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International Psychic, Medium, Healer, Spiritual Self Development Coach & Mentor, Law Of Attraction Manifesting Tutor,

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Lynn pin 4758

International Psychic, Medium, Healer, Spiritual Self Development Coach & Mentor, Law Of Attraction Manifesting Tutor,



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Lynn's Profile

Most of us at different times in our lives, search for new & effective ways to improve our health & lifestyle, I know I have, whether it be in our career with abundance, prosperity for creating more happiness, or loving relationships & harmony within our family. We are often searching for ways of manifesting new hopes & dreams, not realising one of the most powerful methods of doing so already lies within us, waiting to be awakened & unlocked with the key of unconditional love.... if we choose. So at this very special time of transformation & shifting of energy fields that our planet is experiencing, it’s important that we try to reach a state of mind that embodies peace, friendship, awareness & unconditional love, not just for ourselves but for humanity & our world. As we raise our vibration & release all that no longer serves us, we become one with source energy, the consciousness & so life becomes blissful. So it is my heartfelt wish like so many other people, to have this opportunity to help others to reach this peaceful way of being, making a positive difference in all our lives. All of my readings are highly confidential, given with positivity, higher perception, compassion, honesty & love, aided by a deeper understanding & knowledge of the universal energies, accurately delivered with a personal touch from my heart to yours. I look forward to sharing your time, company & loving energy.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

For me it's a special moment to hold your hand across the ether & walk alongside you... to help, to support & to guide, because I know in a distant life time you would of done exactly the same thing for me... Thank you.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I absolutely love to share, but I also know I can continue to learn... & the beautiful characteristics within astrology are so wonderfully intricate, so researching my own birth chart gave me a deeper understanding of planetary aspects & other zodiac influences within any astrological chart, awe-inspiring! & along with the magic of numbers of numerology added, it plays a significant part to the unique individuals that we are, tapping into all these different energies has given me a wider awareness on developing the person that I choose to be, so I hope the values that I hold very dear to my heart... honesty, gentleness, integrity, sensitivity, awareness, understanding, compassion & unconditional love will be of benefit & of value to you too.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I feel so humbled & grateful remembering myself as a young child, not understanding it back then as I was sensitive to energies that were around me, but as I've grown & developed myself I now know that every single person on this planet can connect, it's just remembering/learning the true source of who we are, we are all inevitable energy, spirit first & foremost in a physical body, information is around us 24 hours a day, it’s just whether we choose to develop our higher consciousness to be able to see it. As we evolve we can learn to connect to our four body system; mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually, healing & releasing all our lower emotions of hurt, pain, anger, sadness & fear so we can vibrate on a higher & clearer frequency & work from a space of unconditional love. I love to love, so have chosen to commit, self-develop & evolve myself, even nutritionally as I'm now a rawtarian (eating only fruit, salad & vegetables uncooked) as this elevates & keeps my vibration to a high level so I am able to be of valuable service to everyone, including myself, connecting to any situation, any person/being on the Earth Plain & in the Spirit World/other dimensions/realms, Universe & Multi-Universes bringing peace of mind, comfort, guidance & awareness by being one with the universes/source in a pure loving frequency. It would be my pleasure to share this love & awareness with you.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Hmmm... Honestly, every single person's story is special, individual & extremely important to me, sometimes it’s by connecting to a very special loved one to have that heartfelt conversation & to be able to share those tender moments once again, connecting to those precious memories, to hear their words of support & allowing their humour to brighten up a cloudy day. Sometimes it can be by finding that way to manifest all of our hopes, dreams & desires, which is more than possible, we are limitless energy in a physical body & there is always a way... It's just receiving the information to release the restricted, conditioned mind. Other times it can just be by tapping into that space of inner peace by understanding "why" or perhaps by transforming a perception to give confidence & a positive direction that's suitable & comfortable, being heard, listened to & validated can be a healing in itself & is extremely empowering. Whatever a clients need it’s my passion to be of service in all subjects, even for those of you who are spiritually awakened & need to find that next step in your own evolution, if you feel you need a helping hand, a voice to guide... Please know I'm here, it warms my heart & touches my soul to be able to help & I give heartfelt gratitude in advance for the time that we are able to share together.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am fortunate enough to have met many beautiful people in my life that have shared some wonderful & amazing opportunities with me. I am so privileged to be a T.V Host, Radio Presenter & to have had the opportunity to appear in theatre. I have chosen to spiritually evolve myself & am currently an International Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Self Development Coach & Mentor, Law Of Attraction Manifesting Tutor, Angelic Reiki Master, Shamanic Munay-Ki Healing Master all of which I provide, workshops, retreats & seminars, along with meditation classes & spiritual development circle. I am also very blessed to be a Tutor/Lead Investigator In a T.V Paranormal series, with the main aim to help raise the consciousness & vibration of our beautiful planet & to explain the unexplained, to demystify the old belief systems & fear that is often felt around paranormal, which brings healing to all spirit, energies, situations & locations, also aiding in the beautiful transition of guiding spirit to their choice & space of tranquillity... their space of home. I am also extremely privileged & honoured as I have recently been ordained as a Universal Life Minister & now able to join & share the beautiful energy of love that we all hold inside to perform official & personal wedding services as well as memorable celebration of life ceremonies, baptisms & to be able to conduct legal ceremonies for all cultures, creeds & belief systems. So really my experiences & life journey to date has enabled me to learn, grow & share every aspect of my evolution & to help people with various therapies including Past Life & Aura readings, Psychic Surgery Therapies, Ancestry & Karmic Energy Release, Chakra Alignment, Balancing & Cleansing, also Connecting To Your Beautiful Family Of Animals to name a few. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask me, I am here for you & always happy to help.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Absolutely, totally & utterly listen to your heart & go to where you feel drawn to & the rest will flow... All the beautiful readers here on Psychic Sofa are here & privileged to help you.


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19.6.19 5am. Cut off before thanking. And exceptional reader.!! We talked of dawn etc. Images. Hope to catch you again.

It is very rare for me to find a reader that understands me as I work on a high vibration. Lynn did exactly that from the word go. So refreshing and thank you very much Lynn. Bit scary some of the things you seen, but I will get my head round it. Love from a fellow reader. x

Lynn thank you for a lovely reading on 12/06/19 . You were able to connect straight away and pick up on my situation. You delivered your reading in a kind, caring, beautiful and straight to th point way. You picked up on my grandfather and messages from him. You gave helpful advice and predictions although it would be my choice. God bless and thank you xxx

Amazing woman reduced me to tears but I know she was right and she was so empowering!

Very impressed.

Lynn was amazing to talk on the phone she was so lovely and she was so bang on with my emotional and what happening in my life she was talking to me like she was really trying to help me and understand me she differently a star and I would definitely recommend her to anyone and above I sure be going back to her soon what a lovely person x

wow, Lynn was so spot on all details ! She was lovely and super helpful! She really help me to see a clear path forward! I was blow away by how accurate she was !I learn something new too!Many thanks!Highly recommend!I will keep going back to her in future!I trust her reading too!Lots of loveXXX

I have just had a mind blowing, incredible reading with this delightful lady. Her accuracy is second to none. I know for a fact that she is going to be very busy on here soon. Thank you Lynn for an amazing reading. Love Denise xXx

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