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Welcome and thank you for connecting with me, I am very bubbly and quirky by nature so you can imagine when I started to see things that the naked eye could not see... growing up with a Christian background I laughed and narrowed it down to my imagination, but my guides were not having that. Born into a family of dreamers with powerful clairvoyance and healing abilities I had a rough idea that there was more to life than just the daily experience. My introduction to clairvoyance started when I was around 10-11yrs I would see angel wings and spirits walking up and down my family home. Fast forward to my teens, I started to receive dreams which then formed into premonitions that would occur the very next day. This was a frightening period for me as my abilities started to increase rapidly, I stopped praying, I stopped meditating and my spiritual life calmed down I had switched off. During my mid 20's my abilities had resurfaced, and I decided to accept them instead of running away I learnt how to live with being guided, understood that I would see images as I prayed, and understood that I "WE" are not only body but mind and soul, and the goal is to live in complete alignment with all that you are. Today I am fully accepting, open and willing to share and assist in each way that I can.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What I love most about giving readings, or receiving a message for another is knowing that each message I receive provides comfort, support and direction. I enjoy the fact that I am able to support others through their journeys. Working alongside spirit is so amazing I have had people come back to me saying that what I had told them came to pass with excitement in their eyes. I have also seen the comfort and motivation that guided messages have provided. But most importantly I have seen how we all are connected and the importance of oneness. In a nutshell what I love about giving divine messages is our connection with the one true presence that is the essence of all of us.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a "Taurean" and OH MY WORD! I am soooo typical of my star sign... Stubborn 'CHECK' ...... Dependable 'CHECK' .... Down to earth ..... 'CHECK' I absolutely love my star sign as mentioned prior I am a bubbly character however I am an introvert and I thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature. With my moon in cancer, I am very family oriented and enjoy being around loved ones however I enjoy the comfort of my own home and will always return there by the end of the night while my siblings do the sleepover. I am very hardworking however I need to be passionate about what I am doing otherwise distraction can come creeping, I'm not perfect by a long shot but knowing that I am forever evolving is exciting. Taurean's love adventure and I am no different.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My first recall was when I was 10-11 and it was my turn to do the dishes I could sense there was something behind me, but I just thought nope! that's my imagination but the feeling got stronger and I could not help but to turn around where I was met with a floating money bag with angel wings, I blinked a thousand times dropped the dish I was washing and ran upstairs to my mum telling her what I had just seen .. her reply was oooooohhhh that's nice. I couldn't believe what I saw or my mum's response that night I slept with my eyes wide open, and after that, my senses peaked I saw a figure going up the stairs and my mum's response was yes that must be your grandad. In the beginning, my experiences with clairvoyance wan unnerving to say the least but I am so grateful to obtain a gift that has helped me and helped others.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I remember telling a young lady there would be two females that her friend should be aware of as they are pretending to like her but in fact, they did not, and their dislike will be revealed that night. The young lady that I had given the warning to told me that the two females tried to ruin her friend's party and they are no longer friends. Another experience was I had given a reading to someone who felt stagnant in their business career, I received a message that she should pray and light a candle stating exactly what she wanted. This lady had not done what I had relayed straight away but did it a few weeks later. She then told me that as soon as she had lit the candle and prayed the very next day, she received funds that she needed for her business, she was so stunned and excited. she did not burn the handle all the way through and said she wants to save some .. this was funny... I told her just to believe the highest has got you.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Funny enough my education and qualifications stem around creating enjoyment for others, I have a BA,H degree in events management and tourism, as I love entertainment and the atmosphere of a collective fully enjoying themselves. My second qualification is in marketing which helped me to understand how people as a collective communicate and how that communication affects their choice and decision-making, Marketing revealed to me that people are easily influenced by what they hear and see even if it's not necessarily true, that's why it is important for me today to be an advocate for knowing self, knowing who you truly are and what your own inner guide is telling you.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think the main thing is to be open to what you are receiving. I remember having a reading in my 20s and what this wonderful lady had told me had not come to pass. A good few years after it is 2023 and things, she had told me are still unfolding, me and my mum talk about her all the time. but at the exact moment of the reading, I felt a bit disappointed because I never heard what I wanted to hear at that time, but I tell you something that she told me saved me from a major choice that was not good for me, and I will forever be thankful and grateful for that, so, my little piece of advice when considering a reading is to be open.


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O.M.G. I have just had my first reading with this 💎Gem, Intuitive Oceans. I am absolutely blown away and feel honoured to have had a reading with her and also the first to leave a review. What a super gifted, charming young gal. Has a lovely way of delivering the reading,  so down to earth, bubbly and friendly 🥰.  Easy to talk to, Has a kind, warm way to put you at ease. Connected through cards but channeled spirit and the messages resonated fully, a very powerful reading wow!!! I cannot wait for the predictions to unfold. Intuitive Oceans is a natural psychic, reads you and not what the cards mean.  If you are looking for a deep spiritual reading she is your lady who is super gifted and honest. She will be very hard to reach soon.  Thank you so much Intuitive Oceans. Lots of Love (you called me Angel) 💗xxx

- Anon

23rd August 2023

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