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Specialises in: Tarot (animal spirit, angel cards, Rider-Waite etc), Clairvoyance( psychic sight), Clairsentience (psychic feeling), Claircognizance (psychic knowing), Empath, Mediumship and Psychology. I specialise in animals, nature and water signs. I can also realistically draw soul mates, twin flames and people from spirit.

My name is Lily Peacock; I grew up in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Whilst I was growing up my dad worked as a printer, meaning I had access to unlimited amounts of paper! I love drawing, I feel like I have a special connection to drawing. As I grew older I noticed I was only really interested in drawing animals and people. People would always ask 'Who are you drawing?' And I'd say 'No one, I just made them up'. It wasn't until my late teens I started to realise I wasn't making them up. I was channelling the energy from people and animals in spirit! Whenever I draw I get images, feelings, thoughts and emotions from the subject and I use this to help me craft an image of them on paper. I've connected to a male ancestor of mine who taught me tarot and now guides me through the spiritual world. I also have a strong connection to my dog in spirit Scooby; I work with him when connecting to animals and for protection. I am a very emotional person and have found throughout my life I can instantly feel how someone is feeling. This ability really helps me work with animals and water sings (as water represents emotion and animals communicate through feeling). Whilst experimenting with drawing people from spirit I discovered I am also able to connect to twin flame and soul mate energy. Allow me to connect and draw living people that are important to my clients lives but they may have not yet met. Due to my empathetic abilities I can become an emotional sponge, soaking up all the negative energies. Therefore I have devoted years to protecting myself. I am now proficient in organising and arranging spiritual protection for anyone who requires it.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

As I mentioned I am an empath. I feel people’s emotions and the most rewarding thing for me is feeling happiness emanate from a client. I can use my empathetic abilities to effect the happiness of my clients and I love seeing them leave full of positivity, motivation and love. I also love directing clients towards twin flames, soul mates and pets/people in spirit.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a cancer and it shows. I'm a total night owl, massively effected by the moon and very emotional. Another way I'm like my sign is I do have a crab shell. Due to me being so in-tune with energy and emotions I've had to protect myself from the negative. I've made myself a very comfortable, spiritual crab shell over the years. I'm very happy to share that knowledge with anyone who requires it. I do find it easiest to get along with earth and water sings, there is comfort and harmony. I find that I can either learn from or guide fire and air signs, whenever we connect we grow.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was a child I woke up to find a woman in a white dress standing in my room. I later realised this is an ancestor of mine named Elizabeth. She never had children of her own and died young in the 19th century and I believe that is why she was watching over me and my sister while we slept. When I was in my early twenties my dad looked in to our family history and found an old photo of Elizabeth and some other family members. It was so clear she had been the woman in my room when I was growing up.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had a number of people become tearful in readings because of how much the reading resonated. When that happens it's always powerful and memorable, however my most memorable reading was one I did for a witch and tarot reader that I respect very much. She has been a bit of an idol of mine so to have her celebrate my reading and give it such high praise was lovely.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I read a lot of books on spirituality and physiology. I have a degree in Graphic Design and Illustrations which helps me visually communicate. I've worked as an illustrator for many years now but I also teach English to Chinese children online. This has allowed me to gain good verbal communication skills. So good that I can teach children a language without knowing their mother tongue. It's all about communicating through energy for me rather than just words alone. I also run a tarot YouTube channel and am a member of a number of spiritual groups.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

What they want to achieve from the reading I would say. You don't need to go in to the reading with a clear idea of what you’re looking for, but after the reading you should feel a sense of clarity. If you leave the reading feeling more confused then it might be time to try a new reading. It's always good to get conformation and ask for clarification when you need it. If you can give the reader some guidance as to what you want from the reading it helps them focus on helping you. Now that's not to say general readings are not worthwhile, they can be fantastic for working out what it is you want energetically. It's good to build up a relationship with your reader, so they can always get straight to the point and offer you the most help. Lastly I'd consider your comfort as well. You must be comfortable at all times. Now many people feel nervous or shy when doing a reading but if you feel uncomfortable at any point then it might be time to find yourself a new reader.



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Had a very nice reading with Lily, she provided information with a thorough insight and even went an extra mile trying to describe the situation in the way she hasn't done before. I felt the information provided was incredibly accurate and was provided with a great compassion and care. Thanks so much Lily, will definitely come back for another reading! xx

- C

6th August 2020

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