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Specialises in: Tarot, I Ching and Egyptian Thoth Tarot

I am an artist and musician, with a natural intuition and tendency to improvisation. I began to read and study the I Ching when I came to a critical cross-roads in my life and had nowhere else to turn. I was completely spellbound by this incredible book – one of the oldest known books in the history of human civilization – and became interested in both Taoism and Divination more generally.

My life fell to pieces – I lost my wife, child, home and business all at once – and so, following the guidance I obtained from this mighty Chinese Oracle, I began to travel the World. Really, however, I was travelling inwardly, on a difficult and fraught quest for values and meaning. I know what it is like to enter the Void, and to surrender to the Fates.

My Spiritual path was completely sealed by my chance encounter with ayahuasca in the Amazon jungles of Brazil, where I spent many months living in the forest, and learning from the shamanic tribes, pajés (medicine-men), and Forest Entities who call it home. It was here that I began to study the Tarot, the Western Hermetic tradition, and Qabalah, eventually discovering the Thoth deck, the Great Work of Aleister Crowley, and the alchemical and astrological symbolism that permeates it and the Golden Dawn system of magick.

I have been contemplating and working with the Thoth deck and its symbols and pantheon now for 20 years, and return over and over again to the Book of Thoth – a lifetime study, a truly magical book that seems to change everytime I open it and re-read it. I prefer Tarot for its person-to-person dynamic, where I believe true insight and Divine inspiration can flow very easily, compared to the somewhat academic and solitary reference pursuit of the I Ching, for all of its equal majesty. Tarot is for two people to explore together. The I Ching is for solitude and individual study.

My journey has taken me to the highest mountains and deepest trenches of the human soul. I have counted the fingers and toes of the newborn and held the hand of a Master, looking into his eyes as his life slipped away with his final breath. These experiences change a person. I am a dedicated student of the World’s philosophical and spiritual traditions and techniques of ecstasy, and use this endless learning and praxis to assist and give advice to those seeking the fathomless wisdom of the Thoth Tarot, as interpreted through me.

I look forward to our adventures together!
Let’s study...

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I never tire of discovering and re-discovering the magic of the Tarot when reading for a client.

The dynamic that develops in the unravelling of the Mystery – the unveiling, which is what ‘Apocalypse’ actually means – of the hidden currents and forces and influences steering and providing momentum to their enquiry and consultation can be breathtaking. Not always, of course, but on a sparkly day it really just blows minds. Mine included.

I like to offer the client a sort of poetry, or riddle, to take away and savour for the rest of the day, full of ideas to explore, symbols to connect with and further research into the rich myths playing out in their own drama if they should require it. It’s not always sweet, indeed the cards can on occasion be bitter, but they always nourish and satisfy.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I balance viewpoints and opinions, I remain actively seeking equilibrium and synthesis even when things are extreme (probably too much, being indecisive - and liable to pivot - goes along with that), I am romantic, have expensive tastes and will gladly welcome ugly truths over beautiful lies in any given situation. Highly analytical. Should have been a lawyer, as my dear Mum would no doubt agree :)

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I personally lay no claim to any special 'gift', and tend to be cautious of those who do. Skepticism - real doubt, refusal to accept any proposition without testing for proofs, rather than simply accepting the status quo and questioning only challenging new data - comes very naturally to me.

Much like music, what I do is something anybody with the intention, dedication, commitment to learn and good teachers can also do. 90% of the process is CRAFT. Much like musicians, you will find those who feel 'natural' and those who are more 'mechanical', and the occasional Genius, no doubt, but the beauty of the music is mostly down to dedication to craft - not some bolt of lightning from the beyond. It might be noted that the most gifted and incredible musicians also tend to be the most insecure and humble. Years spent honing a craft tends to do that, while similar levels of dedication to a showbiz personality can yield different, but equally huge, rewards.

Your mileage may vary!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I never discuss experiences with clients, even in the abstract. It's a completely sacred relationship of trust.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Extensive travel, planting trees, biodynamic gardening, herbal medicine, Jazz, Punk, Dub, Art and dedicated activism within my community keep me rooted.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

What is an oracle? What is divination?
The decision to consult an oracle is not to be taken lightly.

If you ‘prognosticate’ – foretell, or foresee the future – you are admitting something you cannot, ever, un-admit:

That you, and you alone, have the power to change your life.

That – if you just understand the relationship of your present problem to the highest wisdom our human ancestry has so far distilled from the great morass of human learning – then you can trust in yourself to know the correct action, and by your own efforts, adjust your course to better realize your goals.

That you, and you alone, are the crucible in which the alchemy of the archetypes, symbols and stories of your life, intermingling and reacting with your experiences, memories and connections past and present, material and spiritual, intellectual and emotional, will transmute the base, dull struggle of your ordinary, leaden life into the gold of a life with meaning, purpose and deep connection to Source.

Divination is not passing the buck to some High Authority outside of yourself.
Divination is not Instructions.
Divination is not Parlour Games.

Divination is the serious – very serious – commitment to live your life through adjustment to Wisdom, and to accept the consequences of doing so.
Divination is the seed from which you can trust that good fruits will be harvested.
Divination is the vast ocean of your ancestors from which your brief, tiny wave can draw resources as it hurtles, spectacularly, inevitably, toward the shore.

If you are still reading, then - Congratulations! You seem to have decided. That’s a serious decision, and one few are courageous enough to embrace.

Every Man and Woman is a Star...
Start shining :)


What our customers say about Dan Orixá

Had a reading with Dan a couple week ago. I have to say he is really good. Very sincere reading, explain the card and situations really well. Thanks Dan 18/8/16

- Bo

18th August 2016

Very talented card reader. Clarified so much about my life and things coming forward to me. He is a genius of cards. Will talk to you again. 12/07/16

- Dan

12th July 2016

Wow :) A poet, a Master of the cards he reads. Don't expect an easy ride! Dan tells it raw and undiluted. You'll need a peaceful space and I've taken to recording the reading- so much information, which really unfolds afterwards. The reading is such a storming blizzard of things to consider. I need a whole week to unpack it all! Amazing. Thanks for all that you do. M x

- Maria

1st June 2016

I called today because I felt at a crossroads. Loved my reading from Dan, I feel like he pointed me in the right direction through reading the cards. He picked up on a lot of things that I hadn't asked about too. Very useful and interesting reading. Would highly recommend.

- Jane

30th May 2016

Dear Dan, thank you very much for your reading, it was excellent. 😜

- A

9th May 2016

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