Amanda Dawn

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About Amanda Dawn

I began reading the cards for family and friends approximately 25 years ago. I then found that my style of reading began to change and after following the guidance presented to me from my spirit guides, I subsequently trained as a Stress Management Consultant and Life Coach. I now combine these teachings into my readings with a view to helping clients move out of their fear and follow their dreams.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to empower clients and help them to find their passion and life purpose.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am extremely typical of my star sign. I like to help others. I am kind and compassionate and I am able to see both sides of an argument.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was very young when I first heard spirit

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Helping and empowering a client to leave a situation that was detrimental to him. He has since thrived and is healthy in his outlook.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have numerous qualifications in self-help and Holistic Therapies. I am a qualified Holiistic Therapist, lifecoach, Pain Management and Stress Management Consultant and Yoga Teacher.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

If the reader is the right reader for them.


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What our customers say about Amanda Dawn

It’s 2 weeks since I had my reading with Amanda and looking back Amanda was soooo spot on it was purely magical. I had been hung up on a guy for too long and she told me the illusions would clear and I would see him for who he really was and within a week the emotion would be gone but I was to stay connected on a business level through staying logical. Literally the next day it happened and yes within a week I could see it was a lesson in becoming Uber empowered just like she told me. I can’t understand why Amanda doesn’t have a lot more reviews as she is one of the best readers on here as she helps accelerate your spiritual growth. I will be back Amanda - so glad I found you! Rach

- Rachael

13th July 2022

I’ve been having readings for many years and seriously Amanda is truly enlightening as she understands about the true spiritual healing journey. She is about empowerment which is so important on this journey. Highly recommend. Thank you R x

- Anon

28th June 2022

Amanda Dawn tuned in straight away to my situation and described to me in detail the person I'm in a connection with. She was extremely accurate when talking about what has passed and what the current situation is so I have faith the situation will play out as described. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and reassuring me I'm not crazy 😅

- J

25th June 2022

Amanda is a really gifted reader , absolutely amazing connection . Amanda was 100% bang on with my career situation. She told my things that I only know about, like I'd been doing a lot of self healing lately. This is true 4 weeks ago I took my level 1 Reiki and have been doing loads of self healing. I haven't mentioned this to her at all. She picked up about my work and said big changes are now, which is true as I'm about to change jobs. Very fast, caring, straight to the point and a top reader. Gave fab realistic advice with others around me and future predictions. What was so brilliant Amanda didn't ask any questions , she didn't make a judgement , and told me what she saw which was bang on in every detail. God Bless.

- D

17th June 2022

This was the first time I have spoken to Amanda and she is AMAzING!!! She got my situation 100% and described the relationship I am in (or not) then proceeded to give me amazing tools to deal with the situation. There are some great readers on here and Amanda is certainly in my top 3 (and I’ve had a lot on here!) I highly recommend her as have come off the call a different person - thank you Amanda - I feel like you have just changed my life!!!!! Much love Rach

- Rachael

15th June 2022

Iv had a few reading off this dear lady, she's good, careing and what shecsays, will happen usually does She's, lovely to speak too as, well.

- SimonMark

9th June 2022

what an amazing reader Amanda is, Thank you so much Amanda, I had my first reading with you , you were amazing, and what you said would happen did, thank you so much, she is very fast, very gifted, very warm and down to earth, I have spoke to so many on sofa, Amanda is now one of my absolute favourites now, she is right up there on the top readers bunch, she just knows what she is talking about, you will know that the minute she starts to talk, the really ultra gifted ones always shine out, thank you so much, will be looking forward to another reading, lots of love and hugs , julie , a fellow reader, xxx :-)

- julie

27th May 2022

Amanda is a such a lovely reader, I felt so drawn to her when she was doing my reading. So amazing & accurate. I would recommend to Amanda has reader, has she is brilliant and top. Thank you Amanda for your lovely reading, I really appreciate for understanding me and being there for me and it was my pleasure meeting you on here :). Lot’s of love From Zara xxxxxx

- Zara

21st May 2022

Spoke with Amanda Dawn today 4-5-2022. thank you so much Amanda you were brilliant, you described everything accurately and you made a lot of sense in everything you said. If you are prepared for a truthfull insight/reading then please give Amanda a call xx

- Anon

4th May 2022

Just had a fantastic reading with this lovely warm compassionate lady. Highly recommended ❤️

- Julie

21st March 2022

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