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I am Jade I am a very experienced reader I have not always earned a living from reading as it took me a long time to believe in myself. I am a very humble psychic I live by the rules of karma, and I will never lie or tell you what you want to hear to gain money. I read from the heart, no judgment, I am very calm and patient, nothing shocks me. I am an intuitive psychic tarot reader and please remember we all have the psychic ability or sixth sense or whatever you want to name it the difference is that myself and my likeminded readers have tuned into it or maybe have a stronger higher level of reading that has been practiced or mostly passed down the bloodline. All I ask is you remember I am human not a miracle worker, but I will always give you my best most accurate reading. My client list is pretty regular now and I am at my happiest when reading and no matter what I always see a positive in a situation I like to help you gain answers to problems, I am influencing decisions that affect your life choices and I honoured to be trusted in this way. I always give my clients a blast of distant Reiki if they ask and its free. I will always have an angel card there before the reading ends too. To me the little things matter in life and if I can bring you peace of mind and comfort I will. I am happy making people happy, I have helped several people turn their lives around through listening and showing them that mindset is key always watch your thoughts nothing is coincidence we attract so much to us by what we think our thoughts and feelings are so powerful and define us. Always be careful what you ask for, remember words are spells so be careful what you ask for. I practice the Gratitude Attitude we all have to be grateful for something even taking our next breath. I will always give you my best and if I am not at my best or I am busy I will not be live so give me a try, I work from my heart and soul, so if you are drawn to my energy, I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

When I am at my happiest is when I have read a beautiful reading especially when that person has a tough time, to confirm that there is sunshine after the rain makes me smile. But I will always lift my client’s soul I will show you where to gain strength from and I will also remind you that you are worthy of happiness and to be treated with the love and respect you deserve. Sometimes we all need reminding of this, People who contact me mostly are looking for guidance and this is what I am put on this earth to do. I am here for a reason, and this is it, to read.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a true Libra so indecisive; Libra is my sun sign and Leo my moon sign. In the olden days they used the moon sign as your star sign. I can be the introvert and extrovert Leo. I have the Leo red/auburn thick hair. We carry traits of signs on a physical level too if you did not know that you do now. Have you ever had your birth chart done? If not, I advise you to look it up it is so important, and you will really see how much more goes into astrology and how the planets affect us from birth. Look out for me or ask me as I sometimes do free workshops for my clients to wise you up to this as it is amazing and if I told you the royals and rich and famous go by the birth charts and so much more to tell. Ask me about the free work shop I am working on to give you knowledge that we should all know.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From as young as I can remember I always knew I was different. I have always predicted things and sometimes I have scared others bur never intentionally when I have spoken without thinking. Now, at nearly 45 years old I’m at my most intuitive on the clearest and strongest frequency or vibration. I cleanse to a point that it is a bit o.c.d but I will always cleanse my cards and self after every reading. Energy and other vibrations are so easily absorbed. Always remember this and protection research is knowledge and knowledge is power. My gift is from my grandmothers side her mother before her had it herself my mother my aunt and cousins. I am Irish decent with a little polish from one grandfather. My family is from Tralee in County Kerry southern Ireland, both there and County Kildare. I am your Irish psychic.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have so many I come away smiling from but I have days when I get heavy very low clients and it affects me so I will come off line and cleanse and meditate to raise my vibration as you pay for a service and deserve the best and from me I will always give my best so I have to be in the right energy or I won’t be on line. Several come to mind, and I have regular clients who share deep things, I get a lot of clients who at first could not see the wood through the trees and now are either living single life happily, or others moved abroad with a loved one in the mountains after years of suffering. This brings me so much joy, but I sometimes have to log off because I’m affected by what I’ve read, heard or vision but 9 times out of 10 I get a call back and I remember everyone, and I focus on the right choices being made. This gives me happiness I know my true purpose in life.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have plenty of life experience I have been through a lot and if you talk to me, I am very open. I worked in mental health for a number of years and in hostels with the homeless and with this sadly comes addiction. I have experienced my own losses through loved ones and addiction, there has been many low points in my life, but I like to believe I am the Queen of Swords and bounce back and she represents resilience, good in a crisis and like her I love to dance to good music. Also, I am a Reiki practitioner, I treat some friends and now I will give clients a distant blast if asked but if I do a treatment, I don’t charge I have to charge with my readings I have to live and I know with this I have to give my best as always.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

We are not miracle workers we give guidance you have choices we can only guide you. You must be the final influence on your decision making. I get asked a lot for specific dates and I will not say something is for definite I link in and usually before a call comes in, I can pick up on the energy and thoughts and feelings come through and I can pretty much judge my next call. It is amazing what comes through before I have even spoken to the caller. I always ask you please work with me, not against me as this only goes against us and takes longer and costs more money. I have had callers who just say nothing and it’s not only making my work harder, but it is very awkward. I understand being a sceptic I am very much one myself but with any call go with it join in conversation and if it feels right then relax and record your readings to look back on. Always remember we have choices, and you must remember you are the master of your own destiny. Also, if any kind of reader talks about death that is not allowed the universe has laws make sure you know the rules of the universe. Keep an open mind and trust your own intuition as most of my clients have the gift but are scared to use it. Do not base your life on readings any good reader will tell you what I am.

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7th October 2022

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