How To Calm Your Personal Storms

Life is like a roller coaster. One minute you are coasting along at a comfortable pace, and the next thing you know you are cresting a wave at high speed. Keeping your emotions in check isn't always easy to do.


How To Keep Calm

When life experiences become too painful or challenging it can become a battle just to get up in the morning. Events and circumstances can affect your mood in ways that is sometimes not easy to predict. There are however, many ways in which you can calm your storm so that you can begin to take control of your life again.

A Problem Shared

When you feel burdened by problems it often helps to lighten your load. Talking to a loyal and supportive friend can be greatly comforting. Sharing your cares, concerns and worries with something who is not directly involved with your problems can also help you to see things more clearly. Choose to confide in a trusted friend who you know has your best interests at heart.

Not everyone has friends or family members who they can count on in times of need. There are many volunteer organisations that provide a listening ear. Talking to someone, and connecting on a personal level, can be greatly beneficial when you feel overwhelmed by emotions.

Change The Scenery

Removing yourself from the scene of your stress can instantly alter your mood and how you feel. Going for a walk, and stopping to appreciate the beauty of nature, can have a positive calming effect on your internal storm. Some people find that driving to no particular destination also helps to shift negative feelings.

Strengthen Your Divine Connection

When you are over emotional your breathing alters its natural rhythm. Sitting in a quiet place and practicing meditation, for 10-20 minutes, can help you to calm down and relax. Focusing on the slow and steady pattern of your in and out breath will take your mind off everything. Tune into your Higher Self and strengthen your spiritual and divine connection. The sense of knowing that something that is bigger and greater than you has your back is deeply reassuring.

Shift Your Perspective

When your inner storm is raging it’s impossible to consider anything other than what you are imagining. Shifting your perspective is a bit like giving yourself a reality check. Detaching yourself from the situation, so that you can look at the issue from someone else’s point of view, will help you see beyond the dark clouds that you sense are looming over you.

Let It All Go

Writing down how you feel is positively cleansing. Once you start writing you will find that you quickly fill up numerous pages with text that is expressive and flowing. Letting go of your emotions in this way helps to clear your mind and thoughts of negativity. When you’re done, rip the pages up or burn them to cinders.

Practice Acceptance

The more you resist and fight against something the longer it will persist. If you are battling against your personal storm, pause for a moment and accept the situation. The reason you are feeling like you do is because you at not at peace with the situation in your life. Accepting that even these intense feelings are part of your essential life experiences can help you to see how they also enrich your life. Once you have moved beyond the storm you’ll be able to look back with pride that you hung in there.


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