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Specialises in: Psychic Clairvoyant - Nefertari Tarot - Cowry Shells and other fortune telling cards

I am grateful to be a descendant of an ancient line of psychics and spiritual healers. I consider being a psychic very seriously and feel that it is a responsibility as well as a gift.

My maternal grandmother was a revered psychic clairvoyant, spiritual healer and medium. I have learned a great deal from her. She left me her tarot cards. I am flattered that she chose to give her cards to me from over 40 grandchildren. Sadly she passed away in 2007 but still lives within us. One of the first lessons I learned from my grandmother was "DO NOT GUESS" I therefore do no guess work with readings. We know about things to help us and spirit will only reveal information that will be helpful to us i.e. they do not tell us things that we can not use to our benefit. Be it love, work or general readings I will do my utmost to provide insight and guidance. Every single person is important to me and I will never take anyone lightly. I believe in my clients as much as they believe in me.

I have refined my gift throughout the years and I have not made a single wrong prediction in all my years of being psychic. There is a saying amongst my clients that whatever I say will come true regardless of the when. Even my own family including my own mother ask me for private readings.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I find great satisfaction in helping people. I know that I have my gift for a good reason which is to help and guide those who seek my assistance. There is no feeling in the world more beautiful than when at the end of a reading, you feel you have delivered an important and needed message to someone and that they will benefit from it. I consider it a privilege to be able to restore a persons faith and to manage to impact a persons life in a positive way. My true happiness is in the complete satisfaction of my clients.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being an Aquarius I am generous as the ocean with my knowledge. Spirituality is almost always typical of Aquarian people.

I am very empathic and I really do appreciate my clients feelings and can sense their emotional needs and believe that it is my job to momentarily share their burden and provide insight to help relieve it, this quality is further augmented by my star sign. I am very friendly, the typical Aquarius who is a friend to all. I am blessed as an Aquarius to have strong passion and a deep and unconditional love of humanity.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a child. I was 9 years old when I had my first prediction in the form of a dream. It was about an exam result for my cousin. He was very worried about his results and he was older than I was at the time. I saw myself walking up a flight of stairs and saw the numbers 83.03 on a board that had my cousins name on it. I told my grandmother who told me that he had taken an exam and that he was worried about his result.  The next day I dreamt of my cousin sitting next to his father who was a doctor. His father had a list with peoples names on it and one of the names was my cousins name and the number 83 written next to it. Again I told my grandmother about my dream who advised me to tell my cousin about my recurring dream and reassure him that he will score well in his exam. His result was 83.3%! He was accepted into medical school with this result.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I had been reading a lady who had been having a turbulent relationship with her husband. This was mainly due to her feeling that she was being treated differently by him over the last few months. She felt like she had enough and that she wanted to separate from him. They had 3 young children together. I looked into it and saw that the husband was going through a very hard time at work but did not confide into his wife. He was feeling down and did not want to worry her. She had clearly misread the situation. I explained what I had seen to her and most importantly saw that he loved her very dearly. I reassured her about this which made her hold on and reconsider leaving her husband.

A few weeks later I got a call from her, she was in tears thanking me for my advice. She said her husband was better and he had told her about his problems at work and explained why he was so distant from his family lately. He apologized and they had reached a better level of communication. She was very grateful for her reading which helped her save her marriage and most importantly helped keep the family together. I was proud and grateful to have been able to help her resolve that situation and to move forward.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have done voluntary humanitarian work in Africa and am well travelled. I know a great deal about human psychology and feel that this gives me an advantage when reading people. It will help me interpret visions and readings more accurately and get to the core of any issue easier and with high efficiency. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When you want to be read go somewhere quiet and try and relax as much as you can. Be calm and focus on one thing at a time. Trust your gut feeling about whoever is reading you and most importantly look for a genuine connection with your reader.

Remember that you are the one making the decisions so ask as many questions as you want to help you reach the right ones. Use your time wisely and if you feel you need more time extend your session.

What our customers say about Monti

I left a feedback for Monti but have not seen it on here so I’m posting another to tell everyone Monti is God sent he is the only reader that predicated something about my other half which was true at the time I did not believe what Monti was saying but few days ago I was told word to word exactly how Monti told me months ago about the situation and I was shocked ... Monti I wish I believed you’re u no other reader picked it up but you ... please Monti come online I need to have another reading with you your shockingly accurate

- A

28th January 2021

Very gifted and a nice guy x

- T

28th January 2021

Wow wow wow this reader is spooking accurate. I had a reading with Monti few months bk and he told me about the situation my boyfriend was in and why he could not contact me , I did not believe Monti and thought negative I was making myself stressed thinking my bf had left me for another women and was avoiding me but Monti told me there was no women and he was stuck abroad and could not contact me .i wish I wish I wish I believed Monti months ago as I spoke to my bf cousin who explained the situation word to word and I was shocked because Monti told me this and I did not believe him ... Monti you are God sent I can’t believe I did not believe you I wish I did . From now onwards you are the only reader I will believe in you have shocked me please please please come online soon I really need to speak to you please ????????????????????your the only reader I belive in please come online please put it on your diary I will be looking out for you everyday pleaseeeeeeeee come online soon ♥?♥?♥?????????????????????

- A

23rd January 2021

Thank you Monti for the positive chat this evening. Fingers crossed for the future. Take care

- Manpreet

23rd November 2020

I’ve had a reading with this lovely kind sweet monti and he picked up everything that was happening in my life he was so correct about my other half he knew he was abroad And he told me stuff that was happening and gave me predictions for the future also my passed love ones came thru which was emotional I felt so happy to speak to monti his such a kind sweet person and his so accurately spooky

- A

21st August 2020

Monti is a sweetheart and very very accurate with his readings!! If I had it my way, I would speak to him everyday. You are a gem Monti!! Lots of love and blessings xxx Sonal

- Sonal

26th May 2020

So lucky to get hold of Monti. Simply brilliant. Lovely man using his gift to help and guide others. Thank you so much x

- Lynn

25th May 2019

Wonderful reading and so accurate about my work situation. Thank you Mon to we will definitely speak again xx

- Allison

21st April 2019

Please come often...we miss you xx S

- sanjee

13th August 2016

Thank you once again Monti for your reading regarding my situation! You were right again as you said I will hear news from a friend which I did! Your prayers, guidance and support has helped me so much. You're predictions are always spot on! Thanks again

- N/A

19th July 2015

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