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As a child, I've always been brought up around some sort of spirituality, as in my family I'm a 13th Generation Psychic-Medium, I also come from a very spiritual Country South Africa, but then came to reside in the UK at a very early age and then It all really started when I was around 9-10yrs old, when I was experiencing high spiritual vibration, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling things that wasn't classed as "Normal", coming out with things randomly, giving people messages from beyond the veil, not really understanding what was happening and things coming out that there was no way for me to know or things that i've said coming to them actually happen, so of course at such a young age i was petrified, nervous, scared of what is happening, the unknown so to speak, When ever I would lay my hands on someone, or hold someones hand, they would make it known my hands was extremely warm, but my hands to me was cold but tingly. So my mum at this time got in contact with a well established and known spiritual lady, who is now my blessed God Mother. My mum introduced me to her, and Immediately, she said, "This child is a special born", which of course to me, i was blown away an baffled to what she was referring to. From that day on, she guided me, help me hone in on all my abilities and understand all that was going on. From around the age of 11, I started giving more structured spiritual readings & healing. Honing in on all my abilities, working lots with/within nature and the different realms, elemental's, the Angels so forth. It was when I turned 18 that I decided to start on a Professional Level, but of course with life, it took me down many different paths in life in which the spiritual side took a side position in life as I had lots to learn in the Physical Earth Plane, before i could truly work at my best & have a greater understanding of people on this earth plane. When I was 22, I had bountiful experiences and knowledge of life, in such a quick short space of time. So when I was 23, I was steered back to my original path and resumed following my passion to be a professional Psychic Clairvoyant & Medium, it was like the highest of Divine decided it was time, so the doors was wide open, I was giving private readings, party sittings, Platform Demonstrations, giving spiritual guidance to other honing their abilities, then getting my qualifications in Usui Reiki Masters, Crystal Healing and then going on to Appearing on International Television, and so my life is devoted to bringing spiritual guidance around the world, bringing support, guidance, healing & reassurance on matters of life in all aspects.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Giving spiritual guidance and insight is my absolute passion, I love giving readings to clients when they come to me with a situation/problem, worries, stresses so forth. Especially relationship, love, work, career, house moves, general area's. An giving that spiritual insight, knowledge and guidance. I always try my best to get to the route of what my client is wanting to know, then pull back the feathers if you will, by the time the reading has finished they go away feeling positive, motivated and more clearer on the reason for coming to me. Most of all, seeing my clients happy, even if it means during the reading, a few emotional bubbles get popped and there are tears so forth, that is a good sign because that is a cleansing of the energy and then my client leaving happy and ready to take on the present/future. Then coming back to me with all good news, sometimes new things do crop up, in which I enjoy getting to the route of that too an with spiritual intervention we are able to smoothen it out and get a clearer insight an knowing.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very much as they say a Typical Taurus, in all that describes my star sign, I love to love, very passionate, sensual, caring, will push through to the end to get something done. I can be very stubborn and don't like huge change, a little change is good though to keep a flavor in life. I am also very hard working, stable, confident & some what practical, though it is nice to go into dream land. But on a whole, I'm very much a Taurus through and through.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

The very first encounter was when I was about 6yr's old, hearing, feeling different things, instantly knowing someone's mood/energy. Seeing different thing in the corner of my eye or a flash of light with no explanation. But of course that age, I had no understanding or real knowledge till later down the line And then it grew from there onwards to where I am blessed to say, I am today.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience with a client, was a lovely lady, who was christian and very much against it all, but chose to go ahead with the reading. She was very uptight, very firm standing that it is all nonsense. Till during the reading, things was coming out, that no one may have known about, lots of emotional bubbles burst and getting to the route and pulling back those feathers, in the meantime smoothing each feather, by the end of the reading, the lady was full of smiles, very upbeat, positive and a much better attitude towards the life ahead of her. Then 3 weeks to 12 weeks, getting informed by her different things in the reading that had come up, had come to pass, an things was going exactly as was expected. and 4 years later still comes for regular readings.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have experiences of doing Past-Life Healing, Palm Reading, Doing Platform work, Holding circles & workshops in which is never the same as the other and always learn something wonderfully new. Also a Qualified Usui Reiki Master & Crystal Therapist. Soon will be adding much more to all my qualifications in the Holistic/Aromatherapy side.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Most and foremost is the reason and intention, you can go ahead an have a sitting for any reason at all, but comes with that, is the intention, what is it that your wanting to come out of the reading, if you have a negative intention, then more than likely, the reading will be negative, but come with positive/neutral intentions the reading will go the way it's meant to for that particular sitting. I always remind every client, the law of attraction, what you set out on your intention, is most likely going to be what you receive/achieve. Also making sure they are ready to know things that may be uncomfortable/emotional, but if at all the reading gets too emotional/uncomfortable. Then you as the sitter have every right to take a short break, or terminate the reading immediately.

What our customers say about Wayne Kemp

Wayne!!!! This guy tuned in so amazingly well... OMG I can not tell you how accurate he is with validation. He is compassionate, non judgemental and most of all will provide guidance in a friendly and professional way... You are in safe hands with Wayne... Thank you so so much for explaining the connection and making me aware that I can get balance back xxx

- Kim

31st July 2022

Fantastic and really has a good understanding of what is happening 🙂

- dolly

21st July 2022

Hi Wayne Thank you trillions for a phenomenal reading, so precise and accurate I was amazed and delighted with the spiritual information I thank you and your guide sending love and light Karen Xx

- Karen

5th February 2022

Had a wonderful reading with Wayne on boxing day. Wayne your connection with amazing and you were able to validate my situation 100 % spot on. You gave lots of advice in a kind but straight way. Your so caring , professional , up lifting and made me laugh. Your an amazing soul. God bless

- D

26th December 2021


- L

25th September 2021

Reading made my day , funny and accurate too . Picked up that the last film i had watched was kinky boots !

- claire

26th June 2021

Omg love this man so much he is amazing like talking to your best friend so funny and spot on with my situation look forward to his predictions can’t wait to update him and chat again xx

- Laura

10th June 2021

Wow. Thankyou so much Wayne for the reading last night 9/6. Wayne is lovely to talk to i couldve talked to him all night. His easy going caring calm patient manner puts you at ease immediately and the information just flowed so easily. He described accurately with specific detail what was going on around a relationship which took my anxiety around it completely away. Wayne is exceptionally gifted and will not waste your time. He really helped me gain the clarity around this i needed so my energy can remain calmer while the other party works themselves out. He confirmed what i had been feeling around this and told me to trust myself more. Thankyou Wayne for giving me the peace clarity and comfort i was seeking. I felt so much lighter after talking to you tonight and feel like i can just let this go now and relax knowing things are going to be okay. Thanks Wayne. Melbourne girl

- Rebekah

9th June 2021

What an amazing reading i had with Wayne.. He explained what has been happening around with me in great detail and gave me so much clarity. Im really looking forward to my predictions coming in from May onwards as you say i have nothing at all to worry about. Not long and he will be back!!!! :-) :-) Thank you Wayne lots of Love Gem xxx

- Gemma

17th April 2019

Fantastic reading!...thank you Wayne...first time talking to you 3.15am..13/4/19 You are a lovely kind and gifted reader... Well recommended! X

- Dee

13th April 2019

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