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About Lady Valentina

I am Lady Valentina and I am a 3rd generation psychic, I was gifted at a very young age when my grandmother suddenly passed away before her time, may peace be upon her; when she breathed her last breath I breathed in her spiritual gift and my spiritual world was opened from visions to premonitions to dreams and even to reality, she gave me a spiritual vision and showed me that there are so many people that need answers to their questions, and guidance with love happiness and insight and so much more. Through her I was the one she chose to carry on and share her gift through premonitions visions and dreams that became reality. I will ask you 2 questions which is your name and date of birth, I ask this so I can assure you the most precise accuracy and to give you the best reading. All of my readings are straight forward, honest, and truthful. My Goal is to give my clients true insight, peace of mind, guidance and all the answers you need! To give you true hope, faith, positivity and to find their true love and soulmate. My readings will give you peace of mind, understanding happiness and so much more. I will never judge my Goal here is to help you!

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

What makes me happy is knowing that my grandmother’s gift still lives on within me, and what also makes me most happy is knowing my clients are happy through this spiritual gift. I am honestly thankful, and I look forward to bringing peace and positive vibrations to all.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Leo. I strongly connect with, and I am patient, kind, friendly, understanding, and strong, I am very caring, and I have compassion with my clients and give positive motivation and hope and happiness. I am also very intuitive and positive, my star sign strongly connects and tunes in with all of my client’s energies and every reading, is powerful which is great and something I am truly proud of.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

The day I breathed my grandmothers last breath, and it was my 1st breath as a gifted psychic passed on from my grandmother and the vision, she gave me was crystal clear. I could remember it like it was yesterday and its truly something I will never forget and ever since that day I was moved, and my heart was touched, and my life was changed

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There was an old gentleman one day that requested a reading he was so kind and sweet, but I felt his heart was unhappy and missing something. I explained that there is a piece of you missing, and he had never found the missing piece of his heart, and he was still searching for it. After the reading I had seen a vision of him on a chair and there were gifts all over his house in my vision, as if there was a welcome home baby party, and he was holding a baby that was a boy and he was so happy. He removed his glasses and his eyes filled with tears and he asked me for a glass of water. In shock he explained to be he had become a father in his teenage years but sadly the mother of his child left him alone. He was young and unemployed and wanted the best for his son he had no choice but to give him up for adoption, to make sure his son had the best life; he only had one child and spent many years looking for him missing his baby boy wondering how he was. Many years have passed and there was no sign. I explained what I had seen in my vision he smiled and said well Lady I hope what you saw in your vision comes true and he giggled and left.....5 days later exactly he was reunited with his son after 25 long years, and met his sons wife and just found out he was going to be a grandfather and that was the most memorable and heart touching experience with a client that I have ever had

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Through life experiences, I have come to realise every reading and every person is unique and special in the own special way.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When a person has a reading, they should be open minded, listen carefully and focus on the positive energy and information between the reader and client.


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What our customers say about Lady Valentina

I had a reading yesterday and Lady Valentina was AMAZING! She really connected to me and how I am as a person. Can’t wait for predictions to come in… I will update xx

- Anon

1st October 2022

Thankyou Lady Valentina for another excellent reading that is always detailed and specific in regards to the area I'm asking about. Please make sure you ring this lovely kind reader who never fails to leave me gobsmacked with her readings.

- Anon

29th September 2022

Called you tonight 26/9 Asking for a reading about my poi You said 29/9 I would hear from him gave me a few dates Just to let you know when I came off call from you he had left me a message after 5 months I’m sur everything you told me will come as well Love & light Joanna

- Joanna

25th September 2022

Absolutely love lady Valentina. I’ve had a few readings from her, please give her a try she’s amazing at what she does and picks up clearly on situations. Thank you for your time can’t wait to speak again.

- Zynnette

15th August 2022

What an incredible woman Fantastic Information given and am very excited to get results. very accurate

- Michelle

31st July 2022

Wow so detailed and I love your style of reading. I'll come back and let you know if that you predicted comes to fluision. Thank you so much xx

- Kim

23rd July 2022

Lady Velentina is super amazing! she has the most soothing voice, and really knows her stuff! the reading just flows, her delivery is consistent and detailed! I just love her! good blessings to you always, love and light Debbie xxx

- Debra

8th July 2022

Thank you for a really lovely and in-depth reading, Lady Valentina. Tried to thank you before we got cut off but not sure you heard me, so "THANK YOU", I appreciate your crystal clear clarity. Looking forward to my glow month and speaking with you again in the future. Much Love xxxxxxx G

- G

28th April 2022

Extraordinary reading! Everything Lady Valentina said was spot on. The validations she gave me of the situation I'm currently going through were totally accurate. All I can say is she is absolutely brilliant! You have helped me so much today, thank you. You are a first class reader Lady Valentina. Love and light Debbie x

- Debra

26th February 2022

Had a reading with this lady and omg she has given me sooooooo much information and clarity of what ive always hoped and dreamed for. I just hope and pray she is not like some readers ive spoken too who give you false hopes. I have faith in you valentino thankyou and god bless xxxxxxx

- Geraldine

8th February 2022

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