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About Astrid

I always felt close to nature and the magic within it as a child and had many events that my parents would put down to coincidence. As I turned 17 however, there was no denying that it was psychic abilities that were at work. This overwhelmed me at the time, and I didn't explore my gift further for a number of years. A few years past and I bought my first set of tarot cards on a whim, and I found I still had my gift which presented itself more acutely with the tarot. I spent a long time getting to know my cards and learning the multiple meanings of each card and card combinations. When I started reading for others, I noticed though that, as well as interpreting the cards, I would have words and sentences in my mind that when I shared them, were very accurate. Having read up on this I have since learned that I am empathic, clairsentient and have a keen intuition. All of which I am developing to gain more insight with my trusted tarot.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love that I am able to bring clarity to a situation that is helpful to a client, and they wouldn't have been able to see without a reading. I am a big believer in trusting your gut and think everybody has psychic abilities, so I also like that I am able to confirm what a client believes deep down. I love being able to give happy endings and hope and what is really lovely is that situations mostly aren't as worrisome as clients fear, being able to put their minds at rest is rewarding.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very emotional; I love my family and friends and their happiness means everything to me. I am also very sensitive but not so much in a way that I get upset by comments, but rather that I feel what others feel and can feel the energy in rooms and places I visit.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was very young, I was able to 'guess' all sorts of things. I also used to see faces of people that would talk to me and colours in bed before I went to sleep; I thought this was normal but know now it was my psychic abilities revealing themselves. At 17 I was predicting all sorts of things for people and telling them what their houses looked like inside, even though I had never been in them.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I remember once a lady was asking me about an item she had lost. I always use tarot to read but images began forming in my mind which I shared with my client. A short while later she got back to me, happy to report that her lost item had been found in the exact place I had described to her, that made me feel good. I was also able to describe to another client a place where she was going to be visiting with such accuracy even though she had never mentioned she would be visiting there at all.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

As I have mentioned earlier, I have come to realise I am empathic and clairsentient and am developing these gifts further along with other abilities. I am an open minded, friendly person who understands everybody's situations are individual to them and should be handled as such. I could give 2 people a reading each with the same cards and they would have to be interpreted differently. I am also patient, and a good listener and clients feel safe in opening up to me, which in turn gives for a more in depth reading.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Are they willing to hear the truth or just what they want to hear? I am very tactful and gentle, but I have to be honest with what my beloved tarot cards show me and wouldn't just appease someone instead of telling them what I see. Also, there are times that the tarot will tell you what you need to know, rather than what you want to know. There are many times I have asked a question for myself only to find the spread I have dealt appears to have no connection to my question. I have learned to respect my cards and know they are giving me the answers for a reason, and they have never let me down.


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What our customers say about Astrid

Astrid is very comforting and down to earth. She gave a lot of information and detail in her readings. Her predictions were in line with other top readers on this site. I’m surprised she doesn’t have more reviews as she’s a fantastic reader who really cares.

- Claire

15th July 2024

Thank you Astrid for your guidance and support. You’re a lovely genuine reader :) Will speak to you again at some point. From the lady who had the incident in Jan x

- Anon

12th July 2024

Astrid has been consistently correct, caring and insightful over a long period of time regarding a complicated relationship situation for me.

- Kate

3rd April 2024

Dear Astrid, sorry I couldn't top up again during our reading and as usual you were amazing. Grumpy Fxx 🤣

- Anon

26th January 2024

Just amazing 🙏🏾

- Anon

22nd January 2024

Another beautiful reading from Astrid , looking forward to it all coming true ❤️🙏 Thank you and love and light to you x

- Victoria

1st November 2023

A wonderful lovely, energetic, reading with so many beautiful validations, Astrid is a brilliant reader give her a ring. 😊

- Margaret

30th October 2023

Astrid is one of my favourites and her predictions do come true. She is very kind and she is a joy.

- Anon

12th October 2023

Astrid was very accurate and picked up every thing that was going on for me. She also predicted things ahead that I had been trying to get into as well. She has a very loving warm personality and helped make me feel very accepted. I recommend her highly and I am a regular with readers on this site for many years. Thanks lovely Astrid I appreciate you!

- Amber

20th August 2023

I love Astrid! When times have been tough, I've valued Astrid's ability to read for me in a compassionate, accurate and uplifting way. She must be one of the best on Psychicsofa.

- christina

17th July 2023

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