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About Rae Summer

I have experience using the tarot for over twenty years. My Mother and Grandmother were readers, and I feel blessed to have generations of tarot knowledge to call on.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The cards are a wonderful means of predicting events and receiving insight. Sharing insight from the tarot or runes, that helps illuminate a path for a client, or give peace of mind is very rewarding.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Well, I am a Gemini/Cancer cusp. So, have the flexibility of the Air sign, and the empathic compassion of a Water sign. I'd like to think I have the best bits of both.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

The first time I was aware I had a gift, was at age 6 years old, and I became aware I knew events were going to happen before they actually came to pass. My Mother was pregnant with my little sister, and I knew right away I was going to be a big sister.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady had lost the love of her life, and was beyond hope of finding someone else. When I told her she was about to go to dinner with the new love of her life, she actually hung up on me. Then two days later she called me back to tell me she had indeed met someone at a dinner party, and it had been love at first sight for both of them. Who does not love hearing a happy ending! We stayed in touch for a few years, and she is now married to the person she met at the dinner all those years ago.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Over 20 years experience reading face to face, or via the phone. A legacy psychic and empath.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Even if you want a general reading, it always helps if you have a question in your mind of the area you want the cards to illuminate. So, if it is Romance, or Work for example, keep that focus. Tarot is often more about the spead you choose to answer your questions. It is a bit like fishing in the universe of knowledge, and if you leave it to the cards, they will often tell you what they think you need to know, rather than the quesions you have in your head. So, once you feel you have a connection with a reader, ask direct questions, you will be far more likely to recieve direct answers that address your immediate concerns.

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What our customers say about Rae Summer

Lovely to speak to, and such an accurate reading, also everything she said really resonated with me.

- Anon

8th June 2024

I just had a beautiful reading with the lovely Rae. She is absolutely the real deal and very fast. She picked up accurately on the man I enquired about and the situation around us. She is honest and ethical and a very sincere reader which is rare. Like ithers have said, she will not sugar coat, but her delivery is kind and compassionate if she needs to deliver a truth that maybe hard to hear. An outstanding reader a credit to PS.

- Rebekah

1st November 2023

Don’t always leave reviews but thought this reader deserves Honest accurate and like the others said no fairy tales but at least then you know it’s accurate when she delivers her validations Will definitely use again

- Anon

28th October 2023

I've been getting readings from Rae for several years now. She is is a beautiful soul who is always accurate and has been my voice of reason. She does not sugar coat anything and tells it like it is. So if your looking for a fairytale, she's not the reader for you. Being a reader myself, I can say she is the real deal. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for everything Rae. Love and light xx

- Kelly

21st September 2023

one of the best readings ever! amazing,, fast, genie, gifted, than you so much Rae Summer, you are so lovely, lhelped me so much, lots of love and hugs julie xxxx

- Anon

27th August 2023

Definitely someone with some gift who doesn’t talk in riddles and treats you with respect, unlike some bad experiences I’ve had with a few odd readers in this site

- Anon

14th June 2023

Thank you for a brilliant and highly connected reading. You were spot on with describing the situation and my Love. I am looking forward to what's to come. Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

11th June 2023

oh, what a beautiful medium Rae Summer is, she is so fast, so accurate, and just so heartwarming, what a love,y reading I had, validation after validation, same predictions as top readers on sofa, she is going to be so busy, and really she is one of the best, and so kind, thank you so much, lots of love and hugs xx

- Anon

10th June 2023

Really loved this reader very strategic in her readings, really good energy will be popular thank you x

- fiora

2nd April 2023

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