6 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Relationship

Being in love is a wonderful experience. It can make you glow with happiness, making you feel fulfilled and joyful. But when love breaks down, it can seem like the end of the world.

Protect your love with these tips

Being in love is a wonderful experience. It can make you glow with happiness, making you feel fulfilled and joyful. But when love breaks down, it can seem like the end of the world. Whether it's a marriage or a long term relationship, break-ups are one of the most stressful events you can experience.

Sometimes there are good reasons for break-ups, such as any kind of abuse, infidelity, or constant conflict. However, many break-ups don't have to happen! People give up on relationships too easily. Reasons such as falling out of love, growing apart, not having fun together or going through a rough patch are not necessarily good reasons to give up on your marriage or relationship. Love connections are precious and should not be discarded lightly. It's about seeing the bigger picture of your relationship rather than fixating on the everyday niggles.

You can strengthen your relationship right from the start, or at any point during your romance, by using the practical and emotional tips below to reconnect your love. So before you decide to call it a day, have a re-think and put some effort into your relationship. You might just fall in love all over again.

1) Make an effort

It all starts here. That is with you both agreeing to make an equal effort. Because if one of you isn't pulling your emotional weight, you might as well start dividing up your worldly possessions ready for the split. If both of you can get into the headspace of giving your love one final shot, then you have a chance. Formalise your intention to make it feel more real. Do this, perhaps, by taking a photo of you together and pinning it to the fridge. Both of you know this photo marks the first day of the rest of your relationship. It keeps you focused.

2) Show respect

Successful relationships are based on respect. So there are two sets of feelings, beliefs and desires in a relationship. Both are equally important. Jumpstart respect by making a list of the talents your partner has and the qualities you most admire about them. Your partner should do the same list for you. Comparing lists will help you remember what you value and respect about your partner and vice-versa. Start considering how your words and actions impact your partner. Compromise is the foundation of respect. Introduce more give and take into your relationship so you both feel valued.

3) Communication counts

Your partner is not a mind-reader! So you can't expect them to know what you want unless you tell them. Open and honest but tactful and caring communication is at the root of all successful relationships. Tell your partner what you need and listen to what they say in return. You both have to be honest or nothing will change. Plan how to make your relationship work better for you both. Note: this is where compromising comes into play again! During this process of healing your relationship, don't complain to family or friends about your partner's faults or unreasonable demands. The communication about your relationship should be between you both only.

4) It's all about you

Making a relationship work is a team effort. But you'll only succeed as a team if both halves of the team are happy with themselves. For example, if you are always insecure, your partner can only do so much to help you. Getting rid of your feelings of insecurity is ultimately down to you. So take time apart from one another (one afternoon per week, for example) to work out what makes you happy, and to work through any personal issues you have with a professional, if necessary. A healthy relationship can bring you happiness but it cannot make you happy if you have emotional issues you need to tackle. You are responsible for your own happiness.

5) Have fun!

In a long-term relationship, it's easy to get dragged down by the mundane tasks of life. Cleaning, organising, food shopping, caring for children - all these duties can take the romantic shine out of your relationship. So you end up taking each other for granted. For your relationship to thrive, you have to make an effort to spend quality time together and to have fun. Perhaps it doesn't sound romantic if you believe love should be spontaneous. In fact, what could be more romantic than the person you love taking time and effort to make sure you can enjoy time together.

6) Take a trip down memory lane

If your relationship is feeling lackluster, try remembering what things were like in the early days. What first attracted you to your partner? What was your first date like? What romantic things have they done for you? Remember the first time you were intimate. Reminiscing together about past pleasures will reignite your romance.


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