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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to prove family members, friends and animals are still around them. I like to help people and give them comfort and advice with guilt and help them on their path way. As a medium I try to give my clients proof of life after death. I try to let them know that their loved ones are still around them. I try to help them let go of the grief or guilt that they might be feeling. I aim to give people hope and give them comfort and peace with the knowledge that their loved ones are in a better place and with other family and friends. I try to bring the loved ones personality through as proof that they are with me and as a medium I see and hear spirits.

How are you typical of your star sign?

My star sign is Virgo and I am not your typical Virgo, although I do have some of their strengths, such as being helpful, reliable and precise.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have seen and heard spirits since I was a babe in arms they've been a part of my life from the beginning, but I was 15 when I became aware of my gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience with a client was when I was doing platform in local Centre. One quote that I received from a client was ''the experience I had with this reader is that she is one of the better mediums I have seen. She was a lovely person to have spent time with during the reading and the information she gave me was all accurate and delivered wonderfully. The person I was hoping to hear from was who the reader managed to bring through. And thanks to Jodie my daughter and I can move on a little better knowing that my family is still around us".

I bought tickets for a psychic night and when I picked up the tickets I discovered that I knew the man running the centre. I had met this man at another church before and had given him a spontaneous reading which brought tears to his eyes. When I went to this event the man asked me to sit at the table that another medium that was also in a wheelchair would be sat at. Whilst I was sat at the table a lady sat down opposite me. I told the lady that the medium was not here yet and she asked me if I was Jodie to which I said yes. She then told me that it was me that she had booked the reading with. I ended up doing table readings for 3 years for his centre. One evening as I was leaving for the day he asked me if I would do the last platform of the year for him to which I automatically said yes. Since that first platform my popularity as a medium has steadily grown in churches and centres.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have never sat in a development circle, I'm a natural medium and I've learnt how to use my gift as I have gone along. I've done table tops for 3 years now, learning how to use my gift. Ever since I did my first platform using my Mediumship my popularity as a reader has steadily grown with churches and centres, and it has all been word of mouth. I also run my own circle

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I am not a fortune teller and I don't use tarot cards. To be open minded because I cannot control who comes through.

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What our customers say about Jodie

Hey Jodie, Happy New Year❣️ Tried to extend but I got cut off. Thank you for an excellent reading once again. Much Love xxxxxxx 💛🌻☀️

- G

3rd January 2024

20/12/23 OMG how happy was I when I managed to get Jodie this lady is absolutely amazing she never fails to amaze me and my son so good to see Jodie back thank you as always Jodie x

- Beverley

20th December 2023

I was lucky enough to manage to get through to Jodie. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her amazing gift with all of us. The amount of details, the delivery of the messages, the accuracy…unbelievable! I recommend anyone who’s in doubts or searching for some guidance to reach out to her, she’s totally worth it! Thank you, Jodie for the best reading I’ve had! 🙏🏻

- AM

20th December 2023

27/06/2023 well Jodie you did it again you asked me if we were going out again later today and we said no but you seemed adamant we were and may bump into someone. Well at the last minute a decided to go up-to the supermarket and as we were just about to get out of the car my son said no way mom and who pulls up across from us his x I couldn’t believe it.

- Beverley

27th June 2023

Massive, massive thank you for the amazing reading this morning. I am so very glad I was able to get through to you. You have given me so much upliftment. Great flow of information. I could speak with you all day. Thank you so very much.xx

- Anon

27th June 2023

Loved my reading You have predicted that what I wished for that my husband will be coming back in a day or so and that we have a humble marriage Thank you Jodie Z xx

- Anon

6th June 2023

Very gifted and straightforward. Exactly the person to speak to when you want clarity.

- Anon

26th April 2023

The BEST reader on Psychic Sofa❤️ Also, my absolute favourite. Other readers are good, but you're the BEST by far. Jodie, thank you again my darling, for an OUTSTANDING AMAZING ACCURATE reading today. You're always busy because you're the REAL DEAL on Psychic Sofa. Will definitely update you about you know who, soon. Lots of love❤️MC XXXXXXX

- Emzs

19th April 2023

I miss you.....its been 1 year since we spoken......much i wish to know from the guides.....and tell you too. If I not meant no speak to you soon, i just i know you to you i appreciate you gift and your messages. Thank you always, and god willing we will connect again.x

- Kulvinder

5th April 2023

Hi Jodie. Looks like you qre only available on weds and you are impossible to get through. Any chance you could come online more often - I really could do with an update!

- Anon

22nd March 2023

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