little foggy and confused about life so this shift could bring everything back into focus for us!

We can now see where we are going! Hurrah!

Love and light x x x 

- Refs: Daily Planetary Guide Llewellyn’s 2012 


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