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About Blue Ray

My aim is to inspire and empower you and to bring you truth, clarity and honesty at all times brought to you with love, compassion and care. Having been on my spiritual path for many years and finally understanding my soul purpose, I aspire to assist and help you on your own journey. I am an experienced Reader – firstly I pick up on voice vibrations and the energy around you, I also use a combination of all my psychic abilities, working with my intuition, clairvoyance, inner visions, tarot and pendulum to provide you with insight and clarity – to help you in making life’s decisions and to ease your journey. Knowledge is power! I encourage and support you to make decisions to ease your way forward. I have a natural empathy towards others, I am non judgmental and value the connections I make with you, I like to build a rapport with my Clients to gain their trust and faith.

I have a huge affinity with soul connected relationships gained through many years of learning, researching and experiencing, I understand the intense feelings and reactions to these connections and I will help you understand these relationships and the best way forward.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like being able to help people, to guide and to assist them in seeing things with clarity so they understand they are on a spiritual journey too.  I like to build a rapport with my clients and to help in any way I can.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am a typical caring and intuitive Cancerian – having an absolute desire and mission to help all who cross my path. I value my sensitivity and see it as a gift as I believe it makes me the caring person I am today. My Cancerian Scorpio rising brings me instinctively close to my guides and the Angels whom I work closely with. There is an inner strength to me and a depth of character, I see the value of every soul who crosses my path and encourage you to recognise yourselves for the wonderful and unique person you really are.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been aware of spirit since I was tiny, although I didn’t exactly understand it at the time. I would hear spirit and see spirit but I thought that everyone did, so at the time I didn’t realise the significance. I actively started working with spirit many years later in life and I encouraged and welcomed them into my life. I feel at peace when they are around me and I know they guided and assisted me in my life, particularly through troubling times which is why I was drawn to helping others – because I do know that they help us and are around each and every single one of us at all times. I feel that I have simply remembered this rather than being given a gift and I take great delight in assisting you to re-connect with your guides and helpers, too.

I went through an intense period of spiritual awakening quite a few years ago and at this time I understood many things about myself, my life happenings and events, the much wider picture how we are all connected. But most importantly I learned I could hear, see and sense spirit, I knew I could bring comfort and knowledge to others, and I also knew I could heal others with pure intent and by distantly channelling healing and I understood I could provide emotional healing to others. Healing and prayers are available to anyone who requests it.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There have been many, but the realisation that Spirit will often provide me with messages and information before I even speak to the person that calls me. Often the information can be very detailed and always the message is, that no matter how difficult life is for you, no matter what you are going through Spirit and Angels are around you all the time, providing you with love and support. I have helped many people in all sorts of way, whether it be with insight given, to help with their emotional healing or with self-esteem issues. I feel this is my calling and understand I am a Light Worker.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a fully accredited Reiki Master Healer and I specialise in energy work; I have the ability to channel healing energies to others distantly and by pure intent. I spiritually coach and advise others to help them understand their way forward in life and to encourage positive life changing decisions. I have a huge affinity to the healing power of the universe and know that this is available to all. I also work with crystal healing, too.  Healing and prayers are sent to any who ask for it.

I, too, have been through many challenging situations and frustrations throughout my life and I do truly feel that these situations have made me the caring, compassionate person I am today. There is positive in all situations we go through although I do fully understand that at the time of going through them it is difficult to see, this is why I consider my work with you to be vitally important, to bring balance, strength and optimism to you to help you see and understand the broader picture.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Being a natural intuitive, I always say “go with your own instinct”. If you feel drawn to someone, then it most definitely is for a reason. A truth I have learned is to always check with yourself if something feels right or not. I have never been a reader who will simply tell you want you want to hear for that simply does not sit well with me, so know that I will always read for you to the best of my ability with love and compassion.


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What our customers say about Blue Ray

Blue Ray is lovely and such an accurate reader. It was worth bunking off work for! Thank you Blue Ray, my first reading but not my last. Amazing.

- Jane

29th October 2015

This lady has the wow factor , an inspirational lady thank you so much blue ray , the empathy, the compassion ,with the messages received with my situation at this moment in time were spot on , I look forward to the next few months. I'll definitely keep you informed of the outcome . Thank you so much, love & light Karen xx

- karen

16th October 2015

If you are looking for the Wow factor, Blue Ray is it! I am a psychic reader myself and she left me wishing I could read like she does. Her validations were spot on regarding all the people I was concerned with and she had so much to give that I extended and called back to explore more with her. She is an extremely talented reader with an amazing insight into the real issues surrounding you and she just goes for it, no questioning. I'm a tough client to please as I know what service a great psychic should give and Blue Ray is All that and more! Thank you Blue Ray, I will be calling you from now on.. Wishing you love & light x C x

- Claire

11th October 2015

Thank you so much Blue Ray for your time this morning what an amazing lady you are. I will be in touch again. L&L D xv

- Del

9th September 2015

Blue ray is a true psychic. An indepth reading and could unravel many questions other readers struggled with. Thank you

- V

6th September 2015

Amazing women her predictions are spot on. I had a reading with her this morning and she predicted I would pass my test as I was very nervous about it. And I did. I would reccommend this lady highley thanks my lil blu fairy xx

- leonie

19th August 2015

Called this morning on my way to work and I am so glad I did! I sailed through the day on a high and am so grateful for the insight into my current situation. It was great to hear that I hadn't done anything wrong and that by taking a step back I was doing the right thing. Information just flowed and I can't wait to see how and when things develop. It's reassuring to know that he is coming back to me and that it will all work out. Thank you so much xx

- n/a

29th July 2015

This wonderful lady empowers you and is spot on with her readings, I was in a tough place and she got me through it, thank you so much. I will remember your wise words to 'not react, and Mirror'...I will keep you posted. Bless you W xx

- Wendy

29th July 2015

This morning I spoke to Blue Ray as she was one of the few readers I haven't tried yet. I extended, put the phone down and rang her back and extended again......amazing, highly evolved beautiful reader. As someone who is going through a major spiritual shift, at times I feel isolated and anxious about my symptoms. Blue Ray reassured me of all that was going on with me and I completely trust her as her validations were incredibly spot on. Of course, we talked about love stuff too but in a deep non judgmental way and again, she gave me clarity on this situation. I will always remember my reading today and am very grateful and thankful for managing to get through to her. Blue Ray, I went on to have a wonderful day, my energy was flowing and I definitely feel a big shift happened today......bless you! xx E

- n/a

28th July 2015

lovely lady, very accurate validations and predictions. worth every penny x

- sarah

10th July 2015

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