7 Ways To Cosmic Order Whatever You Want!

Want to find the love of your life? Need to excel in a job interview? If you need a boost in achieving your goals, cosmic ordering could help you succeed. Because the universe is overflowing with abundance just waiting for you. All you have to do is ask!

Laws of attraction


Cosmic ordering is a spiritual technique by which you can ask the positive power of the universe to manifest positive things in your life. So if you need to find some extra cash to buy a new car so you can drive to work - just cosmic order it. If you need to find a better job - just ask the universe. Of course, this all sounds very strange if you've never heard about cosmic ordering before. But it's really just about having a different mindset. One which recognises that you can achieve your goals. With effort from you and with an extra magical push from the universe a whole new world of opportunity will open up to you. So what are you waiting for? Get cosmic ordering!


1) Decide What You Want

Work out what you most want in your life. What's most important top you? Do you need a set amount of money so you can start a business. Do you need help passing a test? Do you need confidence to ask for a pay rise? Do you need to leave a relationship? Or find a new relationship? Focus on whatever you need the most.


2) Ensure your cosmic order is positive

You want to attract abundance, not negativity. So asking for revenge on someone or asking for greedy things, like money to fritter away on vanity purchases or on wishing misfortune on others will not benefit you. In fact, it will do just the opposite by attracting the negativity you wish for back on you. So don't do it. Chose positive goals, and ones which are realistic. Choose cosmic orders that chime with your natural talents.


3) Place your cosmic order

Take ten minutes for yourself to place a cosmic order. Sit comfortably in a quiet place at home or in nature. Ask out loud for what you wish. Be polite. Speak in the present tense, first person. Thank the universe for listening. For example, you could ask: 'I humbly ask the abundant powers of the universe to make my cosmic order come true. I ask that I am confident and communicate well in my job interview on Wednesday afternoon. I ask that I am successful in the interview so I am offered the job. Please make it so. I think you for listening.'


4) Keep thinking about your cosmic order

Keep the energy of your order flowing by visualising yourself receiving or achieving whatever you have ordered. Print or cut out images that represent your order and stick them somewhere prominent at home, so you are constantly thinking about your order, intensifying the energy around your wish.

Also, you can power-up your order by performing a mini ritual as you place your order. Such as lighting a candle. Or writing your order down and burying it in a meaningful place in nature.


5) Trust the process

For cosmic ordering to be successful, you have to trust the process. If you don't believe that this wish could manifest - it won't. Throw your trust behind the power of abundance and you'll be rewarded. Also, you can't be lazy and expect the universe to do all the work for you. It won't. Abundance comes only to positive people who are already working hard to achieve their goals.


6) You are worth it!

One of the biggest barriers to receiving the abundance of cosmic ordering is low self esteem. If you don't believe you are worthy of receiving this amazing abundance then your negativity will block it from reaching you. So understand that you definitely do deserve to be happy and successful.


7) Be a nicer person

You can make it more likely that your cosmic order will be fulfilled just by being nice! Make a conscious effort to be kinder to others. Show gratitude to those who help you. Be more understanding of others. By being nicer, you will attract positive energy. Like attracts like. So the abundance you are seeking through your cosmic order will be attracted to you much more easily.




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