Secrets Of Your Third Eye

Did you know that hidden away inside your brain is a mysterious gland, called the pineal gland, which has been considered a link to the spiritual side, for centuries?

The Third Eye

Delving Into The Mysterious Pineal Gland

Did you know that hidden away inside your brain is a mysterious gland, called the pineal gland, which has been considered a link to the spiritual side, for centuries?

This gland is shaped like a tiny pine cone - hence the name 'pineal'. Pictures of pine cones along with imagery linking them to sacred eyes have been depicted in the art of countless ancient cultures. Philosophers have called this gland 'the seat of the soul', meaning that it could be your connection to Spirit, or the place where you perceive supernatural or spiritual phenomena.

What Is The Pineal Gland?

In biological terms, the pineal gland produces melatonin, which regulates your sleep and waking patterns. It's located in the centre of the brain and is about the size of a pea, but with a pine-cone shape. Scientists regard the pineal gland a light-sensitive, vestigial eye, meaning that at one time in the past the pineal gland was indeed a type of third eye.

Mystical links

Even though science is only very recently beginning to understand this pine cone-shaped 'third eye' locked within your brain, it has been connected to spirituality for centuries. In Paganism, the pine cone is a symbol of eternal life and represents a direct connection between your mind and the spirit world. This link can be seen illustrated in the relief carvings of ancient cultures as wide ranging as the Assyrians of Iraq, the Aztecs of Mexico, the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans.

The mystical branches of these Pagan traditions considered the centre of the brain, where the pineal gland is located, to be an energy centre which could connect the physical and spiritual worlds. In many spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, the third eye is represented by the third eye chakra. Chakras are energy centres located around your body.

Third Eye Chakra

This is your sixth Chakra, which opens your mind to seeing the bigger picture in life. It's strongly linked to intuition, imagination, wisdom, and decision-making. It's depicted as being located in the middle of your forehead, but this is a two-dimensional representation. In reality, your third eye is your pineal gland.

A powerful centre of spiritual energy, your third eye chakra or pineal gland can kick-start spiritual or supernatural experiences. As the centre of higher vision, this energy is linked to the development of psychic powers. The Hindu tradition still celebrates this link by dabbing a red mark on the forehead as a reminder of the third eye. It symbolises a quest for enlightenment and the need to look beyond the physical realm towards creating a more spiritual existence.

How To Open Your Third Eye

Balance, unblock and open your third eye chakra with these ideas.


Sit in a safe, comfortable place with your eyes closed. Imagine a white light surrounding you, protecting you.

Spend a couple of minutes breathing slowly in, and out. Getting yourself into a relaxed, meditative state.

Then visualise a glowing purple ball of energy light. See it suspended in space, fizzing and turning with the energy inside it.

Hold this image for as long as feels comfortable. Take it further by imagining the ball of light gently and slowly opening up, like the petals of a flower unfurling. This is your third eye chakra opening up.


Essential oils are a sensory key for opening and balancing all your chakras, including your third eye chakra.

Burn in an oil burner or add a couple of drops mixed with a base oil to your bath. For your third eye, try using:

  1. Frankincense
  2. Myrrh
  3. Nutmeg


Indigo or purple is the colour of your third eye. So use this shade around your home, in the clothes you wear. Burn an indigo candle, or buy an amethyst crystal to keep on your desk.


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