7 Ways To Spiritually Protect Yourself

Take a look at these different approaches to keeping your energy positive. A hectic life and negative people can be all-too-quick to drain your energy!

Surround yourself with positive energy

When it comes to protecting your possessions, your home, your car - you don't think twice about installing an alarm system and locking the doors to keep everything safe. You sensibly stick to well-lit areas at night to avoid taking risks with your physical safety. Quite right, too. But what about your spiritual safety?

Negative influences can create negative energy that will attack your wellbeing, leaving you feeling tired and lacklustre. These influences can be toxic people, emotionally unhealthy situations, negative cycles of thought or bad habits. If you are under attack from negative influences, you'll feel lacking in energy. Life will seem out of balance and everything will seem more difficult than usual.

To break out of negative energy you need to be spiritually protected. All this means is that you draw positive energy towards yourself and repel negative energy. So, use the spiritual protection techniques below to bust those negative vibes and start feeling super-positive again.

1) Visualise White Light

Protect yourself with white light. In many spiritual traditions, white light symbolises divine presence and protection. If you are feeling sad or scared, a fast, powerfully protective spiritual technique is to visualise being surrounded by a bubble of white light. Imagine the light completely enveloping your whole body so nothing negative can reach you. Believe in the protection of the light. See it repelling any negative energy.

2) Call For Your Guardian Angel

Feeling nervous before an important event or feeling like life is overwhelming you can indicate you are in need of some spiritual protection. So who better to offer you support than your own personal angelic being? Your guardian angel is a divine being who looks after you. But you have to ask before they can help! So ask, out loud or in your mind, for your angel to protect you from all negativity and to send positivity to you. Say 'please' and 'thank you' and be specific in your request.

3) Listen To Music

Anyone who's enjoyed listening to a song by a favourite band or composer will know that music has the power to lift your spirits. This uplift effect is due to your energy shifting from negative to positive under the influence of music. So pick out your favourite tune (uplifting ones only) and press play. The flood of positive energy produced will make you more emotionally robust and protect you against any lingering negativity.

4) Meditate

When your mind is a tangle of negative thoughts, the spiritual technique of meditation can calm the chaos inside your head. Meditation is the act of clearing your mind of all thoughts, good and bad. Sitting in silence and peace. It protects you from becoming overwhelmed by life and its negativity. As you release negative thoughts with meditation you will feel stronger and revitalised.

5) Walk In Nature

The beauty of nature is soothing and protective to the mind. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of other people into the green tranquillity of a forest or a the sparkling blue of lakeside walk will refresh you, so you can deal better with whatever life throws your way. Make time as often as you can for a short stroll in nature and you will gain spiritual protection for the long-term.

6) Stay Active

Keep your body and mind active and you will drive away negativity from your life. Exercise daily with a brisk walk or yoga class (there are plenty of free ones online to try from the comfort of your home). Then, exercise your mind by reading a novel, doing a puzzle or making something (a cake, a home improvement project or a craft). Do just a little positive something each day and you will increase your spiritual protection.

7) Stay Away From Negative Influences

If people are throwing bad vibes your way, it's no wonder you are feeling lacklustre. You need some spiritual protection! Your energy field absorbs the influences around you. So if you surround yourself with negative people, that's exactly how you'll feel. Likewise bad habits, such as drinking to excess or getting trapped in negative thinking, will attract more negativity to you. Not what you want! Protect yourself by kicking bad habits and distancing yourself from negative people and situations. Only allow positive people into your life and you'll more spiritually protected than ever.


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