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Natural Empath, Intuitive Tarot & Angel Card reader, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, Clairsalience, Clairgustance, Clairtaction, Pendulum & Occasional Automatic Writing

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About Star Clair

Hello and thank you for reading my profile.  I am Star Clair.  I am a natural Empath, I read Tarot and Angel cards intuitively, combining my additional abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairsalience, Clairgustance, Clairtaction & Pendulum scrying.  I have been an Empath since childhood, picking up on others energies and being able to sense intuitively how to help them.  These gifts were passed down to me through my Grandmother.  She was a very wise woman who always followed her path of "instinctively knowing".  Through the years I developed my skills and one of my more unusual skills is Clairsalience and Clairgustance, the ability to smell and taste the past, present and future when channelling messages with my guide Carole.  

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Reading for someone is always a great honour and privilege as each reading is different in its own right.  A tarot reading is a little "sneak peek" into what the potential of your current path given your current energies.  Combining the tarot with guidance and messages from my guide the end result can always be changed, with a change of mindset changes your energies.  After all, we are all children of the divine universe, the largest and strongest energy.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being an Aquarius, I am very independent, clear minded and straight talking.  However, my rising sign is a water sign so I have a clear balance of mind and emotion.  I am extremely loyal, warm hearted and honest.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my gift when I was very young around 4 years of age.  I had a vision of being stuck in a place where I could not breathe.  A few days later, I had an accident where I found myself unable to breathe due to being stuck under plastic packaging.  After that event, my dream visions and sense of knowing have grown.  Some visions manifesting as quickly as 2 to 3 hrs and others up to 3 years later.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

All readings with my clients are confidential, they are all unique and different.  However, one memorable reading was when I connected with a client and while I linked in with her I could smell a strong tobacco smell, so strong that I started to cough and I felt a tight feeling across my chest.  She had experienced times of this odour in her new house and she was a non smoker.  With my guide Carole we established that this was her late grandfather who had passed away many years before who was checking in on her after her house move.  It’s receiving these validations that keep me reading for people.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been reading tarot cards since I was a teenager.  I have learned over the years that there is more to tarot than just their "guide book" meaning.  The cards carry the clues but it is how those cards correspond with each other in the reading that start to bring about the story together, then of course that is when Carole steps in and gives me the higher clarity as to what direction the reading is going in and how we can change the energies to change the outcome.  I am a loyal and loving person and will only ever read for someone's higher good.  I have experienced all that one could experience in life which has giving me a rounded and non judgemental outlook on life.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Consider why you would like a reading and be open minded about the messages that come through.  No reading is ever set in stone.  Your spirt guides are here to guide you and show you the energies, they will not tell you what to do, it is your free will and choice to move forward with the energies that they show you. As I said earlier, a reading is just a "sneak peek" into the path that you are on but the outcome can always be changed through a change of mindset or changing energies.  It also helps to have a pen and paper handy that you can look back on for clarification to see the pattern of events unfolding.

Star Clair's Availability

This reader has not entered any dates for this week.

What our customers say about Star Clair

I asked for a general reading to begin with, and Star Clair picked up exactly what was going on and the person involved. Pinpointed individuals, personalities and why events happened the way they did, overall giving me many answers that I needed. I did not give any hints/extra information. Brilliant with examining the past, present and insights into an individuals personality/feelings/thoughts. Yet to be seen whether predictions due in January do happen, and will update accordingly. V

- V

28th December 2017

Stunning reader - have been trying to get through to her for so long! Sooo glad I did, amazing. 18/12/17

- N/A

18th December 2017

Had a lovely reading with star Clair and Carol on 17/12/17. This was my second reading with this amazing lady. The first reading she predicted events that happened . I found her readings to be full of compassionate and she is very good as what she does. Her connection to you is excellent and gives lots of validations that are individual to me. Thank you and Carol for your guidance today and i wish you a very happy Christmas. God bless you x

- NA

17th December 2017

Loved my reading from start to finish! Amazing, a big thankyou to star clair and carole. I now understand why its so hard to get through to her, carole was amazing, her information shocked me! The read was so positive, i still feel shocked whilst writing this testimonial, im surprised she has not got more. Anyway a big thankyou star clair 🙏🏽Xx

- N/a

25th November 2017

Thank you so much, i absolutely love you. Amazing person & amazing guide. Will be back to update soon!! :) - 21st Nov 2017 - Christina - Xx

- Christina

21st November 2017

first time iv ever extended in a call in all the time iv been using psychic sofa. no nonense,no waffling just SIMPLE HONEST TRUTH,NO WISHFUL THINKING. i am so happy i got u and now understand why u so busy.EXCELLENT CLEVER BEAUTIFUL SPOKEN LADY.THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR THE BEST READING IV EVER HAD.....jacqueline xx

- jacqueline

12th November 2017

Well Carol said a fast 2 for the coldness to change and this happened the following day which was the second day of the week, I was a fast 5 for contact after none for three months with a validation of 3, this happened on the fifth day of the week at 0345!!!! Hope the rest of what was said will come to pass but looking good so far 😊

- N/A

13th October 2017

I left feedback but they never accepted it. Accept this please. EXCELLENT READER. MUST TRY!

- Christina

12th October 2017

Excellent reader. Ensures she had a connection first, then tuned in with great insight and accuracy with the assistance of her guide. Really amazing reading, very accurate and helpful guidance. Highly recommend.

- Ang

2nd October 2017

Hi SC, you had mentioned to me in the reading last friday, 08/9/17 not to doubt the sincerity of these people regarding the role on offer and that I would hear from them within a five, as you thought it might be today, Wednesday. Well, no surprise to you, they did come back today me so hopefully things will move more quickly now!

- Don

13th September 2017

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