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Hi my name is Mystic Cherie I have read tarot for over 25 years and the deck I use came to me in a dream I am always that person that people felt they could confide in, I could be on the bus, walking in the park and a friendly hello would evolve into them sharing a confidence with me, I consider my ability to listen without judgement a true quality.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The thing I like most is knowing that I have been able help and offer reassurance, without judgement and with empathy. I believe to a greater or lesser extent that we all have psychic abilities some call it a sixth sense, but sometimes it just takes the help of a empathetic intuitive reader to tune in and provide clarity to the situation. I consider it a privilege to be able to help and read for clients and to hear the sense of relief when their query has been worked through with the help of spirit and the cards.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As an Aries sun I would say I was more like a typical Aries when I was younger, but I do find that the Aries quality to initiate new things as stayed with me to this day. My moon sign is also in Aries however as it and my sun sign are in the 12th house it softens the qualities of the sign Finally I have Taurus as my rising sign and I feel more like that sign as I've got older as it represents qualities that I resonate with more i.e.: stability, security, I find I am more patient, I am very practical like the sign of Taurus and down to earth. I have always been told that I have a gentle reassuring voice and interestingly enough, as Taurus is ruled by Venus this planet rules the throat and the vocal chords and I have this placement in the second house of communication.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first noticed that I had psychic abilities when I was around 9 years old, back then I always had a sense when something was going to happen and was even more surprised when it came true, even some of my dreams would come true.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable reading with a client involved a lady who had been single for a very long time and she always believed that true love had past her by, because although she would often get asked out on dates, they would never amount to a committed loving relationship. I did her reading and picked up that not only would she meet the love of her life, she would marry him and live in Wales. Two months after the reading she contacted me to tell me that she had met a lovely man, she went on to live with him and eventually marry and 2 years after meeting him, they moved to Wales has his job had relocated.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My desire to help people led me to train as a Mental Health Nurse, become a Reiki Master, and a qualified Reflexologist and Holistic Therapist. I believe I have a natural ability to put people at ease and my experience as a nurse as enabled me to have compassion, and a non-judgemental, sensitive approach with clients, that allows me to tune in to the heart of the matter. I also believe it is important to always try and see the positive side in whatever challenges life may throw at us, because I believe something wonderful could just be around the corner!

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I believe the client choosing a reader that they are drawn to, in the first instance is important, and then once a connection has been gained and they relax and allow the reading to flow this will enable the reader to connect even deeper with the matter at hand. Also its important that the person enjoys their reading, remember also to think about what it is that you would like the reader to focus on and don't be afraid to ask specific questions. I have read for people in the past who believe withholding information is somehow a way of "testing" the readers abilities and this approach to a reading isn't really necessary and creates a reading that could become stilted. As a readers I what you to have the best experience possible because the time goes by so quickly and I want to give you all the information I possibly can. So if after reading through my bio I sound like the reader for you, please give me a call as Id love to read for you.

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Lovely lady had a really good vibe here and picked up lots of stuff she could not have known. A solid psychic for sure, she will be popular! Will be back xxxx

- B

16th May 2021

had a reading from this lady it was amazing n spot on n clarified alot thk u lovely lady will definitely recommend u to my friends will be back xx

- denise

16th May 2021

Lovely lady. Spot on too. Dolly x

- Dolly

15th May 2021

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