14 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day on a Budget

St Valentine's Day has become so commercial. Here are some ways of showing your love without breaking the bank! Show them you care in a spiritual way this year.

Celebrating St Valentine's day


Deepen your romantic connection with a spiritual twist, too!


Want to treat your beloved on Valentine's Day, but don't have much spare cash to flash? No problem! There are many thrifty ways you can spoil your lover. Anyway, a thoughtful, personalised treat is a million times more meaningful than just grabbing a a card from the shop.

Even better, personalised gifts can have a spiritual dimension. Because once you take money out of the equation, you strip back material expectations, while adding a priceless helping of thoughtfulness and care. This strengthens your romantic and passionate connections as you focus on each other with no distractions. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your most memorable Valentine's celebration yet!


1) Make a home-cooked meal

Forget fancy restaurants, because you can turn your kitchen into a romantic haven of deliciousness! You don't need to splash out on super-fancy ingredients, either. Just cook your beloved's favourite soul food. Concentrate on making the surroundings special with scented candles, homemade table decorations (cut out red or pink paper hearts and scatter them on the table) and favourite music. Surprise your lover with this meal for maximum romance. Make sure you both relax and have a good chat during the meal. Feeding your lover with nutritious home-cooked food is a spiritual act as well as a physical treat. Because you are demonstrating your love through practical actions.


2) Visit an art gallery

Going out is expensive. Even a trip to the movies can cost more than you bargained for. But you can take your beloved for a fix of culture for free by visiting a free-entry or donation-only museum or art gallery. Make sure you choose to see the type of art or culture that your partner loves. Spending time doing something different and enjoyable together hits a spiritual hotspot, as well as a romantic one. Because it breaks your regular routine, helping you see your partner as an attractive, interesting person again rather than just a housemate.


3) Go star gazing

It's totally free and incredibly romantic. Wrap up and t

ake a flask of coffee (or a glass of wine) to keep you toasty. Then lie back a watch those stars twinkle away in the night sky. It's very meditative to watch the stars and contemplate your place in the vast universe! You'll probably end up having an honest and great conversation - and perhaps a kiss or two!


4) Take a mini road trip

Drive to somewhere your partner has always wanted to visit. A town, a park, a forest or a landmark. You could stop along the way to take in lots of different sites. Somewhere not too far, as you'll obviously need gas money for this idea, so within an hour or two distance from home. Take a picnic and make a day trip of it.


5) Give flowers from your garden

Leave the shop flowers on the shelf and make your own floral arrangement for your lover. Use flowers from your own garden and dress them up with ribbon and paper wrap. Or buy a small, inexpensive potted plant, instead. Don't pick wildflowers, though, as they are there for everyone to enjoy.


6) Write a letter

Getting the same old hearts or fluffy bear Valentine's card year after year can feel a bit boring and impersonal. As if you've ticked a box rather than put any thought into the action. So change this by writing a letter to your partner, rather than just signing a card. In your letter, you could list 10 reasons why you love your partner, or write about how your relationship has deepen since your first date. Make it sweet, making romantic and perhaps add a bit of humour. Let those romantic sentiments pour out!


7) Take a trip down memory lane

Spend Valentine's evening reminiscing over happy memories. Get out the old photos and recordings of the two of you together. Talk about your first date or any other memorable dates. Recalling happy times in the past will make you both realise how precious your relationship is right now.


8) Do a chore or three

Without being asked, do a mundane task that your partner usually has to do. Get the food shopping, tidy the house, cook dinner, pick up the children. Run your partner a bubble bath and let them relax while you do their chores. By showing care for them you will make your partner feel love for you!


9) Talk to each other

Well, it's free! And it's the foundation of a happy relationship. Have a heart-felt chat about life and feelings. Ban any and all digital communications for the evening, so you can concentrate on each other.


10) Create a gift

A hand-crafted gift from the one you love is worth ten diamond rings! So use your creative talents to make a gift for Valentine's day. So knit, woodwork, write a song or a poem or bake a cake.


11) Make exciting plans

Planning exciting adventures for the year ahead is a romantic and free idea for Valentine's. Write a list of places you'd like to visit on holiday, and discuss your hopes and dreams for the future. Where would you like to live? What's your dream career? Turn your dreams into reality by working out how you can save money over the coming months to pay for a short holiday. Or how you can switch careers.


12) Games night

Use retro board games as a way to bring a spark of fun back into your relationship. Yes, really! Pick up a retro game from a thrift shop or ebay. Spend Valentine's evening playing the game together. You'll hopefully have lots of laughs as you play.


13) Family meal

Valentine's Day can be whatever you want it to be. So you could turn it into a family celebration with everyone you love, rather than exclusively romantic. Host a family meal and ask everyone attending (kids included!) to bring a savoury or sweet dish with a romance theme to keep your costs minimal.


14) Make love!

Strengthening your physical connection is essential for a healthy relationship. It's also free and fun. Be especially considerate towards your partner. And let passion reign on the day of love!


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