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Hello my name is Leona,

Anyone who is drawn to the spiritual dimension has experienced deep pain and suffering, I am no different, when life doesn't make sense anymore it can make you go deeper inside yourself for the answers, to evolve spiritually.  My spiritual journey has been a wonderful experience and I experience synchronicities and also have had out of body experiences. I spent many years practising yoga and used various meditation techniques which have developed my awareness and intuition. I feel blessed that I have accumulated so much knowledge and wisdom. I have used Tarot for many years although my physic abilities come from a deeper place. An inner knowing. I have helped many people from all walks of life with a variety of problematic life situations.  I am non-judgemental and open minded, I have genuine compassion for my fellow human being.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy establishing a deep connection with my clients, I listen to their hopes and fears and help them to get the clarity they seek. Life can be challenging I enjoy giving guidance to my clients, to help them find a positive direction to go in, when things seem stuck or in limbo or they encounter a crisis.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Libra, Venus being my ruler I always have great compassion and empathy for people, Interpersonal connections are very important to me and I have an uncanny intuition. I can be diplomatic and objective and have true listening abilities with a strong sense of patience.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My intuition has always been strong from a young age; I have the want and the ability to help others with the wisdom that seemed like second nature, deep insight and inner knowing and more importantly to trust it. The door of the spiritual dimension can never be closed once opened the knowledge and wisdom is vast, my spiritual energy has only gotten stronger with the ageing of my physical form. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I had a beautiful journey with a client; she had experienced a lot of collapse and loss in her life, although around that time she was noticing repetitive numbers everywhere she looked. These changes she was experiencing were necessary. She had outgrown her present circumstances. I got her to view the situation; the changes should be embraced, not feared. I explained that the repetitive numbers meant that she was aligned with life and that spiritual forces were there to offer her advice and support during this transitional time. The numbers have Numerology meanings and every number has its own vibration. I helped her decipher the meanings behind the numbers, as I had experienced this pattern for a long period of time in my own life. This woman had lost her jobs and relationships in a very cruel way. Friends, family, she was clashing with everyone, she felt isolated and alone. Through conversation I guided her to feel positive again and start to manifest more positive situations into her life. Within a short period of time she had found the strength to leave that negative mind-set and leave behind the situations that were no longer serving her. She found another job that was better than before and a new relationship blossomed with someone who was a match with who she was now. She was able to release the old, with love and no regret, and embrace the new, exciting chapter that was now unfolding for her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have practiced tarot and angel card readings for many years. I have experienced OBEs (out of body experiences). I now experience my life not through the illusion of thought, but from a deeper place that doesn't need to interpret or judge everything all the time. Living from that deeper dimension enriches your intuition and simplifies life greatly. I incorporate that into my readings to give my clients a deeper reading and give them the clarity that they seek. My spiritual journey has given me great knowledge of the law of attraction. All things and situations start with thought. Humans manifest by default, focusing on problems and the worst-case scenario about situations. By changing the way you think and feel, you can also change the external situation in your life. Your internal state reflects your external world.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

A reading can be very insightful and can give clients a different perspective on a situation, or issue. More often than not we view situations through the eyes of the past, our programming.  The most important thing is to stay relaxed, not to have tunnel-vision, and be open to viewing the situation or issue from a different perspective.

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What our customers say about Leona

Great accuracy and read in to all situations about everything ,picked up on ppl very well ,I would recommend, I'll be having another reading ....

- Anon

17th March 2023

Guaranteed honesty and I may not like it but it eventually seeps through, very grateful for the insight. Plenty of validation...let's see what the future brings.

- Anon

21st January 2023

Had a reading with Leona on 27/12/2022 about an unpleasant situation. She was accurate with her validations and assured me the issue would be resolved. Her prediction has unfolded just days later. Highly recommend this lady.

- Nicky

1st January 2023

Have had quite a few readings from this lovely lady, should have heeded the advice given. Very accurate, empathetic, open minded and good listener. Future looks brighter.

- Anon

24th December 2022

Amazing reading... You have brought something to surface that I've been ignoring and hoping my presence brings peace. Now I'm standing as strong as can be to stir away from troubles that aren't mine. Love and light xx What a reading thank you xxx

- Kerry

24th October 2022

Thank you so much Leona for my amazing reading I had with you today, Leona is ultra accurate, very gifted, one of the best on sofa, very high level, she knows what she is talking about, her predictions came just as predicted, I have been having readings with leona for years on sofa, she is very fast, validation after validation, a very wise trustworthy genuine gifted reader, she picks up amazing detail that helps you have so much more clarity to the situation, you are in safe hands with leona, very happy I found her, you know you can trust what she tells you, just love her style, she gives so much info so fast, very warm hearted , and down to earth, thank you leona so much, lots of love Julie :-) xx

- julie

20th August 2022

Excellent reading - got the situation summed up and gave me great reassurance and validation of what to do with a challenging situation. Thank you x

- Rachael

20th August 2022

So sorry we got cut off…just to say thank you. This lady is a 100% read deal. No waffle validations, I’m blown away.

- Lisa

10th August 2022

I have had hundreds of readings ... but this one was incredible. Leona is gentle and very very wise. She does not sugar coat but tells it as it is. She is on a higher vibration and I just got it. Never sell yourself short for anyone. This reading was LIFE CHANGING ... you are in charge of your own destiny. This reading was so phenomenal I had two done back to back and extended both times. xxxx

- Isobel

3rd August 2022

Thank you for a wonderful reading, Leona. Loved your energy and truthful delivery. I really appreciate your guidance too 🙏🏼 You saw clearly and I too feel positive about the outcome. Much Love xxxxxxx G

- G

13th July 2022

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