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About Simon


Simon is a Clairvoyant. Medium, Reiki master teacher, Crystal therapist, Spiritual counsellor and a Hypnotherapist specifying in past live regression.

Simon’s journey with spirit started at a very young age. His earliest memory seeing spirit is at 5 years old at school. As he puts it, I wondered why my grandparents couldn't come to school with him. At that point Simon had no idea that they were really spirits. As his childhood went on, he kind of ignored them or as he puts it, they let me have my childhood.

 As Simon left school and started working things started to come forward from spirit world but again Simon wasn't quite ready to work with them. Lots of things happened between the age of 17 and 25 as spirit made their presence known to him. It was at 25 when his daughter Cassie was born that he truly started to embrace spirit and spirit Simon.

Simons first step on his journey was realising he was a clairvoyant medium. There was a major push at that point by spirit. As Simon puts it listen to the whispers before they start screaming at you. It was at this point when Simon started offering readings with the guidance of his dear friend Gill who made him realise, he wasn't crazy.

Simon then continued his journey by learning Reiki where he done all three levels and is now a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui system of natural healing. Simon is also a crystal therapist. Simon offers Reiki healing with crystal therapy and does Reiki attunements.

The next step in Simon’s development was starting to teach mediumship by offering spiritual developments where he helps people find their way of working with spirit. Simon also got his diploma as a spiritual counsellor where he helps people get to the bottom of their triggers and insecurities, heal from their past to unlock their future.

The latest step in his growth has been his diploma as a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression and childhood memories. Simon believes we live many lifetimes as we go through our spiritual life. To understand our past helps us grow into our future. We also get to understand our quirks. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel honoured to be able to pass on messages to my clients from their loved ones in the spirit world. It gives me a sense of pride and gives my clients a sense of comfort, guidance and acknowledgement on their path. 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

A Pisces is renowned for being sensitive to others and emotional. I'm no exemption to this and being connected to spirit adds to it.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My earliest memory for me goes back a long way. I was 5 and remember seeing my great granddad who I never met.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have done so many readings and spirit tend to take the memory of readings away from me. As they say it's not my life I don't need to remember. Every reading I do is confidential, and I would never repeat the information that I do remember. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Not only have I done many private face-to-face readings, but I have also done online, video call and phone readings, I've also done many psychic evenings both on stage and in spiritual churches. I've also been lucky enough to give a reading to someone on every continent in the world which I'm very proud of. I'm also a member of the spirit workers association in the UK.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

For me spirit will always guide the client to a reader that is right for them. I would say always trust your instincts and go where you are drawn. I've been told that I have a unique way of working and put the sitter at ease as a reading can be a very daunting experience.


Simon's Availability

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What our customers say about Simon

Absolutely brilliant reader. Simon answered all my questions and on both occasions he connected with my grandmother. I felt so much better after the call, not easy to get hold of but I will try to reach you again with an update. L&L S x

- Susan

7th March 2019

I woke up feeling so low and anxious with so much confusion. I am so grateful I connected with such a gifted talented man. Simon, was so accurate and on point with my current situations and briefly validated my past. He delivered the informations in such a genuine and straight to the point. Simon, thank you very much for the amazing reading. At the end of the call, I felt uplifted and relaxed. I will always remember the analogy u used of me looking forward. I can’t wait of the predictions to pass. I will definitely update u soon! Highly recommend! Hugs - NF Canada

- Elizabeth

24th February 2019

Fabulous reader. Spot on. Confirmed and validated what I knew and so helpful. X

- Anita

22nd February 2019

Thank you Simon.Dont know what happened got cut off in last couple of minutes.This man is the real deal.Brilliant!Leannexx

- Leanne

20th February 2019

What an amazing reading I had from Simon on Saturday morning. Being a reader myself I know the genuine ones and OMG he is genuine. He took me through my whole life and validated many things and he did so with much compassion. I had messages from 3 members of my family in spirit and I will have a smile on my face all day. L x

- L

26th January 2019

Brilliant reader. Very spiritual but so relevant to what is happening for me at the moment. Lovely energy from Simon - caring and focused. Absolutely hope to connect with him again in the future. Thank you so much xx

- Allison

24th January 2019

Very talented man - picked up my concerns and addressed them beautifully. Would thoroughly recommend!

- Julie

4th January 2019

Just loved my reading.Thank you soon much Simon.Leannexx


17th September 2018

Fantastic reader! While he was waiting, he got my main guide come through and she told him to relay the situation which is happening to me and why. He gave me predictions and outcomes and validated it with only information which I know and never told anybody about . His predictions is in line with other readers but the only difference is , it was validated by info which only I know ... Amazing !

- Anita

2nd March 2018

Simon, you was difficult to get hold of but after finally getting through I now understand why. You honestly are a gifted soul. You knew everything without any information given from myself. Thank you soo much. Sending L&L x

- Indy

27th February 2018

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