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About Maria-Ann

My name is Maria Ann and I have been featured in take a break fate and fortune magazine recently psychic challenge. My aim is to bring spiritual knowledge to those in need, and help give guidance to people. I am an experienced clairvoyant & clairsentient with psychic abilities working with many tools to bring my clients clarity. I feel it’s very important to go in depth with my readings and give insight into the past, present and future as I am a natural gifted empath. I pride myself on honesty; reading with integrity and guiding my clients to see the best answers possible to their issues as seen in the reading. I work with angel and tarot cards and the crystal ball with other specific tools.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Being able to help heal people and support my clients through challenging times, especially during relationship & career obstacles. My guides bring light, validations, guidance and predictions to help people have peace of mind. We are one small part of the universe, however we combine to be spiritually powerful deep within. My clients always thank me after my readings. I feel honoured to serve my true purpose.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

The starsign is earthly and analytical  being a multiple earth sign,  forming long lasting friendships with any sign of the zodiac. Our sign Planet is mercury ruling communication, the mind and thoughts. We appreciate love more then materialism and finds nature, inner beauty and loyalty the most appealing gifts of all. This sign always gives to receive with care & Loyalty. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my special abilities at a young age, the feeling was overwhelming and I felt very grateful to be given such a fantastic gift. I have experienced occurring deja vu and repetitive dreams. I feel dreams play an important role in the spiritual world creating answers and manifesting thoughts into reality. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience was a love triangle between two men and one woman. I analysed and worked out my client’s life path number and starsign corresponding with both men’s life path number and starsigns. I discovered both men was on the same life path journey there birth numbers and starsigns was exactly the same, I also picked up there exact personality’s from this technique, unfortunately I realised at that very moment the two people were not her soulmate potential, she was outstanded at how accurately I used my numerology method to uncover hidden truths.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I connect with clients using angel cards, tarot cards, Crystal ball and pendulums with other specific tools. Dowsing is a fantastic technique throwing energies into a yes or no answer.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I ask clients to concentrate on the most important issues at hand as I am shuffling my cards as that always gets the correct results for the client. When focusing on the questions, I ask clients to relax, as that enables me to tune into their vibrations fast, with great accuracy, as opposed to the client being over tense or anxious which creates a barrier to the client’s energy field.



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What our customers say about Maria-Ann

Hi Maria Ann, thankyou for a an amazing reading.I have had three readings with you and you have by far picked on everything i needed to know.I feel like i can make progression now in my life and move on.I will be calling back very soon. Linda


15th January 2018

well i would like to say Maria was brilliant in my readings.I also extended the call because i felt i needed to know more and more

- N/A

10th January 2018

she is very professional and her reading just flows. Picked up relevant names around me.I have also been very rushed lately and she happily picked this up to.She also helped me to stay patient and reassured me that everything was going to fall into place in my future.Thankyou so much Xxxxxx

- N/A

10th January 2018

I had a reading on 6/1/18.This person was full of dynamics.I felt very warm talking to Maria Ann about things.She went into the the numbers and starsigns.I felt i had missed these signs and she helped me to work out what i need to achieve within my future.I feel so much better thankyou Maria-Ann.xx

- N/A

10th January 2018

I was given a reading by this reader.I got to say she is very gifted and she gave me very accurate predictions about my past present and future.I love how she picked on my relationship problem.She picked up that i like somebody who has somebody else around them.She was spot on with the validations and i cannot wait to see how things will work out.Thanks once again.I feel better about what result i will get.Much appreciated xxx

- N/A

9th January 2018

Maria thankyou so much for your reading.I feel blessed.I found your reading was filled with care and compassion.You gave me great advice about things going on.I will be back for another great reading.Truly a blessing 8/1/18 xxxxxxx

- stacy

9th January 2018

I had to extend the reading to 30 mins because i felt a deep connection with Maria Ann.I got to say she made me feel uplifted with her kind predictions and i felt so much better after the reading.I am going a major problem and in my life and she helped to follow the right track with things.I got support and reassuring guidance from her.She is a true blessing from above.Most thankful xxxxxx

- chasity

9th January 2018

I Was drawn to talking to Maria Ann and am glad i did as she is a very compassionate lady with lots of insight and we connected well with each other as she was able to show me all the positive changes i am currently making in my life. I will come back to her again as my time ran out and i feel i would like to talk further about things in my life.She gives readings on the past present and future with her cards also.She is sure one of the best readers i have had on here.

- michelle

9th January 2018

I connected with Maria-Ann back at new years.I had to have another reading with her as i felt truly connected with her.The things she predicts are truly brilliant.She got everything correct and her last prediction came true.I can say i've found a reader who i will be staying with.I cant wait to see what next predictions will unfold from her.I recommend giving this wonderful lady a chance!! thankyou xxxxx

- sara

9th January 2018

Thankyou, Maria Ann.Love and Light to you Xxx

- lorna

9th January 2018

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