Surprising Ways To Succeed in 2019

Still sticking to your new year's resolutions? Most of us set ourselves unrealistic goals only to go back to the way we were! Why not try changing your life from the inside-out!

Succeed in 2019

The smart way to improve your world is with small changes, new knowledge and experiences. So instead of grasping at an impossible dream, make lots of little achievable changes that you will be surprised to find eventually add up to a seismic shift in your life.


1) Gather new experiences

This is how you learn and grow. Whether it's trying out a new career path, meditating or going veggie for a couple of days per week - new experiences help you discover what works for you. Go for it!


2) Write a change-list

You can't achieve success until you weed out the things that are holding you back. Make a list of things you want to change in your life - and start working your way through.


3) Tell someone how important they are

When was the last time you told a loved one how much you love and appreciate them? Life is short. Tell them today.


4) Write down your business dreams

It's good to have a dream. But if you never take action, it's always just going to be a dream. So instead of thinking 'I can't' get working on a plan of action. Think. Research. Learn. Write. Take practical steps to make your career dream reality.


5) Try something scary

If you are stuck in a mental rut, then stepping outside of your comfort zone can jolt you out of your inertia. Try an activity, exercise, education course, public speaking - anything that seems a little bit scary. Just do it.


6) Save don't spend

Your financial health is important. Instead of spending money on credit cards, put a dollar per day into a savings account. Do it by direct debit and you won't even notice it. After a couple of years you'll have a little nest egg without any effort.


7) Volunteer

If there's one way to gain new experience, meet new people, enhance your CV and learn new skills without spending any money - it's to volunteer your time. Choose an sector you are interested in and it could lead to paid work.


8) Make a life goal journal

Where do you want to be in five years time? Create a notebook full of your goals, both personal and professional. Do one thing everyday to work towards one of your goals. Write it down and note what works and what doesn't work so you can improve for the future.


9) Get active

Making a commitment to getting fit is about finding an activity you really enjoy. Try lots of different types of exercise until you hit upon one you will stick with. Do what you love, not what is most popular with others.


10) One good deed everyday

If you want to feel good and increase your happiness, the easiest way to do this is to perform one (small) good deed every day. From helping a neighbour to babysitting for a friend to offering a kind word to somebody. Your wellbeing will increase when you help others.


11) Be mindful

Realise that you control your thoughts, they don't control you. So if you find yourself trapped in negative thinking - know you have the power to stop those thoughts. Use positive words and positive thoughts.


12) Write an affirmation

What do you want most in the world. Write a positive affirmation that encapsulates this wish and repeat it every day.


13) Make time for loved ones

Quality time spent with loved ones should be your number one priority. What is life about if not to share good times with those who matter to you? Make time on a regular basis.


14) Use setbacks as fuel for something better

Life will not always work out for you. You wouldn't appreciate the light without the darkness. But there is always something you can learn from any experience. So take your lessons and move forward onto something new and better.


15) Don't listen to negative people

Negative people are insecure and they will always try to drag you down with them. Don't let them! Listen to advice - if it's from someone you trust, then make your own decision. Don't spend any time listening to those who do not have your best interests at heart.


16) How can you do things differently?

Never become rigidly stuck to just one way of doing things. Constantly question whether you could be doing things better. Is there a new way? Can you find a better solution? Adapt and change for success.


17) Keep learning

There's always something you can learn. Life should be one long journey of learning and discovery. So seek out new knowledge whenever you can.


18) Be grateful

Count your blessings everyday. You have so much that is good in your life. More than you realise. Be mindful of your positives and your wellbeing will grow, making you ready for success!


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