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Trishie is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situations through her very individual readings. She can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in your life, and connects with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward to greater understanding. Her skills are especially strong in relationships and connections around you. She can help find the answers you seek in situations where there is little movement and help give you confidence to bring about necessary changes in your life. She is a very empathetic reader who has many years experience, even at times being able to use her senses to feel how things can move forward for you. She has helped people through all walks of life and in addition to her psychic gift she has an instinctive understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings, through your choice if reading, through the skill of the tarot or psychic energy consultations, she also holds qualifications in NLP life coaching, integrated energy therapy and counselling. If you want a direct, honest approach to your reading with a very warm and caring lady then Trishie is the one to call. Love and light

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Trishie is the real deal! No hanging about, she goes straight into it without any prompts, birthdays or names. She picked up the gentleman in my life as soon as I spoke to her. Said he is scared of commitment because of being badly hurt in his past and that he will keep on doing this until I break the cycle and ask him outright what is wrong. He has been quiet for nearly 2 weeks and Trishie said he has gotten scared as his emotions are now involved and he can't handle it. I am going to leave him be like you said and wait for him to contact me this month, can't wait to hear what excuse he gives me this time! You knew he gives me excuses every times he goes quiet lol. Thank you Trishie for confirming that it isn't me and that he has gotten into his own head and that he will be back xx

- Anonymous

13th June 2024

Wonderful reader highly recommended. Trisie, is a very talented lady. Her readings so far have been very accurate. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

- Laraine

29th May 2024

You were right ! The work guy does still have an interest in me! Showed up out of the blue wanting to rekindle things! Of course heart is elsewhere so I declined! You are officially the most accurate reader I’ve ever encountered ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Anon

18th May 2024

An amazing reader, I have been speaking to Trisie, for some years and she has always been spot on. I highly recommend a reading with her. Lovely person very patient. Information is spot on.

- Laraine

9th May 2024

Amazing, really accurate. Thank you

- Anon

4th May 2024

The best reader, always delivers the most accurate predictions that always comes to pass. Everything has come to pass , I literally have the most belief in you , thank you for being the most honest clairvoyant I’ve ever encountered ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Anon

11th April 2024

Thank you Trushie for such an amazing reading….you were superb 10/10!

- Anon

21st March 2024

Trishie, please, come online or update your availability, I really need your counsel, not just your psychic insights this time xx

- Anon

2nd March 2024

Trishie is a genuine, outstanding reader. Her insight into energies and situations is spot on. She is honest and direct, no sugar coating, but is warm and empathic. Trishie gives clarity to help understand current circumstances and positive guidance on going forward, explaining everything in detail. I always enjoy my readings and feel uplifted by Trishie in challenging times. She is a real gem xx

- Susan

25th January 2024

You said he would come back. He did.

- Rosie

20th January 2024

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