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Hi, my name is Shay I am a psychic medium and healer -I have been psychic for as long as I can remember - I come from a strong psychic gypsy family background - my Great-Grandmother would read tea leaves and crystals. Growing up we lived by many superstitions, and I remember my father placing gold rabbit feet charms and horseshoes in various places in the house to energy clear - to me this was normal practice - to my friends it was magic! I pride myself on being a light worker - somewhat of a star seed - I will always bring grounded positivity to my readings and do my upmost to make you feel enlightened and encouraged in whatever area of life you need help or guidance with - not to mention channel any messages through to you from my beautiful guide Rosa. A reading with me will consist of me consulting my guide and using tarot as my preferred tool. I do not give negative feedback just constructive, and I will do my best to make you feel at ease and enjoy your experience. I have been lucky enough to know my guide for many years - one of my most memorable psychic moments was when I saw her in my mind’s eye for the first time - being of gypsy orientation myself I was fascinated at her only wearing one large gold hoop earring - she was standing on a hill above a white house holding a deck of tarot - years later I met with my white rose healer friends and was asked if I was aware of who my guide was - I stated yes but could I please have verification - sure enough beautiful Rosa my gypsy guide came straight through - and she is forever by my side helping to guide and protect me and all that have readings with me in light and love.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to make a positive difference and help people to see their path more clearly - I pride myself on helping people feel empowered and centred - I have helped many people along this journey of life to see the bigger picture and unearth the light they hold within themselves to change their lives in positive ways and tap into the unknown magic of self-awareness and spiritual growth.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Taurus through and through - I have a big heart - I’m loyal to a fault and have somewhat of a stubborn edge at times! I love being out in nature it’s where I feel most grounded & happy - especially Countryside walks and by the Sea - I’m known for liking the finer things in life and have a very sweet tooth!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have been aware of my gift since early childhood - I was aware of the collective togetherness of all things and as I grew older, I realised I just knew things and could sense and predict events.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience was with a client that was a complete non-believer of the spiritual side of life - I advised her that I’m not in the proofing game but I gave her a face to face reading - she showed no emotion and didn’t answer any questions - she had a very serious poker face throughout the whole reading - at the end of the reading she burst in to tears and thanked me for proving her wrong and stated she would now live her life very differently and believe in the higher powers that be and that it had changed her life as she always wanted to believe - this was a real blessing for me to have been part of.

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What our customers say about Shay

Reading back on my notes from my reading on the 5th May I'd definitely say Shay is an exceptional reader. She said #7 for contact and that has happened today on the 7th. The other information she picked up about my man was also on the money. I look forwards to the other predictions unfolding. Thank you Shay.

- Anon

7th May 2024

After my car keys were stolen, Shay described exactly the person who took them. I was astonished when i viewed the cctv footage to see the person exactly as described! This assisted in the swift return of my keys. The rest of my reading was extremely accurate and very helpful assisting with my plans for the future. I will be recommending Shay to my friends after such an amazing and insightful reading. 5 stars, thank you so much Shay xxx

- Louise

1st March 2024

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure to speak with this amazing reader today. She got my mothers first name straight away. Very strong connection to Spirit. Pleasure to speak with you. I will talk to you again soon darling. Lou x

- Anon

10th December 2023

Shay just talked me down from a bit of a temporary blip in my calm and equilibrium re a relationship. Super insightful and gifted. A true wise angel.

- Kate

27th April 2023

Don’t let her young pretty profile fool you, shay is old school gypsy, told me the detail after detail from the colour of my dog to the age of a poi and endless validation after validation. I’m reluctant to write this as I know soon I won’t be able to get hold of her. Also she is so lush to speak to. Very rare diamond. Thank you Shay x

- Lisa

18th April 2023

Very very good, scarily insightful. Thank you x

- Sandra

7th April 2023

The reading was 5 star. Information was flowing and could describe people and situations very accurately. I am very pleased to try a reading with Shay 💜

- Anon

31st March 2023

Very good connection picked up most things I was mindful about ,give sound advice and with no prompting I will be having another reading in the not to distant future to say how things panned out very easy to chat her account on me was spot on I can't praise her enought thanks

- Anon

7th February 2023

Just had a reading with this lovely lady. 100% spot on. Brilliant reader. Thank you xxxxx

- Susan

7th February 2023

Fantastic reading with Shay. Wonderful remote viewing. I will be back for a catch up soon. A million thanks for the information

- Christine

6th February 2023

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