Chiron in Astrology

Chiron Astrology is the key for turning your pain into power. Discover what your Chiron says about you and start your healing journey today.

Chiron astrology is the key to unlocking profound knowledge of your deepest wounds. Not only can it detect your inner traumas, but it offers a guide on how to heal from them, all whilst revealing your greatest strengths.

Chiron is often overlooked. Most people are aware of their sun sign, moon sign and rising sign, but what about their Chiron? All you need to know is your birth chart, and you are set for a journey of healing!

What Is Chiron in Astrology?

Chiron is characterised as the 'wounded healer' and after first being recognised as an asteroid, it is now seen as a minor planet. Chiron's placement in your natal chart reveals where you've been really hurt in life, uprooting your vulnerability that is so often buried and hidden. 

Recognising the often overlooked aspects of a birth chart allows you to develop a fuller understanding of your true self, adding more personality and parts to resonate with. 

The 'big three' or major planets aren't all that is available within a birth chart, and realising this is the first step to appreciating minor planets such as 'Chiron'. 

In the classic birth chart format, your Chiron sign is listed between Pluto and Black Moon Lilith. It may be labelled as an astrological house, which represents each zodiac sign (for example, the 1st house placement is Aries). 

Its true gift is the ability to tell you how to heal from your struggles, and then how to utilise them as a tool in unlocking your greatest strengths. Pain that we try to bury can be turned into a fulfilling and freeing healing process. 

This minor celestial body can have a major impact on your life!

chiron in astrology

How Does Chiron Affect Your Star Sign?

Want to see how your Chiron sign affects you? Let's take a look at each placement...

Chiron in Aries

Your wounds may centre around a desire to be noticed that stems from feelings of worthlessness. There is an expectation to be individualistic and stand out from the crowd, often leading to impulsive choices- you don't need to prove yourself to be appreciated!

Your greatest strength from these wounds is to appreciate the uniqueness in yourself and others. You truly relish the nuances in people and use this to appreciate your own individual qualities. 

Use these wounds to create healing powers that expel insecurity and strengthen a powerful imagination. 

Chiron in Taurus

Your wounds may come from feelings of possessiveness and an attachment to material possessions. 

You worry about financial instability and struggle with change, therefore having an inability to detach from things that no longer serve you- give yourself permission to embrace new beginnings!

Utilise this for unlocking your greatest strength, which is to recognise your worth and the worth of others. Trust in your fate so that you're able to look forwards and away from the past. Trusting in your security can help eliminate the worry of financial struggles.

Chiron in Gemini

You are likely an intelligent person whose wounds stem from doubting your intellectual abilities and worrying about communicating properly. 

However, your greatest strength is creating thought-provoking conversation that is intellectually thrilling for those around you. 

Embrace the possibility of failure as an opportunity to learn and grow!

Chiron in Cancer

You are a deeply sensitive person so your wounds come from the fear of abandonment and the feeling that you have an unlovable persona. 

Embrace your current relationships instead of worrying about how likeable you are!

You have the great strength of compassion and generosity, being a fulfilling presence in your peers life. You feel healed after exercising acts of kindness, which in turn heal those around you.

Chiron in Leo

Similar to Aries (a fellow fire sign), Leos have a desire to be noticed as your wounds may arise from instances where your efforts have been under-appreciated. 

You have a constant need for validation- be yourself without worrying whether people notice your individualistic tendencies!

Your greatest strength is the ability to embrace intense situations and welcome pressure instead of fearing it. You see this as extra spice in life rather than an obstacle.

Chiron in Virgo

A Virgo is a classic case of 'the perfectionist'. Your wounds stem from past mistakes that still continue to haunt your control-freak mind. 

Appreciate that mistakes are inevitable! Acceptance is key.

Your greatest strength is that your high standards ensure every task is completed to the best of your ability, making you an efficient and valuable worker to have on a team.

Chiron in Libra

Your wounds come from witnessing injustices in your own life as well as your peers' lives. You have a strong belief in fairness and harmony, and when harmony is disrupted, you feel a great responsibility to repair it. 

Accept that you cannot control the free will of others!

Your greatest strength is your helpfulness and loyalty to your loved ones- seeing them hurt is worse than getting hurt yourself.

Chiron in Scorpio

Your wounds originate in intense trust issues that inhibit you from getting too close to people. 

Face the challenge of trust despite the possibility of disappointment!

Your greatest strength is your intuition and ability to see past the explicit surface of life. Your relationships are unbreakable as you must really trust a person and have positive vibes to pursue them. 

Chiron in Sagittarius

A sense of pessimism surrounds your life, so your wounds are due to a lack of motivation. You feel unsure as to what your true purpose is within life. 

Humans don't have one set purpose, enjoy the exploration!

However, this means your greatest strength is a willingness to try new things and embrace new beliefs that allow you to feel less pessimistic. You are an open-minded individual.

Chiron in Capricorn

You possess wounds of rejection that create a desperation to achieve. Your preoccupation with success ultimately leads to feelings of inadequacy. 

Learn to appreciate small achievements, small progress is still progress!

Similar to Virgo (a fellow Earth sign), this makes you an extremely hard worker and a drive that motivates other people in your life. Your fear of failure is both a gift and a curse- learning how to manage it is key.

Chiron in Aquarius

You have the wound of never fitting in despite having an enticing aura that creates popularity. A group setting has never been your vibe, so you may feel lonely even though you have many people who value you. 

Embrace having a flexible personality that allows you to vibe with all kinds of crowds!

Your greatest strength is accepting all kinds of people, and all kinds of versions of yourself. You recognise that self expression is a journey, not a destination. 

Chiron in Pisces

Your wounds centre around being highly self-critical, struggling to forgive yourself due to an increased level of empathy- a typical water sign! 

Forgive yourself in the same way that you easily forgive others.

Your greatest strength is that your empathy allows for a great level of care. Intentionally hurting others is never on your radar, creating strong bonds and friendships within your life.

How You Can Use Chiron Astrology Moving Forwards

To receive a detailed explanation on what your Chiron means for you, speak directly with a psychic reader today.

Despite revealing your painful experiences, Chiron unlocks how we can heal from these. Knowing what soothes your soul means you can live a life where you turn your pain into power. Having an awareness of your greatest strengths is integral to healing.

Pain is also viewed in a positive way, helping you accept your emotional wounds instead of resenting them. Learning to grow from your deeper wounds means you can harness your greatest strengths as something you make a conscious effort to exercise every day. 

Moving forwards, ensure you use your healing powers to overcome your wounds. For example, if you notice yourself fearing failure, remind yourself that mistakes are positive- everything is a learning experience! 

Knowing your Chiron gives you access to healing gifts that you may never have realised before. This knowledge is key to unlocking your inner power as a wounded being. 

Start your healing journey today with a reading from Psychic Sofa!


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