New Year Good Karma

Random acts of kindness occur all around the world every day. These deeds and actions help to bring more love, joy and positivity into the world.

Good Karma

Attract Good Karma Through Kindness

Random acts of kindness occur all around the world every day. These deeds and actions help to bring more love, joy and positivity into the world.

Here are 18 positive suggestions to boost your good karma

Kiss And Make Up

Make Amends

If you’ve fallen out with a friend or family member be the person who instigates contact. Put aside your differences and mend the rift. Forgive yourself, and this person, so that you can move forward without bearing a grudge.

Make Contact

Call up a friend that you have not spoken to in years. Re-establish a connection with someone that you were once close to. Take a trip down memory lane together over a coffee or lunch. Getting back in touch will give you an opportunity to see how far you’ve come.

Send Snail Mail

Send a handwritten letter to a friend or relative. Everyone loves to receive good news in the post. Write a meaningful message to let someone know how much you value their presence in your life.

Offer Support

Be there to lend a friend emotional support or a shoulder to cry on. Show kindness, compassion and understanding in the situation.

Do Your Bit For Charity

Sign Up

Commit to signing up to take part in a sponsored walk, run or other activity. You’ll enhance your fitness levels whilst raising money for a good cause. You’ll also meet lots of potential new friends in the process.

Make A Donation

If you can’t commit to signing up to take part in a sponsored event, make a generous donation by sponsoring someone else instead.

Give It Up

Have a clear out and donate your unwanted clothes, books and other items to a charity shop.

Volunteer Services

Get involved in your community by volunteering your services with a local charity. An hour or two of your time can greatly benefit others.

Spare Some Change

If someone who is homeless, or less fortunate than you, asks you for money, offer to buy them a drink and a sandwich.

Pay It Forward

Surprise Someone

The next time you are in the coffee shop, surprise the person behind you in the queue by paying for their order.

Treat Someone

Buy lunch, or a small gift, for a friend or colleague for no reason at all!

Remind Someone

Write heartfelt messages and compliments on sticky notes and post them in places where the person you love will find them.

Chance Their Luck

Spontaneously buy a lottery ticket and give it away to someone you don’t know.

Spread The Love

Smile Like You Mean It

Get into the habit of smiling at strangers every day. Give them your best genuine smile.

Extend The Hand Of Friendship

Be the first person to welcome a new work colleague or neighbour. Offer the hand of friendship and help them to feel settled in their new environment.

Give Your Time

If you know someone who is lonely make plans to spend some time with them. It’s not just elderly people who feel isolated and alone. Make time for a chat over a cup of tea.

Free Hugs

Sometimes a hug is all that you need to express your genuine feelings of love. Give hugs freely to your children and loved ones.

Lead By Example

Be kind and compassionate to everyone. Speak kind words that are encouraging, inspiring and motivating. In your actions and deeds, always show compassion and understanding.


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