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About Sarah J.

I am a natural psychic medium who has worked professionally for over 25 years, spanning the UK and Internationally. I read the tarot cards, crystal ball and give spirit messages to people like you. My experiences have branched into psychology and parapsychology, working and mentoring people who have wanted to further develop their interests and gifts. Working on a psychic level, I am an open channel that is rooted to everything and everyone. I look forward to providing you guidance and insight on love and relationships, your career, and health, while passing on any spirit messages for you. It is my privileged to reveal these hidden paths to you.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Their reaction after a reading is always positive and makes me feel that I've done a good job. My approach is always friendly and down to earth with clients, while making them comfortable with me. I am a good listener, without judgement, and it is my pleasure to hear that my clients are uplifted and guided during the read.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Like most cancerians (I am one), my highly attuned intuition makes me sensitive to the needs of others and I love my sense of humour.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a child, I remember watching spirits move around. Sometimes they were like people, sometimes just forms. I didn't know then what I was observing, and during the exploration of my spiritual development was I able to fully understand what and who they were, and was shown how to communicate with them all.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had many memorable experiences while reading, and is hard to choose one in particular. A client of mine had come to me for a reading. They had just moved into the UK and was seeking some direction. Nine years later and still a regular client of mine, I have observed their lives from a point when everything was scary and uncertain for them, to seeing their plans and goals be achieved through support, guidance and their own will, patience and perseverance. Their journey from being shy and withdrawn to the confident person they are today, was not an easy task. It most certainly has been an epic adventure for them, comprising of a combination of, 'rough seas', obstacles and countless delays and I feel privileged to a part of their own story.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been a member of a coven for many years, being guided through my own path with support and constant study. All my working life I have worked with people, constantly maintaining a high level of professionalism, and understanding the importance of continued study. This studying and the seeking of further knowledge has brought me into life/spirit mentoring and to further education, into the realms of Psychology and Parapsychology.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To feel comfortable and supported, to know they can talk openly without judgement, and feel they are being heard.

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What our customers say about Sarah J.

This woman is amazing. She gave realistic validations and described future events with POI exactly how I have already imagined as it goes in line with his behaviours etc. She told me straight away she wouldn’t want to mislead me with dates of future events but she still gave me a realistic timeline of events to look forward to. She gave very detailed validations and mentioned things that no one else would know. That’s how I know she’s the real deal and I’m confident that what she’s predicted will come to pass in due time. I’ll surely be back to update when things start to unfold. Stay blessed xx

- Anon

3rd February 2022

Brilliant, honest, good, nice lady too

- Simon

28th January 2022

Fabulous reading, so down to earth had a laugh and a giggle around a difficult situation and my love came through ? thank you so much xx

- Anon

5th January 2022

Had a lovely reading this afternoon, Sarah is so gifted and I always feel uplifted after my reading. Sarah is honest and her predictions do come about. She sees it all and gives information that I only know about. Sarah gives very good advise and makes me laugh too. Thank you for a lovely reading . God bless xxx

- Anon

3rd October 2021

Sarah is a really lovely lady. like talking to a friend. My reading on 01/08/21 was very uplifting and Sarah's validations were 100% spot on. She knows and is so down to earth , kind, honest and caring . Gave good advise on managing situations and how to keep positive through difficult times. Gave realistic predictions . Thank you Sarah as didn't get time to say thank you . I will call again . God Bless xxx

- na

1st August 2021

This lady is the real deal, friendly, kind, sensitive and her predictions actually happen, thanks hun ????

- Simon

25th March 2021

I let fate lead me to you, beautiful soul - beautiful reading. Thank you

- Ann-Marie

18th March 2021

Sarah J, thank you for an accurate and inspirational reading. Your prediction about a new job came true!!! Exactly the way you described it too. You are definitely one of the BEST on this site. Bless you M xxx

- Maria

19th January 2021

Excellent reader. Pleased I was able to speak you recently. Thank you for the information.

- Gracie

14th January 2021

Lovely lady, she hit on what was troubling me straight away.

- Susan

29th December 2020

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