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Indira is able to help and assist you well with Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, Angel Cards, Dream interpretation, Numerology, Astrology, and many other things of a magical nature. Indira is skilled in Crystal Ball readings too, which is still a very underused but valuable method to do readings with.

Indira works alongside her spiritual guide Zenu who will assist you in making the right decisions with any burning question of a psychic nature and Indira uses the pendulum to connect to your own guides too. She is skilled in Dream Interpretation, spell casting, Feng shui, cures and dream interpretation too. These qualities are something which will assist in getting to the root cause of the problem and Indira is someone who specialises in past life readings too.

I believe everyone should be able to re-arrange their lives to live the way they wish to.

What I love about reading for other people is that they all feel contented, secure and able to cope with all of life’s difficulties. I have been reading for people for over 30 years, and I tell people what they really need to know, which is the real dealings of being a psychic. I like hearing and helping people with all aspects of life such as love, money, family, career and so on.

I am typical of my Libran star sign which is all about beauty, harmony and diplomacy, and also I have the true empathic traits of my Cancerian rising sign. Astrology is a very valuable tool in grasping the real and hidden personality of a person.

The first sign of me being aware of my God Given gift was that I could actually tell what someone was thinking, who was ringing on the phone, and also by seeing auras around people from a very, very early age. Was told at that time to stop mentioning it, but as the years progressed it was a gift that my guides told me that I needed to take full advantage of.

The most memorable experience I ever had with a client was when I gave one lady a healing session (which I am also able to do on telephone), and this healing actually banished a really nasty negative entity from her aura. What the story was, was that this lady, actually was going through a nasty period of her marriage and instead of talking like man and wife, the woman became severely ill, but my healing did more for her than her usual Reiki healing did because I cleared all her chakras and made her strong within herself. There are many other numerous incidents which are memorable, and these are seeing the Spirit guides of a sitter who was a real skeptic, and doing the tarot for one lady who became successful despite having all the odds against her.

Indira deals with Magical Life Coaching and helps in ways of personal psychic development, for she believes that everybody has this gift within them and can use it for inprovement in life, love, finances, jobs, friends, etc.

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What our customers say about Indira

Indira is a warm, sincere and wonderful lady! She is very caring, positive and empathic and showed a keenness to help throughout the reading and beyond. She has got an amazing breath and depth of knowledge regarding all aspects of astrology, etc. She uses a crystal ball too, which is something I've never experienced in a reading before. Indira isand a great and natural teacher. Plus she a has a true link with spirit. The reading was very in-depth and her insight and what she felt and saw was astonishing and impressive. I felt so much better after my reading. It was such a comfort to know what her guides were saying about me and someone around me. Bless you, Indira! Please stay well so that you may help others that need your astounding gifts. Bright light and love. Su. XOXOXO

- Su

10th May 2020

Beyond amazing! Indira is so accurate and has been for years; I have called so many times and her predictions, advice and validations are correct. She is literally the best and can assist you with any topic - career, relationships etc. I wish I could afford to call her every wk as everything she says is true or comes true!

- Anonymous

11th April 2020

Fabulous lady, i had reading today for the first time and she was so spot on about things, look forward to her predictions..Lisa xx

- lisa

31st March 2020

Amazing lady, had a great reading where she picked up every little detail, of what’s going on around me! Timings, on point, no time wasted giving the reading! Would highly recommend. Many thanks, love and light

- Claudette

29th March 2020

Thanks so much for my reading. What u predicted come true in the time frame you gave. Such a lovely lady and I would definitely recommend x

- Hayley

4th February 2020

I have spoke to Indira on many occasions. Such a lovely lady. Her predictions are always accurate. Love you lot and thank you for being there when I have always needed you. . A. X

- Amerjit

15th January 2020

Fantastic reading and making me feel positive and healed. Accurate information too. Thanks. Dolly

- Dolly

13th November 2019

I love this lovely Lady always makes me Feel better and positive her predictions and timings are amazing xx

- Laura

8th November 2019

Well what can I say she told me my daughters boyfriend was bad news and that she would break it off,never in a million years did I think it was possible but she did that within the time span indira predicted she even got his birth sign and initial correct, I've just had my second reading with indira and everything she has predicted so far has come true,so I will report back in the new year to tell all... Absolutely brilliant ????

- Nicola

31st October 2019

I lov the way Indira speaks being very direct and not sugar coating anything.

- B

4th October 2019

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