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Hello my name is Sentinel, I’ve been reading for a wealth of years now, 33 to be exact, due to being born into the wonderful world of spirit; mum, gran, aunts, all sharing their knowledge and wisdom with me from a very young age ... I was the one who talked more to my spirit friends than normal living friends, I learned universal law, witchcraft, pendulum work, automatic writing... the list is seemingly endless! 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The best part of reading is having the ability to turn a situation around, even if the situation isn’t as it first seems to the client.  Readers have the gift to dig deeper into the situation to sort it out, giving clarity and a solution to a problem where one couldn’t be seen clearly! 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As an Aquarius I love my freedom, being crazy is my nature, and as a fixed sign I am very stubborn.  Being true to my sign, helping people is my goal in life, and I believe strongly in taking the "t" away from "can’t" and making it "can", because even the impossible is possible - you just have to want it badly enough.  I am caring, fun loving, knowledgeable and also learning something new! 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was five years old, I could hear spirit; this is when all the females in my family started working on my gift to further enhance it! It was great fun growing up with tarot cards and pendulums to play with.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Being able to help a particular client who struggled with a lot in her life, yet doing several readings for her she was being encouraged by spirit to go and set up the business she had always dreamed of.  It gave her the confidence and push she needed to get up and go for it.  She pushed through all her demons, listened to what spirit were saying to her with the readings, and now as a result of this has a very successful multi million pound business, no more demons, and a fantastic life! 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

A wealth of wisdom, and a spirit guide who helps me with automatic writing and pendulum work.  I also use oracle cards upon request as these tend to give you something to really think about in a way that helps to find solutions to trickier situations! 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The clients voice is our vibration to help pick up your energy.It can make it very difficult when clients mumble or repeatedly just say yes.  Relax, breathe and remember your vibration is important to us - it helps us to give you the best spirit has to offer us, even when you’re feeling low and past all hope, we are here to help you, so let’s do it together, breathe, focus, relax ... 


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What our customers say about Sentinel

Fantastic reader. Just loved Sentinel's upbeat energy. She was so lovely insightful and able to sensitively show me a path forward out of my tricky situation. Thanks a million Sentinel!

- christina

4th January 2024

The loveliest reader. I've spoken to her a few times and she just gets everything right every time in terms of people's energies and personalities. She's really high vibrational and someone I'd love to know personally as a friend as she's so lovely and on a special wavelength. Thank you xx

- Anon

31st December 2023

I spoke to this lady today - firstly she is absolutely lovely. She picked up so many things regarding my XH and work. She gave clarity on other upcoming issues that I was concerned about. Will update on predictions but after speaking to S I am confident everything will move in the right direction Happy New Year and speak soonxx

- Anon

28th December 2023

Beautiful energy and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. I look Forward to things unfolding naturally. Thank you for reading for me.

- Barbara

6th August 2023

Amazing reader thank you x

- Sharon

19th October 2022

Love my readings with Sentinel. Always filled with good humour along with her valuable insights, which I greatly appreciate.

- Daniel

8th February 2022

3 Feb 2022. Great reading today from Sentinel who was a delight to chat to. Can't wait to update you with events!!!!! Excellent reader. Highly recommend.

- Lisa

3rd February 2022

Oh WOW Sentinel what an amazing reading. She gave an brilluant reading on a complicated romantic issue and was spot on. Sentinel gives sound advice and also gets to the crux of the matter. She put my mind at rest and told me to up my vibration. 2022 is going to be fab. I highly recommend her .... I'll be calling back again.

- Anon

19th December 2021

Superb and accurate reading. Gave real clarity on issues and causes in a straightforward manner. Will definitely call again 5 stars

- Bal

27th July 2021

I had to leave this feedback as sentinel is fantastic! She told me what was what in such a down to earth manner and I really appreciated that! She shown me the ins and outs regarding the person in question and their motives, she also was right about contact and has given indication of a conversation that will play out between myself and the person and how to best handle it and this is completely relatable and definitely something I can see happeneing as similar conversation has happened before only now ill know how to handle it better this time thanks to this lovley girl! If this happens especially in the timeframe I will update. Give her a call she can definitely help and guide you accordingly! xx

- Danielle

19th February 2021

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