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Specialises in: Medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudience, claircongnzance, psychic, Angel oracle cards, angel therapy, tarot, runes, astrol travel, dream analysis, crystal ball, crystals, colour aura, meditation master, channeling, spirit coaching, astrology- eg star signs, psychology, etc... and much more.

 Hi, my name is Roisin. l have worked as a psychic/medium/clairvoyant for over 24 years. I use my gift to guide you on the right path. I tune into your voice vibrations. I use a combination of psychic skills, including -(Angels, Tarot, oracle cards, playing cards, Crystals, Crystal ball, Runes, aura, dream  analysis, absent healing, etc... I am a very bubbly person  and will lift your spirit. My skills as a medium and clairvoyant is that l - hear, vision, feel, listen. Your aura as you talk. I also work through the moon,  Give me a call now, for a medium, clairvoyant, psychic reading. Love, relationship, work, or general.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

l love working with people as l have been given this great gift to use. It's important, to be honest, loving, and tell people the truth. By being positive, not negative. So that you can help them on the right path. I love everything l do has a medium. To work in love and light.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

l would say l am like my star signs, practical, perfectionist, neat, tidy, in my work and home. Attention to deal, reliable, caring, sensible, tactful, easy going, sympathetic, good natured, enjoy being with people, independent, balanced, Because l am on a cusp, this is two star signs together. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

l can trace my psychic ability back to when l was a small child. My mother and father who were psychic, my mother Irish, and father African, told me l was different to other children and l would understand what my skills were one day. As l grew up I started to develop my spiritual side. I went to many spiritualist churches and travel to many places and countries over the many years 

  I have developed trance medium although this can only be done in a controlled enviroment and is not something I would do while working on the line. I believe deeply in my angels and everyone has a guardian angel.

 I do tune into your voice vibration, I help people to see forward on your journey. What every people ask me I will channel using my special gifts, and tools, if its - tarot, crystals, crystal ball, etc... Then I connect to spirit as I am a medium. I am a very honest, I really care for people, who come through to me. I have always worked in love and light.

 I have also had 3 out of body experiences, where I felt I went through the tunnel. 

 I have also been in spiritual magazines.

 During my psychic readings I connect with spirit in a honest and endearing way, bringing messages of - love, hope, and evidence that love ones are never far away from you. 


What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a psychic medium/ clairvoyant. I have done many courses. Angel therapy, Coaching and psychology.  

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It's  most important, to feel relaxed and open, communicate with your medium. We are here to guide you, not to judge you. Being positive not negative to help them in love and light. l deal with past present and future, and enjoy your psychic reading.

What our customers say about Roisin

Wow this lady connected with me straight away! Picked up on his name. Gave validation after validation. I will be back again for sure

- N/A

28th December 2015

Finally I got through to this beautiful reader and Roisin you are what I call amazing. She knew I wore headphones at work and picked up on the man in question and two new men around me. She knew exactly how I felt and he felt, a reading where I had to extend because Roisin is in a league of her own with information flowing. My wish that I can speak to Roisin again very soon. Thankyou kindly love the Muslim Lady xxx

- N/A

14th December 2015

Hi Roisin thanks for my reading. You picked up on the person I was enquiring about, describing his appearance etc, then stunned me when you gave his name. Amazing! Your insight into my current situation was so accurate, it was spooky.I look forward to your future predictions, and will keep you posted. Roisin is an amazingly gifted reader, def worth a try if you can manage to get through to her. Axx

- na

11th October 2015

I had a reading with Roisin and could not believe her accurate details and information I received, I found her very warm and friendly and felt I had known her for years. I really enjoyed the reading too, and would like to thank her, and hope to speak to her again.

- Tina

23rd August 2015

Wow! Amazing reading, never experienced anything like it before. So much detail, with healing advice also. Wonderful lady and caring. Spot on reading regarding my situation. Guidance on crystal and how to remove negative energy. Too awesome. Looking forward to my 2nd encounter with you. Much love xx

- Y

16th August 2015

Roisin read for me the other evening and she was amazing. Very down to earth and gets straight to the heart of the matter. Her validations were excellent and she told me things that I only knew about. She picked up on emotions and read my past and present which were spot on. Her predictions were very positive and I'm very confident that these will come to pass in time as her validations about my life were spot on. Please give Roisin a call you will not be disappointed at all. She delivers her information in a clear, kind and compassionate way and really cares about you. Thank you so much Roisin for the lovely reading and will call back to up date you. I could have spoken to you a long time. God Bless xxx

- na

7th August 2015

Had a fantastic reading earlier today. Came off the phone after extending for a further 20 mins. Roisin tuned in straight away and picked a relationship issue with lots of validations. Will def call her again. Thank you so much. W xx

- wendy

26th July 2015

Roisin is on another level -she told me things that moome could have known without any prompting -infAct she also connected with. Loved one and as she spoke about this passed person my kitchen light blew up!! This lAdy is one powerful being !!! Very real definitely worth the time and. Money Roisin is kind and cAring will definitely call back xxxx

- BiAnca

12th July 2015

i connected with roisin very well. All the validations she gave were spot on. She even knew my ex was a Pakistani man!!! She described him to the tee. It was a great reading. I hope all predictions unfold. She said we will get back together by August. Not long to go if it happens. Thank you roisin for the reading. Xx

- N/a

11th July 2015

I had my first reading with Roisin this morning and what a reading it was. Without prompting she told me what was going on in my life, she is very insightful and I would HIGHLY recommend her for a reading, you will not be disappointed. thank you so much Roisin for your time this morning. I even extended my call, as I needed to speak more with this wonderful reader. I am honoured to be the first to leave a testimonial. Best wishes Axx

- Anthea

25th June 2015

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