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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The satisfaction to know that the help and assistance with a client's problems and aspirations are of some practical use as well as that of spiritual comfort.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I would say enthusiasm is the word to which I am typical of my star sign. Busy: having an aim, alertness, quick to appraise a situation. Action: When I start a project I push forward to complete it.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have always been aware of the psychic/spiritual world from an early age, though it wasn't until 1997 that I began to use it in a professional way. Although the gift is through the psychic, my spirit guides assist during readings. I sometimes have the communication from the people that have passed. This is not always guaranteed; therefore I focus on psychic abilities/cards/spiritual guidance.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There have been many, all different in their own way. Perhaps the one I remember being quite special is when I channeled the spirit of a client's late husband. He communicated one word and when I mentioned it, she said that because of his illness he had not spoken for two years. Shortly before he passed over he said one word: it was the very word I had given her from the spirit world.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Regular spiritual and psychic development helps to clear the subconscious clutter, therefore striving for ever deeper communion with spirit will always compliment work as a reader.

A. Tarot cards/psycards readings complimented with psychic and spiritual guidance.

B. Presently writing a book of one mans journey into the astral plane and through the spirit world.

C. Regular meditation.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To have a clear focus on what one wishes to ask. The cards and the psychic guidance is a helping hand, a map towards the future. As always, to have a positive and constructive frame of mind.

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What our customers say about Thomas

super pleasant, great guidance, insightful, gets right to the point, sincere = Sir Thomas . Thank you! (Feb 17/17)

- N/A

18th February 2017

3rd or 4th read - WOW!!! as soon as Thomas found out who was calling, I didn't need to say any more. Thomas dove right into my situation. He constantly checked throughout the read that I understood or verified his insights. Sincerely caring of your well being. Thank you once again from Toronto Canada 01/04/2017 a merry new year!

- N/A

4th January 2017

Thomas is the best. I call him periodically for his advice. His readings have been true and extremely helpful. I will continue to consult him for valuable advice.

- SK

4th January 2017

First time read with Thomas 10/ 17/16. As soon as Thomas asked what I wanted to focus on - away he went. Every aspect of the situation. Thomas surprised me when he started to tell me how I felt about the situation- my deep down thoughts that I have not revealed to anyone, but myself. It was good to hear that everything was moving in the right/ positive direction. Thomas, you gave me the lift I needed. Thank you from Toronto Canada

- N/A

18th October 2016

I have had a few readings with Thomas and he always amazes me with his accuracy with the situation that I need clarity with. Once again he has proved how incredible he is in picking up on certain aspects and giving me timelines. I will call him again without reservation. Thank you so much Thomas. S.

- S.

25th September 2016

I do call Thomas regularly, he is really to the point, he is honest and he is very kind...After each call I close the phone with all my questions answered and he is always right...I love you Thomas...Nihal

- nihal

4th August 2016

Thomas is down to earth, straight to the point, honest and calming. He has restored my faith in my relationship and the direction it is going in. Thank you very much.

- N/A

27th May 2016

So pleased to see Thomas on Psychic Sofa his readings are amazing. Tonight was no exception. He picked up on my situation giving loads of validations and information. Thomas has a calming effect and he is confident giving predictions and timescales, all of which have happened after previous readings. I now feel confident and uplifted. Thanks F

- N/A

7th June 2015

Superb reading. Spot on about a relationship dilemma and how to manage it and the future. Thomas is intelligent, genuine, kind, and excellent at what he does. I felt calm and at ease in the reading. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

- Rachel

25th July 2024

Superb reading. Spot on about a relationship dilemma and how to manage it and the future. Thomas is intelligent, genuine, kind, and excellent at what he does. I felt calm and at ease in the reading. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

- Rachel

25th July 2024

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