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About Chrissie

In hindsight, I have had the gift all my life but was completely unaware of putting a tittle on it. That path has then taken me to this point. I adore giving readings. I am in awe of the Spiritual world and my gift. Therefore, I take it very seriously. I view myself as a translator, a translator of whatever message is coming through. I try to pass this message on with kindness, compassion, and a determination to be as precise as possible with the translation.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

The main thing I like about giving readings to clients is when you know you have HELPED someone. Whether they are balling crying as a passed loved one has bobbed into the read with a message or memory. Or their hearts/souls are less heavy at the end of a reading than the start. Or, as has happened many times, the client and I evolve to more of a friendship type of connection, i.e. I love it when a client reconnects back to me. On the other hand I absolutely LOVE what Spirit do and say, ( magic is real ) again and again I'm blown away with the tangible side of this, which I experience with the clients.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am Gemini Sun and Rising with an Aries Moon. Well unlike a typical Gemini with two of them in their head, I have four. Which would be why I talk SO much. I am also able to go well outside the box and research many aspects of a situation and, although Spiritual, I am very logical too. I was in the travel business for a long time and have travelled a lot, speaking several languages either well or just a bit. Typically, being a Gemini I am a bit like Marmite, which is true in my readings also, you either love me or not. It would be true that my motto is also what my friends say... What you see is what you get.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

It would be fair to say I was in my late thirties before I realized that I was "aware" of my gift from early childhood. Too many times what I would say would then actually happen, or what I would say was what was happening in the life of the person I was talking to without me knowing it. Too many times to be coincidence. Once I started looking into (tuning in) it then my gift just got more and more obvious.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Too many to just pick one. Each of them different for different reasons. I do have vivid memory of several clients, and the way Spirit comes through for them is amazing, and the effect on the client at the end of the reading is so awesome.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

It was surprising to me when I was fully aware that my experiences in my life were my education for what I do now. I often get a client that is going through something 80% identical to an experience I have had. And although nothing is the same there have been times I have indicated, a wrong form filled out, or where to find help and so on. My travel experience gives me a special insight into different cultures, religious beliefs, and dogma.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To be open minded to the messages. To see outside the box, that they make themselves, to the truth of a situation even if it is not the required answer. BUT to trust that the Universe has got their back in the end, even if they can’t see it at the time. Most of all BE OPEN, lots of clients come with a " you tell me “Attitude and my answer is I can't tell you anything the messages don't come from me I just translate them.

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What our customers say about Chrissie

Oh my goodness, Chrissie is so refreshing. A true story teller, come the kind of bestie you want to sit and have a gossip with. Except the story is all about you. Which of course is why we call. There are so many different types of readers and I find I really connect to those who are a bit unique. Funny, kind and generous with her reading. Left me feeling hopeful and balanced x

- Lisa

9th June 2024

I’ve had a few readings with Chrissie now and it’s amazing how she sees things in the reading that validate and describe my situation to a tee. Chrissie gave a date in a reading and sure enough it came through as being very significant in the way she previously described. Definitely one of the best and most accurate readers on the site 🙏🏼

- M

28th April 2024

A very unusual reader who sweeps you into a world of stories and symbols and -because of her quirky take, has opened up insights into my situation I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

- Kate

31st March 2024

Had my first reading with lady. Spot on with everything. Just gutted time was up as could of listened to this lady all day. I shall be ring for aa reading ahain Thank you

- Anon

29th March 2024

lovely reading went so quickly sorry i got cut off . Chrissie is down to earth and says it as it is, so very refreshing . Very helpful reading overall - thank you

- Claire

28th February 2024

Chrissie is exceptional. I know many people say this about other readers but she is in a different league. Listen to her carefully, take notes and wait for things to happen. Thank you so much again Chrissie

- Ali

13th February 2024

Honestly blown away. She picked up on my whole situation with out needing to tell her anything really. She’s spot on with detail I was just in shock lol. Amazing reader , definitely will be coming back I recommend 100%. Thanks again for my read this morning it’s really helped x

- Anon

6th February 2024

She is exceptional. I had many readings with her. She is honest, clear and to the point. She reviewed the past and how it affected the present and future. Ali

- Anon

1st February 2024

Thank you Chrissie for the depth of your reading. Your genuine approach, your psychic ability spot on. What I liked too is that some Readers deviate from what's in front of them and go in to their own psyche. Doing this messes with and clouds the truth of a Reading. Chrissie stayed on-track and I will definately contact you again Chrissie. Thank you Susan

- Susan

16th November 2023

I’ve had a few readings with Chrissie. I’ve come back to leave a review as her predictions have come true. She’s a phenomenal reader and very unique in the way she reads her cards. I had a family member pass over this weekend and Chrissie picked up on his energy and personality in the reading. I was amazed by the accuracy. She’s warm, empathic, doesn’t exaggerate and doesn’t coax for information to navigate the reading. She truly is gifted and a lovely lady to speak to.

- Anon

21st September 2023

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