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Specialises in: Playing Cards, intuition, some mediumistic messages

My name is Lori-Rose I am an empathic, clairsensitive, intuitive, card reader. I also have some mediumistic and clairaudient moments during readings. I combine my gifts to deliver realistic readings; avoiding sugar coating in favour of focusing on my interpretation of the meaning of the cards chosen. If pink and fluffy is clearly shown, be sure I will predict it!!


What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I get great satisfaction from seeing a client getting answers and going away a bit more clued up and empowered. I get work satisfaction from knowing I have helped someone whether it be to move on or looking more deeply into a problem.


How would you say you are typical of your star sign?


My Sun sign is Scorpio and my Ascendant is Cancer. I have other planets in Scorpio too! Therefore I was born a double water sign which I believe heightens not only my sensitivity and tenacity but also my intuitive ability. I am a good listener and that, coupled with my intuition, I believe, leaves me well placed to combine this with my card reading skills and work as a Telephone Reader. I tend to feel strongly and passionately about things that interest me and the mystical side of life has been of interest to me over many years. I am very tenacious


When do you remember being first aware of your gift?


Well at different stages really. Firstly, my Clairsensitivity at age four years of age just prior to starting school as a day pupil at a Convent, then again at aged 6 just before my Paternal Grandmother died, I could sense something was not right. In my early thirties, I started reading cards for friends, and attended a Spiritualist Church for a while when I got the chance to go. Since then I have seen spirit in my home from time to time and had experiences of relatives coming to me psychically just before they passed over. 


What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Well it has to be the one really recently when a client called for a reading about her adult daughter and I said why am I getting a great big crane? She was amazed because she had called because her daughter was training that day and she was teaching a person to do with work with a crane!!


What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?


Well I have had prophetic dreams, made last minute decisions that have diverted me from catastrophe, and people have appeared to me immediately prior to their death. In addition I hold certificates for diplomas in Psychic development, Tarot reading, Psychic Counselling and Life coaching


What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?


The most important thing is to be your authentic self and come through with integrity and putting faith in the reader, rather than coming forward abruptly with the impression you are out to catch the reader out! This in my opinion interferes with the connection. Relax and interact so the reader can hear your voice, because my experience leads me to believe that the approach by the client and the first couple of minutes are important for bonding between the client and reader. Also, nothing is set in stone and everyone has free will. If a client has a specific life area and related questions, it could be more productive and beneficial to start with that to help them get the most out of a reading. 



What our customers say about Lori-Rose

Thank you Lori-Rose, you really tried to help me, a very caring & thorough reading. Honest & compassionate which is what I needed 🙏🏼

- Ali

16th February 2018

Lori-Rose, thank you for your wonderful gifts of insight and clarity tonight. You were exactly what I needed. You validated my own intuition regarding these people in my life and my own needs and you also added extra insights that will be valuable to me going forward. I am not easily impressed but I was tonight! I will keep u updated re predictions. Trish.

- Trish

28th January 2018

Had a reading from Lori Rose one of the predictions has already come to fruition a very good reader would recommend x thank you

- N/A

10th January 2018

Fantastic reader always truthful and has great insight. Re conection happened as predicted and also other personal bits and pieces came to fruition, thank you so much for reading, it was a while ago but have waited until re connection so i could up date you, much love xxx

- N/A

21st August 2017

Had a lovely deep reading with LR. Such a lovely spirit. Thanks LR for listening. Betty.

- Betty

18th May 2017

Had a reading with the lovely Lori Sunday night. She really lifted my spirits and gave me hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a spiritual lady.

- Boo

24th April 2017

Such a deep reading and my situation is complicated! A wonderful gentle lady with huge compassion and skill in bringing clarity. Bless you x M

- Michelle

16th January 2017

Very fast to connect and lots of information. Really appreciated your non judgmental insight to my complex situation. I think my eyes are starting to open! Thank you.x

- gill

19th September 2016

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