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Tarot is my true baby and something that I adore and love to share with people.  While I give readings spirit comes through in many different ways, working with me and sometimes I am given messages to pass forward.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like helping people.  Sometimes when things are difficult in life we could all do with a little helping hand and if this is from "outside the box" then this is a little bonus.  I am actually a trained therapist so do not judge people and nothing surprises me either!

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I feel I am quite true to cancer.  I am very family orientated; my children and partner are my world!!! I like to look after others, love a cosy home and love to cook!  However, I have Aries rising in my sign so I do have a fire in my belly, fight for what I believe in and protect those I love to the last.  Most of all, I am always true to myself and to others.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was a small child I could see and hear spirit, see shadows moving and always had a feeling of being to places before.  This didn't leave me and in-fact grew as I got older.  At 13 I discovered the Tarot which stayed with me and this is what I love dearly.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

All of my readings.  It is wonderful when I say something that I see will happen and then get the validation from this by a call or message.  Or when I have never met someone and spirit walks in and I can describe them to a client.  The look on their face says it all.  I always treat clients as individuals - to me that's very important.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have had a very very hard life.  You would not believe some of the things that have happened to me (I should write a book) and I think that makes us great readers as life experiences count for a lot.  I'm also a trained therapist so naturally I want to help people without judging or being condescending.  I also used to be part of a closed circle so have lots of tools in my box!!

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

You have to remember to get the best and the fullest results just relax into the reading.  Don't be too closed in receiving information and automatically dismiss it as it can surprise you how much comes true days or weeks later.  However, the most important rule I think is to enjoy it.  Good luck X

Jordan's Testimonials

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Jordan was very accurate in her description of my POI and our relationships. Her prediction happened within the time frame she said. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Thank you for today! Sorry I didn’t get to say thank you before we cut off. X

Jordan is a fabulous reader so intune and down to earth. She is practical and straight to the point no mucking around. I like her honesty no time wasting and delivers with compassion and empathy always. Her last prediction came in so im waiting for this one to unfold. I am sure it will. Thanks Jordan x

Jordan thankyou for your support through a difficult time. Jordan is graceful kind compassionate ethical and caring. She is straight to the point tells you how she sees it vith compassion and empathy. Thankyou for all your advice Jordan i will reach out to those who can help and tryand get past this. Thankyou for your advice empathy and compassion on a sensetive subject. Jordan is amazing and she is rarely wrong.

07-07-2020 Wow!! JORDAN delivers the good, the bad and the ugly in a lovely way! Sometimes it’s time to let go of our “ obsessions” and let what we truly deserve in! Read everything to a T! Thank you.. I am ready to move on and let the new guy in! Thank you Love and light

20/6/20 - My reading with Jordan today was just tailored towards my needs. I felt so stressed Before I rang, but Jordan dived right in and truly helped me understand so much. She even spoke of my sleeplessness, spirit trying to communicate with me, touching me, which is true. Told me to remove the mirror facing my bed and I will start to sleep better. Spoke of me being intuitive (true) My Reading was so unique but so needed too. Jordan truly taught me so much and how to understand everything and what to do etc I feel so relieved and somewhat stress free now. Jordan truly guided me in the right way and I needed this reading which is good therapy for my soul. I had a reading with her a few months back and was so impressed so I was so glad to her online again and she impressed me greatly today. Thank you Jordan. I will phone again and look forward to your predictions unfolding! Sarah x

WOW! Told me he would email between 5-6pm, he did. Told me there would be a change of plans this morning and that either the time or location would change. It did. Told me that he would initiate a meeting by Friday near water. He has also done this. Also, said he would be much nicer today than I would have expected. I was already so amazed by the details that she knew that NOT EVEN I KNEW! I’m excited now for things to develop. I feel like I can finally breathe knowing that it will all be ok. Thank you Jordan x

I spoke to Jordan the other day. I said nothing mainly because the phone line was so bad and she knew EVERYTHING. She picked up on legal issue where someone had lied. She picked up on a house that needs doing up. She picked up on person that has had a troubled childhood. She even knew I am self employed. I await her predictions about contact and a house move.

My reality check, thank you. X

Today 3rd May 2020. I have very few readers I go to and I must say that JORDAN is wonderful. Straight to the point and honest. I wanted her to confirm a situation going on in my life without feeding her any information.... she knew. Full stop! Love and Light A.

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