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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I really enjoy being able to have a positive and optimistic impact on Clients lives, and really enjoy using my gifts to get to the root of problems. I have natural empathy and I look into the future providing solid advice, guidance and belief so that Clients can shape their own destiny and empower others to do this. I enjoy most when conducting readings is not only being able to provide direction and guidance by using my Clairvoyant, Mediumship and Spiritualist gifts so that I am able to read energies from the past, the present and the future, but also have the ability to use my intuition and empathy so that I can provide clarity to all life situations and issues in order to bring faith and hope for the future. I really enjoy using my gifts to help you gain understanding so that I can guide you forwards. Additionally, I really enjoy when spiritual images and information are given to me from those who have passed, and am able to relay these images to clients, so I can help the grieving process. I am happy to provide general readings, and am also happy to give guidance and give focus to particular issues. I use my gifts to read energies with a warm-hearted, non-judgemental and compassionate approach, giving positive direction where needed most.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I would say I am very typical of my star sign in ways that show that Sagittarians are fun loving and have an extremely friendly nature. They are very honest, in fact they are open about everything. A particular feature of Sagittarius which is a large part of my nature is that of intuition, and is a characteristic which I find helpful to use throughout readings. Sagittarians are broad minded and are lacking in prejudice. This is combined with great optimism and humour. I am also typical of my star sign in that Sagittarians have great positive outlooks towards life in general,

Sagittarians demonstrate kindness and are helpful towards others..They are trustworthy,

reliable and honest. They are broadminded and inquisitive and loves anything which are new and interesting.

All these traits combined are very typical of my nature and personality and these characteristics combined are helpful throughout my readings.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I began my journey in the world of mind, body and spirit at a young age. I first became aware of my gift when I started to notice images and messages in my dreams, and therefore became aware of Spirits and intuition since a young age. I started noticing visual images that were Impressed on me. I began to follow stars, planets and moons for further guidance.and direction. I have found that I am a gifted born psychic who has been giving guidance within the spiritual field for around ten years. I share real life psychic readings to help you deal with relationships, family problems, grief, work issues. I am able to relate and give guidance to all life issues, and am extremely approachable and accurate!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I was conducting a one-to-one reading with a client, when out of the blue she said "it is my

wedding anniversary today and i would give up all the Christmas gifts in the world to have my Husband back with me". She told me that he was the love of her life and his passing had her pining for him. As she started to talk about him I felt his spiritual presence behind me and I saw an elderly man who had lived a full life. He was looking at his wife and I felt the love resonating from him to her. She told me how they had met as young lovers. I immediately saw a vision of the elderly couple as young spirited teenagers laughing as they rode bikes along sandy roads. The next spiritual visual I saw was shown, was of her holding her Husband's hands as he passed to the other side. She asked me "Do you think he knows how much I still love him?" and I shared with her

"I know he does". I started sharing with her words that were spiritually impressed on me and I saw her face light up. I shared with her that he was standing behind me and showing me the physical life they shared. All I had to do now was to let her know that it was all right for her to grieve. A beautiful and memorable experience!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have led a life which has been full of a wide range of experiences, both positive and negative, These life experiences has given me the abilities to relate very well to a wide variety of people. This in turn has allowed me to interact with callers on a very empathic level as well as on a higher Spiritual level. I have been helping people and giving readings for ten years, during this time my Clairvoyance and Spiritualism has gradually developed and deepened and my style is uplifting, giving guidance and hope for the future, therefore creating positive energies. I am honest, sincere and compassionate in my readings, therefore providing positive direction where people need it most. I am a warm hearted naturally gifted medium. I will help to guide individuals on their journey and give insight into your future through Clairvoyance. I am friendly and compassionate, and I will give honest observations and therefore provide clarity where needed. I use Clairvoyance and Mediumship and use my Spiritual gift to help in all situations bringing clarity and understanding In order to guide you forwards. My life experiences together with Clairvoyant skills helps me to provide guidance on any area in your life.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is important to make sure that the psychic is truly gifted and has a desire

to make a difference in individuals lives. The reader should also be one

which is also committed to helping people at all levels with all sorts of

issues. Before deciding to have a reading it is important to make sure

the psychic has the abilities to bring honesty and integrity to a reading.

A good psychic should be able to describe your life situation, and be able

to explore and illustrate your hopes and fears, and should be able to

recognise your soul path. All these characteristics should be taken into

account when deciding to have a reading. If the psychic fits the above

criteria then relax and enjoy!

Heather S's Availability

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What our customers say about Heather S

Thank you, i love it my readings. I will be back especially with things we spoke about unfold, and I will work hard to manifest too 🙏

- Kulvinder

28th June 2023

Now I understand all the amazing feedback!! So fortunate to get through to you!! Wonderful to connect and the reading and insight amazing! Considering the years involved.. a couple of months, even to end of year is nothing to navigate!! Ty ever so much! Will touch base again with fantastic news when the energies allow!! Ty ty ty !!!

- Carolyn

21st June 2023

Omgosh Heather what an amazing person you are.. Thank you so much for the wonderful readings you gave me. Wow i will be talking to you from now on.... Cant wait to connect soon. Much love K and R Blessing to you from me xx ♥️

- K

5th June 2023

What a lovely kind reader, spot on with information. Well worth the wait. 😊

- Anon

4th April 2023

The absolute best reader I have ever spoke to, thank you so much Heather for my beautiful readings I have had with you, I first had a reading with Heather years back, She is amazing, so much detailed accurate information, just flows, she says the same predictions every time, I have a very complicated situation, Heather is a very high level medium that just sails through everything and gives answers to my questions, flows from the previous readings, in other words, all the same, nothing changes, which it wouldn't when it hasn't already happened, so that so lovely and so reassuring, she gives you the same details and more, very gifted, very kind hearted , she is doing what she was born to do, help others, and I am truly grateful, I have spoke to many on hear, Hearth shines above them all, youl know what we all mean when you get a reading with her, believe me, well worth the wait to get her, I myself a fellow reader, thank you so much, was waiting to get another reading with her today, and was very blessed I got her! lots of love and hugs julie xx

- julie

8th February 2023

Fantastic reader, very detailed, accurate and precise as well as uplifting. One of the best. Thank you.

- Anon

30th November 2022

Absolutely amazing reader!!!! 10/10. Thank you and look forward to communicating from M in November.S

- Anon

27th October 2022

Aww thank you Heather!!Great 1st reading.I will be back for another if I can get through lol.Your so busy!! Leanne xxx

- Leanne

30th September 2022

Thank you Heather for today's reading, I'll be back in touch hopefully very soon with an update. Keep trying if your struggling to get hold of this very gifted lady, you won't be disappointed. 08/9/22

- Lorraine

8th September 2022

Love love love this reader like I have no words I am actually shocked at everything that has happened today word for word Heather s has got it all spot on , she has been telling me about this guy for a while the initial , to everything else how he looks all that , he has now revealed him self I can’t believe my eyes now it’s come to reality 💕, love her so much Heather we have built a friendship like she has been on this journey with me nothing Ever negative always positivity with this reader , will always keep in touch I can’t ever forget how you helped me see there is a brighter future for me , lots of love always xxxx

- R

31st August 2022

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