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Specialises in: Angel Cards - Archangel Raphael Healing Cards - Go For It Cards - Just Ask Cards and ascended Master Cards. Spiritual Medium and Rune Stones

I have always known I had something special, something that I just knew about when I was a young 13yr old. I used to get De'Ja' Vu's' and a funny feeling inside that I knew this place was familiar yet I had never seen it before. I would know who was on the phone before they called or I would get messages as to where any of my brothers were. And this gift never left me. I would give readings for friends and family but never excelled from there. That is until 11 years ago when I became disabled. I used to work as a Media teacher at high school, but due to illness I had to medically retire. Yes, of course this got to me, I was earning a great wage and I was happy. Or I thought I was until fate had changed my path, my destiny. This is when I started up my own freelance business as a Psychic Medium reader, at home mostly and words about me soon spread. Which is where I am today. And I love it.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love helping people, always have. Especially supporting people who need it. I like making people smile and give them a feeling of hope and friendship. Letting one know that they are not alone and there is something out there for all of us. I love sharing my gift and picking up many friends along the way. I love the way it makes me feel inside knowing that I have just made someone else feel better. And then they make someone else feels better like a chain reaction. It makes me feel wonderful inside.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very much a Gemini. I have twins in my family and I have the two sided me. I thrive off being around other people and much rather be out than in. I am adaptable, easy-going and adjustable to many situations. I am full of energy and enthusiastic for life. I rarely sit in the background and am highly curious and inquisitive. I am intellectual, I adore nature and I love to communicate my ideas and opinions which makes me talkative and sociable.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was 13, I had the feeling that I had lived through the present situation before. I knew that I was at that present time for a reason, and it was to help my younger brother. And that If I thought about a person, they would phone, or knock on the door not so long after. I would hear voices that I couldn't understand at the time and I realised later that they were part of my gift. Using my intuition I was able to judge who was a negative or a positive person.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Finding my soul sister. Everything happens for a reason, many people know this.

I was seeking a best friend for years, one that was kind, caring and had the same interests as me. I got a new client that came for a full reading. Everything about this lady that came through her cards said the same thing about friendship, love and harmony. Fun and life's beauty. 

After her reading, we just clicked as we got talking. She stayed for 3 hours chatting and getting to know one another. Her likes, and interests were so like mine. Ever since that night, 8 years ago in August just past, we have been soul sister best friends ever since. And I couldn't bare to be without her now.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

There is a difference between a psychic and a medium. Mediums read can read energy and vibrations that project onto energetic fields by those in spirit. While a Psychic can read person to person, life, fortune, career etc. I have been gifted with both. And have had many happy clients.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

What it is your wanting out of life? Where do you see yourself in a years time or has your past effected your present, can you change who you are?

What our customers say about SpiritMe

OMG I had a reading from this lady and she was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. She was spot on with stuff I was worrying about. I would definitely speak to her again. Thank you

- Kimberley

15th October 2021

Angel is a fantastic reader. She has a lovely manner and is amazingly accurate in her reading. Some of the things she has said have been so accurate my jaw has dropped! Additionally, she is always fun to talk to and has a real sparkle about her. A truly empathic person with great insight.

- Carl

14th October 2021

I highly recommend a session with Angel! It was a very spiritual experience. Angel was able to pick up on things and give me an accurate reading. She is a wonderful person with a unique gift! I found the session uplifting, inspiring and it motivated me to take action that I needed to take! Thank you x

- Jackie

14th October 2021

It was an amazing experience and i cant wait to go back for another reading. It was great value for I had a reading from Izzy. Omg it was amazing. She is so lovely and comforting. She came up with names that were very relevant to me hence I then knew this was real as no one would of known those names. It was my mum my auntie and my godfather who came through and was extremely comforting to know they were all watching over me and so proud of me. Thank you so Much!

- June

10th October 2021

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