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About Sagitta

Hello, I’m Sagitta, 2nd generation psychic. I work intuitively through Tarot supported by my spirit guides. I confirm specifics with my pendulum. When I read for you, I am looking to connect with your energy and your state of mind in the form of an open and smooth informative interaction.

Approach this reading with an open mind and sincerity, grounded in realistic expectations of what a psychic reading can provide. Be ready to accept guidance, even if it diverges from your desires. Come with specific, concrete questions or concerns that can be addressed, avoiding vague statements like "what can you pick up." My purpose is to assist you genuinely and help you navigate your circumstances, fostering optimal decision-making.

I am here to provide support, not to be tested. You have been drawn to have a reading with me, I take that as a trust in my abilities and skills, and I am committed to leveraging my 25 years of experience to the fullest. My aim is to offer honest and direct insights, providing you with clarity so you can make informed decisions about the paths available to you.

Please refrain from seeking general readings, pregnancy insights, or inquiries about specific dates for events like marriages or job industries. I prioritize your time and financial investment, and I prefer not to spend our session explaining the scope of a psychic reading. My specialization lies in Love and Career Readings, where I can offer focused and meaningful guidance tailored to your unique situation.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

For me a reading considers all what is involved: your energy, my energy, the divination tools I use, the spreads, the combination of cards, the types of cards that are the significant or dominant ones, those that stand out in a way or another.

Through the Reading I want to honestly answer your questions, it is my objective that you have more clarity and insight after a reading so you can make the decision you need to make.

I can connect quickly and easily with individuals in a friendly, easy going, and professional manner. I endeavour to empower people with my readings, assist Them in seeing the good and the positives in Their Life, help them understand Their Life direction, current dynamics, help Them open their mind to new ideas, insights, and perspectives, and develop a more positive mindset and better outlook on the future. My readings are a combination of tarot / oracle cards/ tea leaf cards, numerology and astrology, clairvoyance and channelling from spirit guides, and angels to enhance the reading. In my readings I connect with your energy, that helps me to tune in with your vibration and to choose the tools that feel right for your reading, be that tarot , oracle or tea leaf cards,  pendulum, crystals , crystal ball, or just hands free channelling from spirit or archangels, and open the channels to hear, feel, see the messages that wish to come through for you , in love and light , and with good intention.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Capricorn which is an Earth sign. Saturn is my ruling planet. 

I am all about hard work, I’m professional and positive in my outlook. I have an affinity for all things traditional as well. I’m ambitious to be all that I can be (a typical Capricorn!) and I encourage this in everyone around me as I am a very determined servant of truth through spirit. I’m methodical and systematically follow tried and tested methods I have developed through a lifetime of experience; it helps me unfold a good reading which is important. I’m a good listener like most Capricorns and I allow the spirit to do the talking, which I then tailor to your questions. I am pragmatic, efficient and organised. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From an early age, I sensed a divergence within myself, a deviation from the ordinary. My childhood was steeped in enigmatic “happenings “, whispers that echoed in my ears and unexplained phenomena that filled my days. Throughout my life, I've been plagued, or perhaps blessed, by what I term "flashes": fleeting visions, rapid glimpses of scenes unfolding before my eyes. Faces of strangers, entwined in unfamiliar circumstances, materialized in these visions, only to manifest in reality at a later date. It was as if I possessed a foresight, glimpses into the tapestry of the future.

My ancestral connection to the mystical ran deep—my grandmother, a Gypsy, played a pivotal role in shaping my unconventional journey. Summers spent in her company became my schooling, an informal initiation into the realms of cards, crystals, healing, holistic therapies, and the enchantment of crystals. Little did I grasp then that these moments of tutelage would lay the groundwork for my destiny.

 Life led me down an alternate path, steering me away from my grandmother's mystical footsteps. For over two decades, I embraced the role of a teacher. Yet, the Universe had other plans, nudging me toward my true calling.  The skills imbibed from my grandmother's teachings metamorphosed into a vocation.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have good memories and I am grateful when a client gets back to me to let me know that they are now in a better place in their life. I feel validated and reassured that I was able to help them overcome obstacles in their life and move forwards with confidence. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader? 

In the past decade, I delved into a diverse array of holistic and spiritual practices, both in the UK and internationally. My repertoire expanded to encompass energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Dragon Energy Healing, and Angel Healing. I explored the intricacies of numerology, astrology, tarot, pendulum divination, angel communication and channelling. As a Life and Relationship Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Hypnotherapist, I merged ancient wisdom with modern methodologies.

Runes and Tarot

I have found that the Runes complement and enhance a Tarot reading. The Runes are believed to hold the power and voice of the old Gods. They are deep and ancient, and more effective because they are meant for personal development reasons which enhance one’s abilities. 

Astrology and Tarot  

Astrology and Tarot go well together when helping to interpret both the person’s inner and outer worlds. the Tarot cards tell me about what’s going on in the person’s life at the moment of the reading letting me know about the energy within, and astrology can show me patterns established the moment a person is born.

Also, there are astrological signs in the tarot cards, the Sun, the Moon etc. If I know the rising sun of the person, I am reading for I then have extra information about their energy and the ways they are likely to act and react, and I can bring this into the reading, playing off those energies with those of the cards themselves. In the readings I could choose a card to represent the person’s sun sign; for example, if you are a Leo I might expect the Sun tarot card to turn up and this will enrich our reading.

Numerology and Tarot.  

Tarot and Numbers work perfectly together. When Reading Tarot, numbers can also give more details during a reading. This is particularly true if a number shows up in several places within the Tarot spread or if for instance you have something like two 1’s in a row. The number on a card will almost always give a deeper insight into the situation. If a number is repeated through a Tarot spread, it is usually significant, and I have the experience to relate that to you.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

People look for a reading in times of uncertainty and trouble. Tarot is about helping a client write their future one line at a time.

The success of a tarot reading is subjective and can vary from person to person based on individual perspectives and expectations, I feel the most important thing is your question for the reading, what you want guidance/ help with, hence I was saying above do not ask me “  what do you pick up “  simply because I might sense / pick up something that is no interest for you in the reading at all.

Sagitta's Availability

This reader has not entered any dates for this week.

What our customers say about Sagitta

Thank you Sagitta. Glad I found you on this site. Accurate as usual. Love Margarita XXX

- Margarita

24th December 2019

Thank you Sagitta you have bought me peace of mind. I really enjoyed my reading and you were so kind and very accurate I have to say. I will speak again. A xx

- Allison

18th July 2019

Hi Sagitta, Thanks for the reading today. I'm sorry i don't know what happened we were mid conversation and the phone took me right back to the automated voice. I didn't want you to think i hung up on you. Xx

- Cheryl

10th February 2019

Good to see you back Sagitta. I've missed talking with you. Xx

- Cheryl

2nd February 2019

Sagitta, is a wonderful reader. She is loving and kind and a genuine human being. Her accuracy is unbelievable and I have complete faith in her . You will not be disappointed...easily one of the best readers out there xx M

- N/A

9th July 2018

A good reading which covered my points as far as could be expected as I was not alone. I shall look forward to my communication this week hopefully taking me out of the tunnel and towards a new home as we move close to July . Many thanks. L x

- Lorraine

17th June 2018

Really excellent reading. Got to the heart of the situation. Haven’t had a reading since hers

- N/A

22nd May 2018

Lovely reading today with Sagitta . She connected with my energy and was right on point with my current situation . Thank you very much


19th May 2018

Sagitta, thank you so very much for your amazing reading this morning. You have given me great insight and clarity for the way forward. Enjoy the sunshine. Big hug Vanessa

- Vanessa

19th May 2018

Hi Sagitta, Thank you so much for the lovely reading, I will keep in touch with you to when things come to pass Give her a wring you won't be disappointed. Love and light Teresa xx

- Teresa

14th April 2018

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