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Specialises in: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Spirit Guides, Remote, Palmistry, Tarot, Dream interpret

Hello, I am Ocean I’m natural born psychic with the gift of reading people around me, who are related and from all walks of life. I was aware of my gift from a very young age through my ancestry having the gift which has been passed onto me through generation. Throughout my life I was always guiding and supporting people in different situations I felt this was my purpose and that the universe was bringing these people into my life for me to guide them and get through any obstacles that they may face. I would say my reading skills include I am remote reader this is known as clairvoyance, through working with sprits my guide Robert and also my spirits who have been bounded to me Zedra, Gara,Derva and Luella who are there to assist and guide me through life. I use my guides to relay information and situations to each person that I am reading so that they know there is connection, by listening to their voices and vibrations this also allows me tune into their life, situations, past situations and future outcomes. I am a Clairsentient, and an Empath I can sense things situations and feelings around me that I can pick up on instantly. I also use the tarot cards sometimes as tool and guidance on situations to confirm what I am reading and picking up. Although I am not a medium however sometimes spirits connected to the client that I am reading do make themselves present to me and like to pass over information that tends to give the clients a sense of relief. I also I have the skill of palm reading which is known as palmistry which I describe as map of a person’s life. Also, I can interpret dreams which can be quite confusing for clients, together I tend to piece the dreams and what the actual messages that it’s relaying to the client is.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My main purpose in life is to assist and support clients through there life journeys that can lead to many obstacles being presented in there way for them to have to go through, these as we know are called life lessons. I am there to support, allow them to know that there is much love and great purpose to be served at the end. I love to empower and offer confidence to clients through their spiritual journey. I tend to always get told that I do understand clients’ situations and needs, and nothing surprises me as I have also been though lot of obstacles and life has taught me a lot so understanding the universe has always been key to me. I am also non-judgmental, and I respect diversity and cultures.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I would say I am 100% Aries very creative, imaginative where my mind can run wild as I love unique things in life. I am also very kind, sympathetic, honest and faithful which really shows in my personality and when I am delivering readings.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Even though I was born with the gift and have prophecy blood line I was first aware of my gift at young age, and I was always seeing spirits around me and where I am empath and clairsentient, I was always picking up on situations around me and people’s feelings. If I knew something was not right, I would always follow that instinct, even down to the feeling of not taking a specific route I would always follow. The gift I have also meant that I am very sensitive and people around me had thought I was different even more mature than my actual age.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every reading I have conducted has been memorable and I have always been told omg you were right, or omg what you had said at the time even though I did not believe you, has happened, or the information provided now make sense. Most important they feel a sense of relief and calm and that they have taken the right path with my guidance this has always given me a sense of relief that I managed to help and get someone through a difficult phase in life. I would say the most memorable experience was when I had conducted a reading for a work colleague whom I had no idea about her past I had given her names and even described how she has lost her boyfriend; I remember she burst into tears and said no one had managed to pick this up. That experience had stayed with me.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Even though my profession was in the business sector which had led me to have a degree, this has helped me see life from various angles. I love to study and learn new things, which had led me to completing a tarot course and psychic diploma that has enhanced my gift and I am more in tune with the spiritual world.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is important to understand that I will provide and relay information that have been given to me by spirits and that it is there to support each client at the time of conducting a reading. I would always advise clients to be open to receive information that is given. I am very honest person will always provide sensitive information in respectable manner. Sometimes the information been relayed may not make sense at all, however I always end up getting told after whether it’s few days, weeks or months that what I had provided at the time of the reading has made sense or the events or information have taken place which always gives me sense of satisfaction. Just remember everything always turns out to be positive even though sometimes there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel I am here to bring that light. Love and blessings.


What our customers say about Ocean

Amazing, warm-hearted soul with an outstanding gift. Ocean told me things she could never have known. I am so grateful for the guidance and the experience :)

- S

5th December 2021

Please come back online again soon xx

- Anon

10th November 2021

Wow wow wow ! Ocean is far by the best reader on the sight. She knew everything and more ! I trust in you and you’ve left me with no doubts because the information you told me was down to a T in detail! Credit to psychic sofa ! I will only use you from now on !

- S

29th October 2021

Amazing reader with great and accurate psychic abilities. Tunes in extremely well and delivers the truth with ample description. She is going to be very, very, very busy on here. She has immense capability of tuning in with accuracy and details that are so relevant. Ocean you are a breath of fresh air on here. I may not be able to get hold of you easily in the future but it’s only correct and fair to say - you are one of the very best here on Sofa. I had moments when I thought you were next to me and you could see it all. Thank you and God Bless . You are a beautiful Star on Sofa and one that makes a huge difference from the very first reading. You have certainly got the gift and you use it so well that it’s astounding in the abundance of details that you shared with me. I only needed to trust you and allow you to flow with it rather than hinder you with my own views and frustrations and insecurities. And I had to listen and allow you to go with what you were so precisely given. You are just AMAZING! Please be available again on here. I will definitely call you back. Georgiana

- Georgiana

26th October 2021

Wow amazing!! X will update you soon, thank you F

- F

25th October 2021

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